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Leading Facebook faux pas

Today, our internet selves are an extension - however curated - of our 'real' lives.

Facebook users are offended by things they didn't used to be.

NZ's oldest Facebooker?

Jean Leslie, 99, uses Facebook to connect with relatives like her granddaughter Melissa Tripe.

Even with just 62 'friends', this 99-year-old still gets fed up with some of the stuff other people 'like'.

Moving away from TV

Broadband use jumps sharply at 3.30pm in Marlborough, as children come home from school. (File photo)

Broadband use skyrockets in Marlborough on back of streaming and online gaming.

What Mark Zuckerberg told Harvard

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges a cheer from the crowd before receiving an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

Facebook founder tells millennials: "It's time for our generation-defining public works. Let's do big things."

Google knows where you shop

Users who sign into Google's services, including Gmail, Maps and Chrome, have consented to Google sharing their data ...

Mining data from online transactions, the tech giant may soon grow its share of advertising dollars.

Facebook rulebooks leaked video

Facebook policies on publishing content involving sex and violence have been laid bare.

More than 100 internal policies governing what Facebook allows you to see - and what they censor - have been leaked.

Data hacked, ransoms paid

Michael Mansvelt paid $1000 to a hacker who infiltrated his businesses through an email posed as NZ Post.

The probability of a cyber attack is certain. What can businesses do?

Instagram 'fuelling mental health crisis'

Instagram's supposed to help young people connect with each other. It may actually be doing the opposite.

It's supposed to help young people connect with each other. It may actually be doing the opposite.

Living a Google life video

Two attendees wearing Google Glass listen to the opening keynote during the annual Google I/O developers conference.

Google believe their improved artificial intelligence cuts out the middle man, better known as your conscience.

'Life-changing' computer programme axed

Verity Shuttleworth, centre, with tutor Angela Coleman and Rangitikei mayor Andy Watson.

A Marton mother unable to afford a computer for her children has had her life changed. 

'The big boys are coming'

Kevin Fitzsimons, founder of Element Digital Consulting.

Digital consultant says businesses must be digital savvy, or they'll die.

Cyberattack hits at least 200,000 video

The weekend's cyberattack reached at least 200,000 victims across 150 countries.

The victims are across 150 countries, and could grow in number when people return to work.

Accidental hero stops cyberattack

Workers at the UK's National Health Service saw this message on their computers after the cyberattack.

He's 22 and lives with his parents in England but Marcus Hutchins may just have saved the world's computer systems.

NZ ups cyber security after attack

A global cyberattack live tracking map showed one incident in New Zealand on Saturday.

New Zealand is on watch as cyberattack hits 100 countries, including us.

NZ on cyberattack watch

So far, New Zealand appears to have been unaffected by a global cyberattack.

New Zealand's spy agencies are monitoring a massive global cyber attack, but there are no reports of it reaching NZ.

Kiwis' bedrooms broadcast online

An intersection is one of the dozens of Kiwi locations being broadcast live online.

CCTV cameras have been compromised in Kiwis' homes and businesses, making their private lives visible for all the world to see.

Tech advice for parents

Parental controls can be set on devices for some extra peace of mind.

While it's the parent's job to protect their children, kids tend to know more about tech than mum and dad.

No, e-books aren't dying

The image of the e-book as a juggernaut has certainly taken a beating.

Among major publishers, e-book sales have plateaued or even begun to decline.

Being last in an email group

One tip is to "ghost read" messages which means previewing the text without opening it.

When people click on a new message, the first thing many read isn't the body, it's the "to" field.

Passwords lingering like landlines

"123456" accounted for 17 per cent of 10 million passwords compromised.

Thirteen years ago, Bill Gates predicted the death of the password, but they're as pervasive as ever.

Phones a long way from dying

The modern smartphone is only about 10 years old and it'll be a long, long time before it's replaced.

OPINION: In the past few weeks, two top tech companies have said smartphones will soon be obsolete.

Can tech make your kid dumb?

Some research suggests a connection between watching TV and playing video games and an increased body mass index.

A breakdown of the scariest media and tech rumours, along with some advice for parents.

Explained: the Pikachu army

The army of Pokemon's flagship mascot has been marching through the internet for years.

The army of Pokemon's flagship mascot has been marching through the internet for years.

I'm with 'baddies' on encryption

Law enforcement has been complaining bitterly for some while now about its inability to break the encryption that is now ...

OPINION: Tech companies should not be required to install backdoors in their apps for law enforcement agencies.

Wireless devices entangling us

As we add more cordless, rechargeable stuff to our lives, the more cords there are when it's time to charge them.

As we add more cordless, rechargeable stuff to our lives, the more cords there are when it's time to charge them.

You only have 30,000 days stuff nation

"My generation is growing up in a digital world, with the opportunity to achieve anything we put our minds to."

The world is only going to become more reliant on technology - why not embrace it?

The impact of tech on art

In the not-too-distant future, an algorithm could analyse your biometric data and calculate the emotional impact of a ...

Will art remain humanity's last line of defence against the rise of the all-knowing algorithms?

China's Wikipedia can't be edited video

A man stands in front of a column of tanks on Chang'an avenue near Tiananmen Square in Beijing in June 1989.

Don't expect entries on Tiananmen Square or Falun Gong to come up in your searches, either.

New Zealand's internet old boys video

When New Zealand was first plugged in, Eric Hubbard was somewhere at the other end of the line in Silicon Valley.

Connecting to the internet today seems effortless, but when John Houlker connected NZ in 1989, it was hair raising.

Why multitasking is a myth

Scrolling through your phone is a great way to look busy and work focused but, says Dr Lucy Hone, it could be having the ...

Imagine a world with no Facebook, no WhatsApp, no Instagram, no Snapchat and no emails.

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