'Welcome back, Agent 47, we've been expecting you'

22:06, Nov 12 2012

For some reason I've been humming the tune Ave Maria to myself this morning: perhaps it's because I'm quietly excited about Hitman Absolution, which is coming out next week. The Ave Maria tune has featured throughout the promotion of the series quite a bit.

I have to admit that I've always loved the Hitman series, with Blood Money probably my favourite game of the lot featuring the bald assassin known only as agent 47 (even if sometimes dragging a body to a cupboard looks hilarious).

Absolution, the fifth game in the series, seems to be a more gritty and brutal tale for our shiny-headed friend this time, with him on a personal journey where he will learn much about himself and those he worked for.

The realisation that Hitman Absolution is so close has made me realise I've still got an interview I did with the creative director of IO Interactive (the game's developer), Marco Marchesi, that I have to write up - I'll get that done this week and post it if anyone is interested.

I think after five games I'm interested to see how - or if - Agent 47 has developed over the series. Will he be a more empathetic Agent 47 or is he a much more ruthless and brutal killer?

It's been a month of blockbuster games already, what with games like Halo 4 out last week and Black Ops 2 out today, and Assassin's Creed 3 out at the end of last month (to be honest, after sinking more hours into it than I can remember, I'm just not finding it fun) so it's nearing the time when I actually sit down and work out what my top games of the year have been.

It'll mean having to cast my mind back to the beginning of the year because some delightful games came out after January and just because it's a blockbuster game doesn't mean it's one of the year's best. I'm thinking that this year, instead of doing a "This is my top game of the year", I'm going to do more of a "these are my favourite, say, 10 games of the year - and this why". What do you think?

Is anyone else looking forward to the return of Agent 47? And do you have a game in mind that you think is your favourite of the year so far? Share it with us.

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