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Old rules that explain the internet

Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn, writes Abby Ohlheiser.

OPINION: Three rules have managed to stay useful. Appropriately, they cover irony, Nazis and porn.

Last video store standing

United Video owner Sam Bansal says he is still here and open for business.

They're becoming as rare as hen's teeth, and now New Plymouth only has one left.

Search for travel using emojis

Want to fly to Las Vegas? Just put in the slot machine emoji for a list of deals.

One travel site is letting us look up flight or hotel deals using emojis to represent our destination.

Oculus fights headset sales ban

Facebook bought Oculus in 2014 for US$2 billion.

A jury found that the Facebook-owned company stole another company's computer code.

SeniorNet turns 25

SeniorNet Wellington members learn to play Solitaire, 1992.

Technology has changed a lot since 1992, but an organisation teaching tech to seniors is still going strong

Patient portals, isn't it time?

Redwoodtown Doctors practice nurse Becky Malin would like to see patients signing-up to the surgery's patient portal ...

The number of patients in Marlborough opting to track their healthcare online is among the lowest in New Zealand.

Viral internet stunts tempting kids

In most cases, kids are watching these challenges on YouTube purely for entertainment, but some challenges inspire kids ...

The YouTube "challenges" range from harmless to horrifying.

Time to silence your smartphone

Both iPhones and Android devices call this feature Do Not Disturb. It lets you mute your phone between say 11pm and 7am ...

OPINION: If left on its default settings, my smartphone would beep, ding and ring constantly.

Staring down my troll video

Ginger Gorman has been menaced by trolls for years.

If you passed him on the street, nothing would grab your attention. But behind a screen, he's dangerous.

Why virtual reality isn't taking off

Showing virtual reality experiences on flat screens doesn't give people a good enough taste of how different the ...

A killer app is needed for the tech to become popular but until then motion sickness and cost are holding it back.

Former porn trader caught again

A former pornographer was caught pointing a smartphone at women in swimsuits on Oriental Bay.

Daniel Moore was seen pointing a cellphone at young women in swimsuits.

Pirate Bay's future in peril

Unlike other file-sharing sites, Pirate Bay remains active, alongside the countless copies of its index of torrents.

A court in Europe warned that giving users free access to a trove of movies and music risks breaking the law.

A look at fake gadget markets

A budget iPhone 7 which might die before you even get it out of the shop.

If you're looking for a counterfeit iPhone which dies in your hand then Shanghai is your ultimate destination.

VR helps overcome real pain

Virtual reality seems to be able to shift the brain's experience in a way that helps patients handle pain.

Virtual reality seems to be able to shift the brain's experience in a way that helps patients handle pain.

Holler for your Scholar-ship

Young entrepreneurs, from left, Elizabeth Spurlock, Marina Suban, Evan Shram and Jack Dalton have created a new website ...

Four students hoping to make it big in business have the world at their fingertips.

Cyber weapon disrupts power grids

The malware could create outages in different areas at the same time.

The malware was designed by hackers allied with the Russian government.

Apple finally confirms car plans

Tim Cook: "It's a core technology that we view as very important."

Apple had initially wanted to build its own car, but is now focused on the underlying tech for autonomous driving.

How to beat a VPN block

It pays to have a few VPN options in your bag of tricks.

Using a VPN on public wi-fi is sensible but what do you do when the network operator blocks them?

Battle between kids and screens

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing "consistent limits on the time spent using media, and the types of ...

There is no end to what our kids can watch, and how they can watch it, whether we want them to or not.

Programmer admits rigging lottery

Eddie Tipton admitted one count of theft and one count of a computer crime.

The man designed software so that on three days out of the year, he could predict winning numbers.

Homer Simpson thwarts DeepMind

It appears Homer's antics such as eating doughnuts were too confusing for DeepMind.

One of the world's most advanced computer programs couldn't compute the character's fumbling antics.

Sometimes computers are dumb

Facebook has said a priority for this year is offering people information they don't know they were interested in.

Even tech companies that preach the gospel of the algorithm are turning to humans for recommendations.

Explore Uluru from anywhere

The service offers 360 degree panoramas from various vantage points around each site.

Google adds world-famous Australian heritage site to Street View.

Principal to pay pupils to unplug

A principal in the US has pledged to pay her students US$100 if they forgo devices for one day a week over the holidays.

A principal in the US has pledged to pay her students US$100 if they forgo devices for one day a week over the holidays.

10 ways to speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 was released in July 2015.

Windows 10 is nearly two years old but there are still lots of tricks to learn about getting the best from it.

Campbell and Latta's sad future

Nigel Latta and John Campbell are fronting What Next? an interactive TV show about New Zealand's future.

OPINION: As evidence showed robots will lighten Kiwi pay packets, job-safe Nigel Latta just kept smiling.

Realising PowerPoint's comedic potential

Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish begins screening on TVNZ's Duke on June 13.

Why a laptop is now an essential piece of one British stand-up comedian's kit.

Startup aims to digitise tattoos

Inkbay's platform invites studios to centralise their designs, where customers can then book via a flat fee, rather than ...

With tattoos becoming more popular, one startup intends to become the Expedia for getting inked.

Dog photo greets Amazon shoppers

Outages are rare for Amazon, which prides itself on being a technology company, not simply a retailer.

Amazon has apologised after a glitch on its site sent people to an image of a dog rather than a product listing.

Review: Apple's first TV show

The show features, from left,  Jessica Alba,, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

Planet of the Apps places app developers on the spot for a chance at winning funding and a promising future.

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