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How to dig up dead websites

A screenshot of the front page of from September, 2001.

The Wayback Machine's new search makes it easier for us to see how the web used to look.

Farewell, 13-year-old Nokia

Oly Gordon's thirteen year-old Nokia.

Despite countless drops and knocks, an Australian man was granted the chance to switch off Telstra's 2G mobile network.

GoPro cutting 15% of staff

GoPro, which isn't profitable, will cut more than 200 full-time positions.

The company is struggling to get traction with its action-cameras and new drone.

Reddit boss edited users' posts

Steve Huffman, co-founder and chief executive officer of Reddit.

Steve Huffman, the chief executive of Reddit, knows he has some explaining to do.

My experience with UFB

Anyone who streams online video has a good reason for wanting a super-fast broadband connection.

Finally, my clunky ADSL connection with a 9Mbps download speed was being replaced.

Social media changed how we eat

Are you guilty of taking pictures of your lunch before eating it?

It's like we've become jaded with real food and need shocking into paying attention.

Explained: HDR photography

HDR photography aims to produce images that are closer to what your eye sees.

HDR photography aims to produce images that are closer to what your eye sees.

Battery fully charged in seconds

Researchers have developed a phone battery that could last for days after being charged for a few seconds.

A new type of battery could offer consumers days of phone life after only a few seconds' charging.

UK govt to track users online

The Investigatory Powers Bill - dubbed the "snoopers' charter'' by critics - was passed by Parliament this month.

A new law gives authorities powers to look at the internet browsing records of everyone in the country.

Mobile phones are killing us

Nomophobia is a term that has been coined to describe the anxiety felt by a user who has lost their phone or is out of ...

OPINION: A lobby of baying voices continues claiming that mobile phone companies are the new Big Tobacco.

What should my Facebook manners be?

Facebook doesn't have any etiquette rules, but that doesn't mean you should troll.

Just because there are no defined rules, doesn't mean you can't apply common social etiquette to Facebook.

Drivers' phones may be locked

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone projection technology is becoming more common in cars.

The US government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when the phone is being used by someone driving a car.

Internet a scary place for women

One in 10 female internet users said they have faced sexual harassment online versus 1 in 20 male internet users.

Women are more likely than men to face "serious violations" online.

Can social media hurt your career?

Could deleting your social media accounts save your future career prospects?

What if you deleted your social networking accounts – all of them – and never came back?

Fingers handy but not foolproof

Courts can't legally require individuals to give up their passwords, but judges have ordered individuals to unlock their ...

Using a fingerprint to unlock a gadget is convenient, but you need to be aware of the risks.

Creating an internet safe zone

Lack of visibility over children's internet use is of crucial concern to parents.

How to keep children safe while they learn, discover and interact.

Only travel app you'll ever need

Airbnb's new app Trips.

Barbecues on Venice Beach to truffle hunting in Italy: Airbnb's new Trips app plans every part of your holiday.

Google computer can now 'dream'

DeepMind's new system learned to master a three-dimensional maze game called Labyrinth 10 times faster than the existing ...

The newest artificial intelligence system "dreams" about finding apples in a maze.

Swab from phone is revealing

A sample swab from the surface of a phone can reveal how much beer you drink.

A sample swab from the surface of a phone can reveal how much beer you drink.

How to spot fake news

Facebook users circulate a lot of fake news on the social network.

Avoid websites that end in "lo" and always read multiple sources to get a variety of viewpoints.

How Facebook will battle fake news

"We need to be careful not to discourage sharing of opinions or mistakenly restricting accurate content," Facebook CEO ...

"Some of these ideas will work well, and some will not," founder Mark Zuckerberg admits.

Online rights are on the decline

Twenty-four countries restricted access to social media platforms and communication tools between June 1, 2015, and May ...

Messaging apps are facing increased pressure from government authorities.

Bug sending phone data to China

About 120,000 smartphones sold in the United States by BLU Products have the software installed.

Some Android phones have software installed that tracks people's movements and sends their messages to China.

India top for selfie deaths

In 2015, a Japanese tourist trying to take a selfie fell down steps at the Taj Mahal, suffering fatal head injuries.

The most common cause of death by selfie was "falling off a building or mountain".

Reddit's plan to beat Facebook

Co-founder Alexis Ohanian thinks Reddit's 250m users form a microcosm of public opinion.

The co-founder of Reddit has returned after six years and is determined to get it growing again.

412m dating accounts hacked

The Adult FriendFinder data stretched back 20 years.

The hack against FriendFinder Networks could be one of the largest breaches on record.

Are ear buds bad for you?

Solid-plastic in-ear headphones are bad at blocking out ambient noise, which might make you want to pump up the volume.

No pair of headphones is inherently "good" or "bad" for your hearing - it all comes down to volume.

Spain's plot to end memes

Prime Minister and People's Party leader Mariano Rajoy has been the subject of many memes.

The country's ruling party wants to ban on the way social network users gain comic revenge on politicians.

How tech has changed since 2008

Remember when we used to reach for the TV Guide to see what was on TV?

A list of the the top five ways technology has changed in the past eight years.

Kiwi behind self-piloting drones

Wai Yeap from AUT University pictured with one of the new age smart drones soon to be patrolling our skies.

Experts are cautioning against the rush to introduce drones into every aspect of human life.

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