Twitter reveals top tweets of 2013

LEA MICHELE AND CORY MONTEITH: Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory ...

LEA MICHELE AND CORY MONTEITH: Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart, Michele tweeted.

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Twitter has unveiled the company's annual "Year on Twitter" report, including what the company calls the Golden Tweets – the year's most retweeted.

Mourners on Twitter are quick to pass along condolences, and the top two tweets had to do with celebrity deaths.

When Glee star Cory Monteith died in July, fellow star Lea Michele's short note and accompanying photo was retweeted 408,266 times at its peak, including retweets in more than 130 different countries.

Actor Paul Walker's sudden death generated the second-most retweeted post of 2013. The confirmation tweet from his staff garnered more than 400,367 retweets.

The third most retweeted tweet from 2013 came on a much, much lighter note. Niall Horan, a member of pop group One Direction, turned 20 years old, and Twitter helped him celebrate. His birthday declaration received 375,292 retweets.


Twitter added more than 30 million users since December 2012, and the new group includes some impressive names. Former presidents Bill Clinton and George HW Bush sent their first tweets in 2013. So did current and future Hall of Fame athletes Joe MontanaKobe Bryant and Roger Federer.

Twitter even added business mogul and multi-billionaire Warren Buffett, who has more than 720,000 followers despite having sent only four tweets.

However, Twitter still has a famous face or two it hopes to lure in 2014. In a recent Today interview, Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo mentioned actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as users he'd love to sign up.

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When the world is abuzz about something, it's a safe bet Twitter is adding fuel to the fire. In no particular order, a few of 2103's most tweetable moments:

The World Welcomes a New Pope. Pope Francis was presented to the world in March, and Twitter was waiting for him. The new Pope's papal inauguration generated more than 130,000 tweets per minute at its peak.

Nelson Mandela's Death. After the former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner died earlier this month, millions of mourners took to Twitter to express their sorrow. Twitter reported that Mandela's death generated 7.2 million tweets, including a peak of 95,000 tweets per minute.

The Boston Marathon Bombings. We saw both the best and worst of Twitter during the bombings that took place in April at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Gossip and poorly reported news spread like wildfire over social networks, creating some confusion regarding the identities of the suspected bombers. But Twitter also provided a way for people to spread accurate news, and more importantly, come together in grief and support.

There were more than 27 million tweets sent related to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

The Government Shutdown. When the US government shutdown due to a budget impasse, it lasted 16 days and generated millions of tweets. Twitter also served as a megaphone of sorts for dozens of politicians airing their frustrations to voters.

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