Digital Living Bought for $18, owned 1 minute

Sanmay Ved, a long-term lover - and short-term owner - of

Ex-Googler Sanmay Ved was the lucky buyer of, if only for a minute.

Man loses $45,000 in scam

A Canterbury man was duped out of $45,000 by a woman who befriended him on Facebook.

Man loses $45,000 after falling for elaborate romance scam on Facebook.

Getting a ride with Google

Google's driverless car prototypes have been steadily racking up real-world test miles.

Riding in a self-driving Google car prototype is kind of like being on a kiddie ride at an amusement park.

Tinder launches 'Super Like'

Swipe up if you super like what you see.

Nothing says "I really like you" like swiping upwards.

'Great Firewall of Thailand' under attack

The military junta in Thailand is considering a firewall.

Thai government websites attacked in protest against plans to introduce a single internet gateway for the country.

Aussie to use tech to stop sharks

The state of New South Wales convened a shark summit in Sydney on Tuesday.

Apps, texting and electric fields are being considered by authorities.

App will let everyone rate each other

Peeple is due to launch in November.

You will soon able to assign reviews and star ratings to everyone you know: your friends, exes or co-workers.

Stop telling me to put my phone down

A person using a phone is not necessarily a person misusing a phone.

Strangers scold me for using my phone around my kids - but it's how I'm paying for them.

Genius dog selfie device video

Dog won't sit for a selfie? There's a ridiculously simple solution.

Can't get your dog to sit still for a photo? It's all in the magic of the tennis ball.

Snapchat CEO world’s youngest billionaire

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and fellow Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy both made the Forbes 400 for the first time this year.

Evan Spiegel, worth NZ$3.3b, breaks record at just 25.

Billboards link Tinder with STDs

A billboard advertising free STD checks has come under fire for implying smartphone dating app users spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Tinder takes a legal swipe at health organisation who suggests users of the app spread STDs.

NZ has fastest 4G speeds in the world

The average real-world 4G download speed in New Zealand is 36Mbs.

New Zealand has dethroned Australia as the nation with the fastest 4G networks in the world, according to a new report.

Apple reveals new privacy policy

Apple chief executive Tim Cook:  "We don't build a profile based on your email content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers."

Apple has revealed how its philosophy on data collection splits from its tech industry rivals.

The love video that went viral

Ervin Jones, 81, with his wife of 56 years, Doris, 82.

It is a quiet video, less than a half-minute long and has no cats, but it's been watched 4.7m times.

Your phone is not a phone anymore

We can use our phones to make cinema-quality movies, to run businesses, write books, and share just about anything with just about anyone in the world.

We hardly use our phones to make calls so maybe it's time for a new name for our favourite gadget.

Internet stresses with Facebook down

Oh dear.

It was an emotional morning for Facebook users when the social network went down.

The iOS 9 feature you should turn off

An iOS update earlier this month comes with a potentially problematic new feature.

If you routinely use all your mobile data, you should know about Apple's latest iPhone software.

A double funeral, live-streamed

Ross Buckland lost both parents within six days of each other and was able to live-stream their funeral to family and friends overseas.

An untimely death can ripple through a family who may be scattered around the world - but a digital solution can bring them together for the funeral.

The digital divides persist in New Zealand

The most digitally-excluded groups of our society include adults with disabilities, children with special needs, Pasifika, Maori and senior citizens.

OPINION: Some groups of our population have limited or no access to digital technologies, or do not have the confidence to use them.

Netflix knows when you're hooked

Viewers get hooked on Breaking Bad easily.

Kiwis take longer to get hooked on Netflix shows than other nationalities, data from the company shows.

Is Apple Music worth paying for? Depends

The three month Apple Music trial is ending for a lot of people. Is it worth sticking with?

The three-month Apple Music trial is ending for a lot of people — but it might just be worth your $13.

Is sharing TV passwords OK?

Netflix allows up to four people to stream concurrently under its standard monthly plan.

Sharing your streaming video password has become prevalent so should providers be worried?

Why vertical videos are winning

"Our viewers prefer vertical," says Nick Bell, who serves as Snapchat's head of content.

Snapchat gets nine times higher engagement with vertical rather than horizontal video.

Pizza Rat: Diary of a viral meme video

Pizza Rat, which went viral after a video was posted on YouTube.

Pizza Rat is the perfect case study of how things go viral in 2015.

Slow start for NZ's mobile wallet


Supermarket owner Foodstuffs says Kiwis are using digital wallet though in relatively low numbers.

AVG is selling your web history

AVG says it will use so-called non-personal data to build "anonymous" data profiles, which it may then sell.

The anti-virus software company says it will sell "non-personal" data in order to make money.

Selfie lawsuit filed on behalf of monkey

The self-portrait as it appears on the Wiki Commons site.

A monkey who snapped a well-known, grinning "selfie" should be declared the photo's owner, animal rights activists say.

Masterpiece from video games video

"People don't realise how culturally important games are": Siobhan Reddy.

Australian Siobhan Reddy presents beautiful digital artwork from award-winning games.

Tracking app puts children at risk

Internet watchdogs found a catalogue of worrying problems with the Smart Sheriff app.

Children's phone numbers, web browsing history and other personal data were exposed.

Digital song downloads slip further

Revenue from paid subscriptions to services like Spotify and Rhapsody grew 25 percent to US$478 million.

Digital downloads of songs continued to fall out of favour while free and paid music-streaming revenue kept growing.

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