Crysis 3: a superhuman in New York

23:42, Feb 24 2013

There were a handful of times while playing Crysis 3 that I felt superhuman - the nanosuit encasing the game's lead character, Prophet, almost giving him an unfair advantage over the Cell soldiers out to get him.

There was almost no situation that Prophet couldn't get himself out of thanks to the suit's ability to make him a silent and deadly killer. 

It was quite satisfying creeping up behind an unsuspecting Cell guard and ... well, you know the rest.

The alien Ceph, though, are another matter: they seemed to be able to spot Prophet even while he was using the suit's power-draining cloaking.

In this third game of the series they seem more animal in their attacks, too - more aggressive, if that's possible.

Crysis 3 isn't the first game to immortalise New York as a video game location but this is perhaps the first time the American city has been encased in a giant dome, and separated into seven very different zones and environments.


The original Crysis was known as a PC killer - did anyone have a computer that could play it at full settings without a hiccup? - and the PlayStation 3 version I'm playing looks good, though I haven't stopped to examine each textured surface, though.

The game also brings us a very different Prophet from the original Crysis and it's 24 years after the events of Crysis 2.

Prophet is different from when we first met him: he can now pick up Ceph weaponry and there's just something different about him. Back from Crysis Warhead - yes, there have been a few Crysis games - is cockney Psycho, who provides a little comic relief against Prophet's seriousness.

New to this Crysis, though, is Prophet's bow - and what a formidable weapon it is, allowing our hero to pick off unsuspecting guards from a distance. And with a variety of tips available for the arrow, Prophet can mix things up when the environment allows. I used the bow more often than firearms sometimes and it allows you to tackle situations tactically, though be sure to know exactly where you fired them as you'll want to retrieve them afterward: ammo can be in short supply at times. 

Prophet also has a powerful melee attack - useful when you do run out of ammo. I learned this while crossing a lushly grassed field littered with wrecked train carriages. Attacked by several prowling Ceph stalkers, I got Prophet to punch his way through them until I guided him to the next way point to meet up with Psycho.

That was my gaming this weekend: How about you? Have you been wandering the environments of Crysis 3's Liberty Dome?

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