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WhatsApp in privacy uproar

"WhatsApp users should be shocked and upset."

Facebook's move to harvest data of WhatsApp users angers some of its billion users. If you're one, here's how to opt out.

eSports 'tsunami' coming to NZ

The New Zealand Gaming Championship offers Kiwi League of Legends players an opportunity to compete.

The New Zealand eSports Federation reckons its time we started taking eSports seriously.

Rural residents petition for better broadband

Sam Porta, right, and Craig Thompson, left, are sick of being in a "technological black hole" so presented MP for ...

 Te Marua residents are frustrated with their slow internet.

How nude images shaped the web

Actor Jennifer Lawrence, whose nude photos were hacked, called what happened to her "a sex crime".

The female body has, from the beginning, been the catalyst for attempts to regulate what's on the web.

Apple on Tim Cook's watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook, left, with the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Few would deny he was the right man to take over after Steve Jobs, but an undisputed hit product has proved elusive.

Greenpeace 'spam attack' slammed

Thousands of templated emails intended for Hawke's Bay regional councillors have also swamped anaesthetist Roger Scott's ...

An anaesthetist fears patient data may have been lost in a torrent of emails sent to his councillor wife.

The gigs are up

With a transition to the internet age, New Zealand pushes for more fibre connections.

Kiwis are surfing more with an increasing need for speed.

'To my daughter's drug dealer'

"To my daughter's drug dealer," she wrote, "this is how I spend my daughter's birthday now," Tina Louden wrote.

Instead of hugging Ashley on her 28th birthday, Tina Louden caressed the urn bearing her ashes and posted a message.

How to keep your emails safe

Be careful with your emotions and what you write about other people in emails, unless you want them broadcast to the world.

Be careful with your emotions and what you write about other people in emails, unless you want them broadcast to the world.

Master web time waster

A college course where students could get credit for "wasting time" online? The internet bought into it, with a mix of ...

We all waste time on the internet, but this guy became an expert on it.

Shops and pubs snub phones

Some British bookshops have made an effort to get people off their phones while browsing.

One bar has put up a Faraday cage while several shops have stopped offering free wi-fi.

Teachers upskill in technology

Technology is an enabler, not a solution, The Mind Lab by Unitec general manager Fee McLeod says.

Students have grown up in a wi-fi, smartphone, online collaboration world.

Five myths about the web

Tim Berners-Lee did not sit down one day and create the internet.

The history of the web includes some persistent myths and comically naive predictions.

How Facebook targets ads to you

People may not know that Facebook allows users to opt-out of advertisements based on their use of outside websites and apps.

It's scarily accurate how the social media site knows exactly what you're thinking about.

Strong demand for 'family filter'

Vocus says Slingshot customers have been fastest to embrace its Family Filter.

Software installed on individual computers is not cutting the mustard says third-largest internet provider.

75% of websites track users

Half of the top 500 websites they looked at contained at least four of the third-party trackers, the researchers found.

You're not paranoid, you really are being followed more online.

Tattoo can control your phone

DuoSkin's metallic tattoos allow people to create three types of user interfaces on their skin.

The DuoSkin tattoos further blur the line between the human body and technology.

Free wi-fi for Wellington

The Greater Wellington Regional Council has unanimously voted in favour of free wi-fi to be installed at bus and train stops.

Regional council votes for free wi-fi at bus and train stops by next year.

Dead gorilla meme won't die

Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was shot dead after grabbing a boy.

A gorilla shot dead at a zoo is now an internet hero, with 60,000 people demanding Harambe to made a Pokemon.

Entrepreneurs set to make Te Papa home video

Mahuki general manager Tui Te Hau and Te Papa entrepreneur in residence, Tim von Dadelszen, will be working closely with ...

Te Papa's million dollar innovation hub, Mahuki, will create new ways of digital story telling.

Seniors out-tech Gen Y

Learning, not age, is the key to success with technology.

The common perception that young people are "better" at tech that older users is fast becoming an urban myth.

Putting a computer in your brain

Bryan Johnson's start-up, is building a tiny chip that can be implanted in the brain to help people suffering from ...

It will soon be possible to supercharge the human brain so that we can keep up with the machines.

Party for Boomtown rapper

Bradley Simmonds, aka B-man, performs in his video Catch This Feeling. An 80s party is being held in his honour.

A party is being held in honour of a Blenheim YouTube star who is battling a debilitating illness.

New way for strong passwords

The average person has 19 to 25 different online passwords, polls have shown.

The new direction is one that champions less complexity in favour of length.

Divorcing iPhone

Smart phones are clever but they can turn their users into jerks.

When being smart is saying goodbye to your smart phone.

The problem with podcasts

Podcasts have been around for more than 10 years now, but in that time not much has changed.

Podcasts have been around for more than 10 years now, but in that time not much has changed.

'Ugly woman' results are racist

Researchers have found Google's search results of female beauty are both ageist and racist.

Researchers have found Google's search results of female beauty are both ageist and racist.

Apple crashes Samsung's party

Apple watches with limited edition wristbands featuring national colours of teams.

Samsung is the mobile phone sponsor of the Olympics but Apple is selling its own unofficial merchandise.

Aussie census website hacked

Australian Bureau of Statistics chief statistician David Kalisch.

Over the past 24 hours, #censusfail had amassed more than 80,000 tweets.

Anti-porn crusader baffled

Sexologist Liz Walker is baffled by the lack of interest in her looming Counteracting Porn Culture workshops.

An Aussie expert has blasted the capital's parents over the lack of interest in battling kids' porn addictions.

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