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The perils of unwanted emails

As we spend more time in our inboxes, unwanted emails are becoming as disliked as cold calls.

If you don't treat your digital friends and customers with respect, you may end up entangled in an embarrassing case of email revenge.

Old tech demoralising workers

Half of all businesses have at least one PC running the 16-year-old operating system.

The average employee wastes 40 minutes a day because of slow technology.

Hung up over plan to change landlines

​Spark ​will change the way landline calls have worked since their invention in 1876, by switching them to internet ...

OPINION: Changing landlines may make sense, but it's cold comfort for many.

Smartphone features to know

See and hear the world through young eyes and ears by knowing how to get the best from your smartphone.

Getting the most from your smartphone will help you keep up with a changing world and be part of it.

Warning to parents about sexting

The vogue for sexting is sad, narcissistic and depressing, but it is also, crucially, attention-seeking.

The vogue for sexting is sad, narcissistic and depressing, but it is also, crucially, attention-seeking.

How to shoot better phone photos

Most of us shoot with our phone camera on Auto but using your phone's manual camera can deliver stunning results.

There are a lot of tricks involved in capturing great photos with your smartphone.

Facebook shares brain control idea

Facebook also is working on a way for people to hear through their skin.

Facebook's research unit is working to make it possible for people to type using signals from their brains.

Kiwis clinging on to old tech

According to the 2013 census, 85.5 per cent of Kiwis still have a home phone.

Despite all the gadgets and digital services designed and developed in the past decade, tech in Kiwi homes seems to have changed little.

App nabs serial phone thief

Fans at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival were targeted by a phone thief.

A group of festival-goers used the 'Find my iPhone' app to locate man with 100 stolen cellphones, police say.

Netflix about to hit 100m

The video service added nearly 5 million subscribers during the first three months of the year to end March.

The milestone will be reached this week if Netflix's projections are correct.

Explained: Your TV's privacy policy

Privacy policies don't vary much from company to company.

Let's be honest here - most of us don't read the privacy policies for smart televisions.

What Elmo looks like without fur


Sorry - there's really no way you can unsee this Tickle Me Elmo monstrosity.

Facebook targets 30,000 fake accounts

Facebook's crackdown is part of a worldwide effort against misinformation.

It's taking action against the French accounts as part of a worldwide effort against misinformation.

'Biggest hack in YouTube history'

Videos on Youtuber RomanAtwoodVlogs' channel, with altered titles and descriptions.

Hundreds of accounts compromised by group, which claims it's "the biggest hack in YouTube history".

A digital nightmare

The isolated town of Whangamomona is looking to its future.

In a connected world what happens when you're suddenly not?

End looms for Toshiba

The fall of Toshiba is a cautionary tale of what happens to companies that depend on high-quality knock-off products.

Toshiba introduced millions to high-end TVs and portable computers. Now, it could be saying goodbye.

The internet turned on Constance Hall

Constance Hall opened up on how love turned to hate towards her in the online community.

OPINION: The platform for her fame is now a forum to criticise her relationship breakdown.

Rosemary McLeod: The fantasy factor

Kiwi Snapchatter Timmy Mullins claims to have a "strong female following".

OPINION: Much as some women demand equality and respect, others seem happy to encourage disrespectful attitudes.

Spotify shows crazy ideas work

In March, Spotify revealed that 50 million people pay its monthly fee, the same number as those who use the ...

When Daniel Ek first marched into record label offices in 2006, they must have thought he was off his rocker.

Device maker 'fires' customer

Garadget noted that "firing" the customer was "admittedly not a slickest PR move on my part".

The inventor of a smartphone-enabled garage door opener "fired" a customer who complained about the device.

How to stop devices draining

Special switches and power strips can also cut off electricity, on demand, or via a timer.

Homes have an average of 40 items connected at any one time and they're constantly "sucking" electricity.

Cameras struggle, photos boom

Smartphones are blamed for the death of cameras, but they may actually give the industry a boost.

Smartphones are blamed for the death of cameras, but they may actually give the industry a boost.

No perfect way to protect privacy

A virtual private network is a service that connects your computer or other device with a server on the internet.

Many consumers have found themselves looking for a good privacy solution. Here are the options.

Simple solution to road confusion

Contractors work to clear slips blocking State Highway 1, south of Kaikoura (file photo).

If the road is closed, you get a text. If the road is open, you get another.

I'm not texting!

What really upset me at the meeting was the assumption that by pulling out my phone, I wasn't paying attention. I'm a ...

My friends and I are glued to our phones all day long - and the workplace isn't ready for that.

Victim of smooth-talking scammers

The pop-up which Jason received on his computer.

Australian man Jason was tricked by an internet pop-up scam and feels like the "stupidest person in the world".

Teens paid to hack companies

Companies invite hackers to attack them to find critical problems in their software in return for a reward.

Hackers as young as 10 are paid up to $50,000 to be part of a new breed of cybersecurity bounty hunters.

Can Siri replace friends? Maybe

Siri and other digital assistants can offer support to people.

A study showed that human interaction was able to be replaced by robots.

How to salvage email blunders

An email mishap need not leave you rocking to and fro in a darkened room.

You've just hit 'reply all' to the whole company? Here's how to cope.

The problem with being a meme

The author biking home from the office.

OPINION: I became an inspirational meme about work ethic. It was less flattering than I thought.

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