Far Cry 3: A whole island to explore

04:48, Dec 04 2012

Far Cry 3 is one of those games filled with endless possibilities and unexpected happenings.

Take this tweet I made over the weekend for example after some game time late on Friday night: "Don't worry about the pirates in Far Cry 3: worry about the wildlife. I got mauled to death by a pack of Komodo dragons."

It's true, though: sometimes Far Cry 3's pirates are the least of your worries.

Take this example: I was creeping through the undergrowth on an early story mission when I heard growling. Obviously rabid dogs were nearby. I spotted one just as it spotted me and managed to kill it with a shotgun as I was running backwards. But then something attacked me - and it wasn't a rabid dog: It was a freaking Komodo dragon. Then another joined in. Then another. I got mauled by three Komodo dragons. Three Komodo dragons!

In another early mission - I think it was actually the tutorial where I had to collect a variety of different coloured flowers - I saw a blue flower just under the water in a nearby river, so I waded in. I dove into the water, plucked the plant - and was suddenly attacked by a crocodile! We struggled for a bit - the beast trying to drag me down - but I managed to stab it with my machete and stumble out of the water. Another time I got bitten by a snake as I was skulking around a pirate camp. The wildlife is out to get you in Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft's first-person shooter is one of those games that is so open that you can get actually just get caught up in doing things that aren't associated with the story missions, such as radio towers to liberate, which opens up the map a little bit more. I've decided to actually just explore the island for a while and worry about main character Jason's kidnapped friends later. They can wait a little longer to be rescued from bad guy Vaas: I've got an island to explore.

The pirates themselves are no dummies, either: during an excursion I ambushed a pair of pirates in a Jeep, leaving their bodies on the side of the road beside their vehicle. I heard another vehicle approaching so I hid in some long grass - but the pirate-laden vehicle suddenly slowed down then stopped. Its occupants had noticed the stationary vehicle and the bodies of their comrades and were investigating what had happened.

Far Cry 3 has so far all the signs of an amazing open-world experience and this week I want to delve further into what it has to offer: Who else has some interesting stories from their time with the game? Been attacked by a pack of animals when you least expected it or has something more unexpected happened?

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