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Literally all this widget does

REALLY? A new Google Chrome widget literally eplaces the word 'literally' with 'figuratively' on sites and articles across the internet.
If you're a cranky language bully like me, it figuratively bugs the hell out of you; people using the word 'literally' wrongly.

Russian social media CEO flees

IN CONTACT: Pavel Durov of Vkontakte at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich, Germany, in January 2012.
Wunderkind often described as Russia's Mark Zuckerberg has fled the country in fear of cronies of President Vladimir Putin.

Kiwi XP use drops

Windows XP
Trade Me says the proportion of its visitors using Windows XP computers has dipped below 10 per cent for the first time.

Police pic campaign backfires

NEIGHBOURHOOD COPS: New York Police Department officers arrest an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator.
New York police didn't quite get the response they were hoping for after asking users to post photos of themselves with officers as part of a PR campaign.

Big hopes for big data

FAIL: Google flu trends has not been a successful prediction tool.
Debates are raging about whether big data still holds the promise that was expected or whether it was just a big bust.

Uncapped plans short on details

OPEN SOURCE: Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Paul Brislen.
Tuanz disappointed Telecom hasn’t provided more information about how its new uncapped broadband plans will be managed.

Battle of the virtual assistants

Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana is already a force to contend with. But can she beat Apple's Siri in our head-to-head battle?

Gates student data group shuts

Bill Gates
Launched in 2013 with US$100m from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, nonprofit's goal was to give educators a tool to personalise lessons.