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May calls out social platforms

Prime Minister Theresa May believes the fight against terrorism and hate speech is a joint one - between governments and ...

British PM wants social media firms to do more to prevent the spread of extremist material online.

Facebook: 'Thanks for the billions'

OPINION: Facebook peers into your past and present, making billions from the here and now, and nostalgia.

Facebook, the ultimate trip video

Cocaine, heroin, slot machines, Facebook? How the social media giant makes sure you get lost in your newsfeed.

Facebook's attitude to privacy

How private is your Facebook?

Experts say it's privacy policy has become less transparent, harder to understand and control.

Cracking Facebook's code

How does Facebook choose the adverts to show you in your news feed?

Can you beat the Facebook algorithm? Give it a try with our special interactive.

Samsung reveals rival to Siri video

Bixby will debut on the Samsung Galaxy S8, revealed later this month.

Samsung's new voice assistant promises to be smarter than any other assistant out there - including Siri.

Facebook won't die with old people

Snapchat's popularity has clearly got some at Facebook worried.

As if willing it into reality, tech writers keep saying teens don't use Facebook. It simply isn't true.

Who Facebook thinks you are video

You told it your name and school. But what more has Facebook worked out about you?

No Facebook, no problem video

Taylor Brien

Meet the people who have done away with the social-media monster.

Everyone is a little bit of a bully online

very human being has the potential to ruin somebody's day to make themselves feel better.

OPINION: Every human being has the potential to ruin somebody's day to make themselves feel better.

Our new national obsession

Facebook is New Zealand's second-favourite "leisure" activity.

How to boost Facebook privacy

Facebook privacy settings.

Many of us have no idea how open our Facebook accounts are. Here are 5 easy ways to turn yours into a private fortress.

How to beat Facebook's bubble

Do you live in a social media bubble?

Facebook works flat out to give you what it thinks you want - but it's not always right. Here's how to take back control of your feed.

Facebook is taking over

The Takeover logo

OPINION: Why should we accept Facebook's ever-growing influence over us as inevitable?

What Facebook does when you die


Death is tricky for social networks. Facebook opts for compromise.

Considering buying new Apple devices? video

Considering the new red iPhone? The only new thing is the colour.

If you've been thinking about treating yourself and are intrigued by Apple's announcements, here's what to consider.

LGBT challenge for YouTube

YouTube has drawn scorn from users after a number of gay-themed videos have been classified as 'restricted' content on ...

YouTube says it is looking into why some gay-themed content is being classed as "restricted".

Money goes mobile

Digital native Elizabeth Barry can't remember the last time she logged on for internet banking.

If cash is king, there's a revolution in the land.

7 common tech problems

A common tech problem is devices not syncing properly with each other.

You’re not the only one struggling with technology troubles, the most common complaints are easily fixed with a little know-how.

The reality of the Instagram man

Athleticism and power are men's strongest currencies on Instagram. Just ask Cristiano Ronaldo.

He’s strong! He’s buff! He’s socially powerful! But does he actually exist?

Staying sane in traffic jams

Research out this week shows we're spending much longer in traffic.

OPINION: Damien Grant lets us in on his secret for escaping Dom Harvey and other mind-numbing radio jocks in the morning gridlock.

How internet savvy is NZ?

New Zealand boasts one of the most connected nations when it comes to the internet.

These four factors show how savvy NZ is for internet connection.

Group targets bias in search

Google dismissed the research as "nothing more than a poorly constructed conspiracy theory".

A researcher argues that rankings on Google and other search engines can skew elections.

LookSee breach 'limited'

LookSee Wellington website as at Tuesday, March 14.

Website to relaunch days after privacy breach allowed users to view job seeker details.

Don't be scared of technology

Make sure you are in control of your data and security - keep it locked down just like you do with your car or house.

Technology is often cast as the bad guy, but there's nothing to be afraid of if you're willing to learn.

How to set up a tech-free zone

Sometimes you need to unplug and connect with the great big world beyond the screen.

Sometimes you need to unplug and connect with the great big world beyond the screen.

Apple didn't make much off cables

The newest iPhone still has a lightning port, so it requires an adapter to charge on the new MacBooks.

It turns out the conspiracy theorists were very wrong - revenue from dongles has fallen.

12 security tips for the paranoid

When you get a new phone or computer or install a new system, set it up to automatically update with security patches.

Whether you have anything to hide or not, it's a good reminder that in a digital age, keeping your life private requires some work.

Web creator's fake news warning video

World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee had a warning about the Internet in 2017.

On the 28th anniversary of the web, Tim Berners-Lee says it's at risk from fake news and snooping governments.

How our tech is spying on us

Driving in peak hour traffic this week I noticed a young woman in a zippy silver coupe, driving a little erratically. ...

OPINION: I'd never been a popular child, says Alison Mau, but for 72 golden hours the latest Betamax video recorder made me cool. So what happened?

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