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Kim Dotcom assets still frozen

Kim Dotcom, Waihopai

Crown succeeds in keeping Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom from his millions of dollars, cars, artwork and property.

Get the news on social media

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OPINION: If you want to keep up with the news on social media, every platform offers something different.

Twitter intrudes on your timeline

TWITTER TROUBLES: Twitter's latest policy to insert Tweets into 'timelines' from accounts not followed by users has sparked a backlash.

Twitter has altered its 'timeline' to allow 'interesting' tweets from accounts users don't follow.

Apple adds capital to 3D maps

Wellington on Apple 3D maps

Wellington is the latest city to be added to Apple's three-dimensional flyover maps.

Dotcom fights to keep fortune secret

RECORD OF CASE: Another setback for Kim Dotcom.

Internet entrepreneur appeals a judgment ordering him to reveal his wealth to a group of Hollywood music and movie studios.

Your selfies are marketing gold

YOU LOOK COMMERCIAL: Tumblr is thought to be the first site actively attempting to analyse pictures for content.

From this week, every photo of you posted online could be scanned for commercially useful clues about the stuff you like.

Facebook: A place for babies?

PUBLIC LIFE: A growing number of parents are saying its up to their children how and when their lives are documented online.

Behold the cascade of baby photos on Facebook. It's making more than a few parents uncomfortable.

Google may launch kid-safe version

computer kid

Google is reportedly making some of its services child-friendly, giving kids access to their own accounts for the first time.

US data stolen in cyber attack

generic thumbnail, hacking, hacker, cyber security

Big US hospital firm says information belonging to 4.5 million patients was taken by hacking group.

Body scan: hi-tech takes on the tailor

Your body shape, rendered in exact detail, could open up a world of online shopping.

Would you do a full-body scan if it was the key to confident online clothes shopping?

Make a game of the gym video

GAME ON: Technology entrepreneur Brad Bond with the 'gamified' exercise equipment he has created.

Wave goodbye to boring old treadmills and say hello to gamified exercise.

Open up to Windows 9

OPEN UP: Beta software for the next major version of Windows, expected to be called Windows 9, may to be available as a public download as early as September.

If you upgraded to Windows 8 or 8.1 and want out, there may soon be an alternative to simply downgrading to Windows 7.

Drone deliveries are coming

SPECIAL DELIVERY:  A quadcopter drone arrives with a small delivery at Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn, Germany.

Amazon goes on the offensive as it seeks US federal approval to test its Prime Air drone delivery system.

Unlimited app-ortunity

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Social media expert Tom Spano.

Social media evangelist Tom Spano is leading the swarm in the art of social media communication.

Twitter hotbed for hate speech


Offensive messages sent to Robin Williams' daughter prompt Twitter to change its harassment policies.

Your movements on Google video

A month's worth of Google location data collected from my phone shows a somewhat depressingly consistent loop between Sydney's inner west, where I live, and Pyrmont, where I work.

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, chances are Google knows what you do and where you go every day.

Facebook shares more data


Facebook will give advertisers a lot more information about the way users click and buy.

Properly famous on Vine

Shawn Mendes

Can 6 seconds launch a career? A generation of Vine stars sure hopes so.

Juice your gadgets with sweat

POWER WORKOUT: One day sweat could power your mobile phone.

In the future, sensors placed in a temporary tattoo could use your sweat to power small electronic devices.

Lightbox launches this month

LET IT BE: Telecom's Lightbox reportedly includes anytime-streaming of new series like Masters of Sex and House of Cards.

Spark's subscription internet television service will start on August 28.

Solving cybercrime a 'global effort'

A Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit manager uses a heat map to explain how malicious computer networks known as Citadel Botnets attack computers.

After the stunning revelation of Russian crooks' theft of 1.2 billion user names and passwords, cyber security experts rally to call for greater corporate responsibility in online protection.

Facebook shares more data


Facebook will give advertisers a lot more information about the way users click and buy.

How to ghost-bust like a pro

Never assume: It is well known, of course, that spacecraft, even ones cunningly cloaked while parked in the front garden, play havoc with the electromagnetic field.

The market is awash with devices dedicated to assisting the hunt for aliens and angels, ghosts and demons.

Cyberwarfare program can be tricked

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

US military program MonsterMind can be hacked to "spoof" origin of cyberattack, putting innocents at risk in case of retalliation, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden says.

Another Kiwi pinged under 'Skynet'


Copyright Tribunal criticised after person claiming to suffer a brain injury was fined over online piracy.

Watch the tide rise

KING TIDES: Northwestern cycle way in Auckland.

People can watch the king tide rising at east-Auckland beaches from the comfort of their own homes tonight.

Need a personal assistant?

MODERN MIRACLE: Suddenly there was email, and chat, and Facebook and Instagram and the rest. Through a trick of human ingenuity, you never have to lose touch with your old friends again. We woke up, and the world was better.

Too many things to do and not enough time to do them? New apps act as personal assistants to improve productivity.

From 23,768 to 0

generic thumbnail, computers, technology

I was drowning in email. Overwhelmed. Overloaded. Spending hours roiling in an unending onslaught of info turds.

Here, take my USB business card


Professionals fed up with LinkedIn, and paper business cards, may prefer swivelCards.

2015: Yahoo encrypts emails


Yahoo users will have the option to send end-to-end encrypted emails next year, enabled via a browser plugin.

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