Weekend gaming: What you got planned?

00:36, May 27 2013

Just a short blog posting today: I'm heading down to Dunedin shortly for the weekend to see our daughter, so I've got gadgets to pack!

I always seems to take lots of technology with me no matter where I go: apart from my smart phone this weekend, I'm also taking my Nintendo 3DS to continue with Luigi's Mansion 2, my PS Vita to give Sine Mora a crack (which I downloaded last night), a couple of tablets (iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - that's so Mrs Game Junkie can play Candy Crush, no doubt) and a laptop, for some late-night watching of Entourage and past seasons of Breaking Bad.

That reminds me: I need to buy a new battery pack for the laptop. It's an old Toshiba that only gives me about 15 mins of operation when running on battery power alone. Another thing to add to the list.

Oh, and I'm also taking another rather neat gadget that I'm reviewing at the moment: it's called the Handpresso, and it's a cigarette-lighter socket powered espresso machine that uses coffee pods to make a rather fine espresso. I'll be having one or three of those on the way down, I'm sure.

Anyway, I'm always looking at improving the blog - so what do you want to see? Do you want to see more interviews (although they never seem to attract many comments) or do you want reviews? How about just plain old comment on what's happening in the video game industry? Is that what you want?

Have a think and let me know in the comments. I'm always trying to post more blogs than I do each week currently but often other work pressure takes priority. That's no excuse, though.

So, what is your plan for the weekend? A little bit of online action or do you have a single player campaign you've yet to finish? Me? I'll be playing some Luigi's Mansion 2 when I can and soaking in the southern hospitality.

Have a good weekend, no matter what game you play.

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