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Perpetual state of siege

The financial industry - indeed, most of the business world - works within a state of almost perpetual cybersiege at a level few consumers grasp.

The financial industry - indeed, most of the business world - works within a state of almost perpetual cybersiege at a level few consumers grasp.

Cool on the net this week

Screenshot of where the rain comes from

Sitting at your desk and dreaming of the weekend? Here's 10 weird and addictive picks to keep you going.

Does Facebook stifle opinions?

Your business's Facebook strategy can be crucial to how it's perceived by customers.

A surprising study finds that people who use social media are less likely to share their views on controversial issues.

Lightbox what TV should be

BINGE VIEWING: Lightbox has an excellent interface and great selection of content.

If you like quality television, then it might be time to cut the cable and get onboard the internet TV train.

Stuffed dog auction pulled by eBay

The stuffed Doberman that was listed for sale on eBay.

An eBay listing for a taxidermy dog was initially banned for breaching the online auction site's animal and wildlife guidelines - because it had fur.

Spark hopes for pirate boost

A scene from pirate drama Black Sails which will debut locally on Spark's Lightbox internet television service.

Spark hopes pirates will boost the popularity of its Lightbox internet television service, which was launched at midnight.

Orcon move irks broadcasters

BROAD REACH: CallPlus’ move means about one in seven broadband users can now access services such as Netflix and Hulu with little rigamarole.

CallPlus' decision to help another 60,000 customers access overseas internet TV services such as Netflix gets prickly reaction.

Govt won't pay for rural UFB

NEW OPTION: Three-quarters of the country will get the option of fibre-to-home by 2019 through the ultrafast broadband (UFB) initiative.

Rural communities not able to use $150 million top-up of RBI to upgrade to ultrafast broadband.

Stay connected on the cheap

FLYING HIGH: Downloading maps before you leave home can save on data while travelling.

Using your phone overseas can be expensive. Here are some tips to bring those costs down.

Instagram's smooth new app

EASY TO USE: The app's functionality is simple with just a start and stop button.

Instagram has launched a new app that mimics the complex technique of timelapse photography to create smooth-looking videos.

Website woes haunt shops

Douglas and Sophie Voon have a fashion label and bridal shop on Willis St but, now, no website.

Tangled websites have left dozens of businesses fuming that they can't catch customers online.

Facebook wages war on click-bait


Facebook has identitifed click-baiting as a problem, and you'll never guess what happened next. 

Spelling app proves a winner

James Hargest College pupil Benjamin McIntyre, 13, shows off the app he has developed to help spelling skill.

Some teenagers dream of being All Blacks, others of recording a hit album. Benjamin McIntyre wants to run Apple.

Your weight-loss promise bracelet

BIG PUSH: FitBit has a sales force dedicated to pitching employers and insurance companies, and touts software to make it easier to log the activity of workers.

To fight rising medical costs, oil company BP last year offered Cory Slagle - a 118-kilogram former football lineman - an unusual way to trim NZ$1400 from his annual insurance bill.

China targets own operating system

BANNED IN CHINA: Windows 8, Microsoft's latest OS for desktop PCs and tablets

China could have a new homegrown operating system soon to take on imported rivals such as Microsoft, Google and Apple.

Top 10 Friday picks from web

I LICK THIS: The star of

Distracted by the internet on a Friday afternoon? Here are 10 top ways to round off the week.

The train spotter express

OBSESSION: Stephen Schmidt, 18, a young train enthusiast, watches a passing train.

Young train enthusiasts are reinventing the hobby of rail watching - and making some decent pocket money - online.

Windows on new Mac OSX

Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac is here, and it's got an emphasis on speed, with Windows documents opening almost 50 per cent faster.

A new version of Parallels is almost here, too, and this time there's a big emphasis on speed.

Beervana app serves up brews

Josianne Hyson, left, and Pragya Mohan with their Beervana beer info App.

Beer and computer programming are often seen as male-dominated industries, but two young women are breaking the stereotype by creating the official app for this week's Beervana.

Loop by loop, Vine ripens and grows

Vine graphic designer Matt Willis works full-time creating short, looping videos for brands such as Chevrolet, Samsung and Nokia.

How a quirky little app that lets users share six-second videos found fans, fame and (possibly) a fortune.

Kim Dotcom assets still frozen

Kim Dotcom, Waihopai

Crown succeeds in keeping Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom from his millions of dollars, cars, artwork and property.

Get the news on social media

STUFF ON TWITTER: The @NZStuff account tweets breaking news and links to stories on Stuff.

OPINION: If you want to keep up with the news on social media, every platform offers something different.

Twitter intrudes on your timeline

TWITTER TROUBLES: Twitter's latest policy to insert Tweets into 'timelines' from accounts not followed by users has sparked a backlash.

Twitter has altered its 'timeline' to allow 'interesting' tweets from accounts users don't follow.

Apple adds capital to 3D maps

Wellington on Apple 3D maps

Wellington is the latest city to be added to Apple's three-dimensional flyover maps.

Dotcom fights to keep fortune secret

RECORD OF CASE: Another setback for Kim Dotcom.

Internet entrepreneur appeals a judgment ordering him to reveal his wealth to a group of Hollywood music and movie studios.

Your selfies are marketing gold

YOU LOOK COMMERCIAL: Tumblr is thought to be the first site actively attempting to analyse pictures for content.

From this week, every photo of you posted online could be scanned for commercially useful clues about the stuff you like.

Facebook: A place for babies?

PUBLIC LIFE: A growing number of parents are saying its up to their children how and when their lives are documented online.

Behold the cascade of baby photos on Facebook. It's making more than a few parents uncomfortable.

Google may launch kid-safe version

computer kid

Google is reportedly making some of its services child-friendly, giving kids access to their own accounts for the first time.

US data stolen in cyber attack

generic thumbnail, hacking, hacker, cyber security

Big US hospital firm says information belonging to 4.5 million patients was taken by hacking group.

Body scan: hi-tech takes on the tailor

Your body shape, rendered in exact detail, could open up a world of online shopping.

Would you do a full-body scan if it was the key to confident online clothes shopping?