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Making Kickstarter pick you


Crowdfunders on the hunt for that elusive email: Someone on the Kickstarter team loves your project.

'It's okay to be ambitious'


Silicon Valley's biggest brains think Kiwi entrepreneurs are quickly catching up to them.

Lightbox now available on PS4


As part of a partnership with PlayStation, TV streaming service Lightbox is now available on console.

Trans-Tasman cable welcomed


Vodafone held talks with Hawaiki Cable about its new Pacific communications cable, CEO says.

Hack linked to North Korea

Sony's movie "The Interview" has annoyed North Korea.

US investigators again saying North Korea behind cyber attack on Sony's Hollywood studio.

Uber new driver screening tech

After weeks of bad press, taxi app service Uber introduces new driver screening methods using 'scientific analysis'.

After weeks of bad press, ride-sharing service introduces new driver screening methods using "scientific analysis".

Hackers' 9/11 threat not credible

President George W. Bush signed the covert Memorandum of Notification after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

Police still pledge to take extra precautions after Sony hackers' threat to The Interview premiere is dismissed by Homeland Security.

Support for talk of trans-Tasman cable


Industry groups give a cautious thumbs-up to speculation that Spark and Vodafone will lay a new fibre-optic cable.

Uber workers access God View

Uber claims only some of its employees have access to its real-time aerial view of its cars.

Taxi service claims only some of its employees have access to its real-time aerial view of its cars.

What Kiwis Googled in 2014

Searches by New Zealanders on the Google search engine for this year have been revealed.

Kiwis want to know how to draw but seem to have a good handle on twerking.

Spark, Vodafone plan sea cable

Spark (formerly Telecom)

Spark and Vodafone appear set to confirm their investment in a new cable linking NZ and Australia.

Tech firms storm our shores

Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan in Netflix's newest series, Marco Polo.

OPINION: With Netflix coming we now have many of the industry leaders in disruptive technology operating here.

Police password leak

Rival torrent-sharing site Isohunt has launched a lookalike site following the closure of The Pirate Bay.

Hackers claiming to be Anonymous post alleged NZ police officers' email passwords.

Sony threatens to sue over emails

Daniel Craig in the last James Bond film, Skyfall.

Studio tells news outlets not to publish details of company files leaked by hackers.

Spark takes the Gigatown road

Spark has joined the Gigatown convoy.

Telco agrees to retail gigabit-speed ultrafast broadband plans in Dunedin.

$21m fine for privacy violations

Dutch watchdog threatens Google with hefty fine if it does not stop violating privacy of users.

Dutch watchdog threatens Google with hefty fine if it does not stop violating privacy of users.

Threats don't trump copyright

Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress in the Innocence of Muslims, an anti-Islam movie that  spawned violent protests across the Muslim world.

Bid to erase Innocence of Muslims from the internet is making "Swiss cheese" of US copyright law.

Swedes hacked over Pirate Bay

The Guy Fawkes mask is associated with the Anonymous movement.

Group claiming links to Anonymous appear to leak login details of Swedish government accounts.

Anger over Uber siege charges

SURGE PRICING ANGERS: Following outcry, the company said it was "in the process of refunding rides".

Taxi and private hire car app charged more than four times the usual rate while Sydney was in lockdown.

Wellington tops internet 'maturity'

Web, internet, computer, app

Capital firms lead the way in making the most of the internet, followed by the Bay of Plenty.

How lolcats started the Arab Spring

Dr Stephen Fleischfresser and his cat, Max Power, to whom he is hopelessly devoted.

How internet felines kickstarted the Arab Spring and why Kim Kardashian wishes she was a cat.

Teens 'doing less homework'

The amount of time teens are spending on homework is on the decline.

There's not so much homework being done these days and it seems it might be the internet's fault.

How we kill sleep

BEDTIME RULES:: Chris and Ainsley Sinnico and their children Olivia, Jamie, and Elliot.

Almost half of us unable to resist the urge to take laptops and other electronic devices into bed with us - setting ourselves up for a bad night's sleep.

Not the worst idea after all

LEADING ON A JETPLANE: Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery hope they can swap their Grey Lynn couch for Los Angeles.

Two Auckland blokes watching the same movie every week and talking nonsense is spearheading a new wave of podcasts.

Charities rethink strategy

CHANGING TIMES: Charities are re-evaluating the methods used to fundraise.

Friendly faces, daffodils clutched to their hearts, hustling spare change by the bucket-load. That's charity, but perhaps not for much longer.

Spain's Google News goes dark video

Spain's Google News service shut ahead of a new law requiring search giant to pay news organisations for linked content.

News service to shut ahead of a new law requiring search giant to pay for linked content.

Startups Gangnam style

Gangnam Style PSY

The uber-trendy Seoul neighbourhood made famous by PSY now a bustling centre for tech startups.

Pirate Bay has 'no soul'

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde  at the Webstock conference in Wellington 2011.

Co-founder criticises current operators for not pushing the technology.

Closing the gender gap

Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou in Melbourne.

Tracy Chou lifted the number of female software developers at Pinterest by 5 per cent in a year.

The internet a 'human right'?

Tim Berners-Lee.

Report shows billions of people still cannot go online as govt surveillance and censorship are on the rise.

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