The Game Junkie PC build project

00:47, Nov 19 2012

My gaming PC is old. Incredibly old (it';s not the one pictured to the right: that's a Asus PC case).

And as a result, I haven't been able to preview and review as many PC titles as I'd like - and I want to rectify that: I'm ignoring a large part of the gaming community through my ageing PC.

How old is it? It's running an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2.13Ghz), has just 2Gb of memory and is running a - ahem - nVidia Geforce 8600GTS graphics card so it's ancient in PC standards and struggles to play most of today's games at anything less than low graphical settings.

For example, I can play The Walking Dead OK but it stutters at times and Xcom: Enemy Unknown? I tried the demo and it was pretty much a slide show, even on the lowest settings. I want to put that right and with the resurgence in PC gaming at the moment, with PC gaming luminaries like Chris Roberts and David Braden having exciting PC projects on the horizon, I want to be part of that and write about PC gaming for you, the reader.

I want to run PC games at insanely high resolutions and look upon the graphical splendour that a high-end graphics card can display - and I want to tell you, the readers about that. I'm not giving up on my console gaming but I just want a PC that I can play PC-enhanced titles on and write on that. I've neglected PC gaming for too long.

So, I've decided to put that right: I've decided to embark on a PC build project over the next few years that will pull me kicking and screaming into the modern PC age with a kick-ass gaming machine that will last a few years. The PC I'm writing this blog on will become, well, the PC that I write my blog and stories on: the new PC will be for gaming - pure and simple.


I'm already partly there, though, with Intel having kindly offered one of its extreme series motherboards, an i7 CPU and a solid state drive to kick things off, but I've still got the hard work ahead: I still need a case, graphics card, plenty of memory, a hard drive, an optical drive (although I'm almost tempted to go without and just rely on digital downloads), a power supply unit and a CPU cooler. 

I've been talking with Craig Nimmo, from ON3 network in Auckland (a thoroughly knowledgeable chap), and he's given me some invaluable advcie on suggestions for all those parts - and I'll be in touch with him over the coming months seeking more advice and suggestions (thanks in advance, Craig!) - and although I want to build the best PC that I can I'm still on a budget: I don't have unlimited funds in which to sink into a PC. I still have to pay the bills and feed the family.

So this is where you guys step in: if you're into PC gaming I want to hear your advice on what what cases you think are worthwhile investing in, whether I should go for something like an AMD 7000 series GPU or a cheaper priced nVidia 600 series (remember budget is important here), whether I got for 8Gb of memory or stretch it out to 16Gb, do I go for a 600 watt power supply or a 650 watt power supply? ...  Your advice could well help in shaping my next gaming PC.

I plan to document each stage as I purchase new parts - purchases will happen when I've got the spare cash - so let's embark on this project together as I endeavour to build myself a gaming PC that deserves to sit on my computer desk at home. Happy times.

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