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McDonald's deal huge for firm

SIGN OF SUCCESS: Auckland firm VMob will help McDonald’s distribute discount vouchers via the cloud to customers’ smartphones around the world.

Auckland cloud-software firm VMob has scored a global deal with McDonald’s.

China blocks VPN access to the internet

Why our internet speed in Australia simply doesn't rate.

China cracks down on one of the few avenues its citizens and foreigners have to accessing the full internet.

Google boss says Internet will 'disappear'

Eric Schmidt at Davos.

Google chairman predicts the internet will soon be so ubiquitous it will "disappear" into the background.

No one can predict the future

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Marty McFly time-travelled to 2015 in the 1985 movie.

OPINION: Trying to predict the future is always fun, but it will probably be defined by technologies we can't even imagine..

State of a tech-savvy union

STANDING OVATION: US Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner applaud as US President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address.

US President Barack Obama wants to support a secure, free and open internet, but the Republican-controlled Congress may thwart him.

How Tennis Australia is improving the game

Samir Mahir, CIO of Tennis Australia, wants technology to help drive tennis participation rates all year around.

The new roof that spans Margaret Court arena does more than keep out the weather.

Has Microsoft learnt new tricks?

ADVISER:  Joe Sweeney specialises in all things Microsoft.

OPINION: Microsoft had been slow to adapt to a new economic landscape but its latest move signals it can change.

4chan's founder retires

4chan founder Christopher "moot" Poole is retiring as administrator.

The founder of the popular, if at times notorious, online message board 4chan announces his retirement as site's admin.

Short history of Obama trying to look cool online

LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD: It's not particularly difficult to see why Barack Obama tries so hard to maintain this cool-dad persona; it did, after all, win him two elections.

Forget the State of the Union: President Barack Obama has far more pressing media appearances this week.

Microsoft to give away Windows 10

FAMILIAR SIGHT: The Start menu is back, with some improvements with Windows 10.

In a bid to keep its customers, Microsoft will give away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade to some users.

Microsoft unveils Windows 10

BIG NEWS: Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive vice president of the company's operating systems group.

Microsoft has unveiled the first details of its Windows 10 operating system, which it says will span multiple devices.

Microsoft handed over data in 45 minutes

Demonstrators make their way along Place de la Republique during a mass unity rally following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Within an hour of being asked, Microsoft turned over data linked to the Charlie Hebdo probe to the FBI.

Facebook clamps down on fake news

Facebook has a membership of 1.35 billion.

Facebook says its clamping down on "hoaxes" and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire among its 1.35bn members.

Microsoft buys data analysis start-up

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella at his first annual shareholders' meeting in Bellevue, Washington.

Company seeks a slice of the big data market via start-up that already has runs on the board.

Modded Mario gains artificial intelligence

Mario's innocence is lost as researchers inform him of the consequences of his jumping on soft enemies' heads.

German researchers have injected artificial intelligence into Nintendo's Mario so he can develop a personality and behaviour of his own.

Lightbox offer no sign of failure, Spark

Spark (formerly Telecom)

Spark is giving customers a year's free access to Lightbox, but says the generous promotion is no indication the online TV service is failing to attract enough subscribers.

NZ websites hacked

The message posted on Live For Tomorrow's website.

At least two charitable Kiwi websites have been hacked and defaced by a group calling themselves the 'Team Muslim Cyberforce'.

No alternative to bulk data collection

Edward Snowden was responsible for the National Security Agency leaks in 2013.

Reports says the only way to collect intelligence on security threats is to collect everyone's data.

Crowdfunding pays off for brewery

Brewing head
brewer Andy
Deuchars is
pleased to
finally have

Renaissance Brewing celebrate crowdfunding success with You Tube livestream to develop world's first 'crowd-brew' beer.

Targeted ads at Aussie billboards

Smart billboards are watching your wheels.

Lexus is using smart billboards that can tell what type of car you're driving to sell its new wheels.

Teaching tech to the teachers

Kimberly Baars, is a first year teacher at Taupaki School.

The first rule of Zombie Robots Group at Taupaki Primary School is you don't talk about Zombie Robots Group.

Technology changes our leisure time

Mobile man: Guy Lloyd of St Heliers, with son Sam, 15, runs his exotic car hire business,   Concept Car Hire, remotely using mobile data when out of Auckland on holiday.

A good book is all you ever used to need on the beach but data-use figures show we're still reaching for our cellphones even when we're on holiday.

Man dies in 3-day gaming binge

A man plays a computer game at an internet cafe in Beijing May 9, 2014. As growing numbers of young people in China immerse themselves in the cyber world, spending hours playing games online, worried parents are increasingly turning to boot camps to crush addiction. Military-style boot camps, designed to wean young people off their addiction to the internet, number as many as 250 in China alone. Picture taken May 9, 2014. REUTERS

A Taiwanese man has died after a three-day gaming binge at an internet cafe, the second such case this year.

Robot is a conversation starter

HAPPY TO CHAT: Pepper, the humanoid roboto being developed by SoftBank Mobile.

Pepper the robot can already recognise people's emotions. Now it's being developed to chat with dementia patients.

'Mark Zuckerberg, you are not Charlie'

CALLING OUT ZUCKERBERG: Tsering Woeser has questioned Facebook's commitment to free speech. At the time of this photo in March 2013, Woeser was named an International Woman of Courage by US Secretary of State John Kerry, drawing a sharp rebuke from China.  She was banned from leaving China and had been under house arrest in Beijing for two days.

Facebook's founder made a passionate defence of free speech this month, but a Tibetan dissident has a different experience with the social media platform.

Undersea cable capacity boosted

UPPED BY A FIFTH: Anthony Briscoe of Southern Cross Cable.

Southern Cross cable says the subsea cable network will be able to be upgraded to carry a fifth more traffic.

Cricket NZ site ready for World Cup

Cricket lends itself to an online following.

Cricket New Zealand has beefed up its Blackcaps website to cope with an expected influx of 'hits' during the Cricket World Cup..

Bitcoin plunges below US$250

Confidence in the virtual economy appears to be waning.

The price of Bitcoin has plunged below US$250 and appears to be in freefall, as sell orders dominate global exchanges and investors flee the cryptocurrency.

High-speed internet - DIY style

Steve Lock,
chief financial
officer at
Marisco Winery,
on the roof of
the winery in
Gurnsey Rd,
Waihopai. He is
working on a
DIY project
intended to
provide highspeed
broadband to a
new vineyard
4km away in
Waihopai Valley
and possibly the
It will provide
broadband at
fraction of a
telco’s charge.

Digital consultancy claims small wireless sites built at a fraction of the cost of those erected by big companies would "solve the rural broadband problem forever".

Facebook to issue missing children alerts

AMBER ALERTS: Facebook is integrating missing children alerts into its service in the US.

Facebook to broadcast AMBER Alerts about missing children in the US.

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