What did we ask Dr Google this year?

Have you consulted Doctor Google this year?

The search giant has released its annual lists of some of the top-searched queries in the world for 2013.

One list analysed by the zeitgeist was the most-searched symptoms for the year, as people continued to forgo human doctors in favour of digital diagnosis.

From influenza to herpes, relatively common maladies featured in the list. But it seemed mums-to-be were taking to the search engine in the largest numbers - pregnancy symptoms topped the list for the second year in a row.

Google's Most-Searched Symptoms in 2013 (based on US data):

1. Pregnancy Symptoms

2. Influenza Symptoms

3. Diabetes Symptoms

4. Anxiety Symptoms

5. Thyroid Symptoms

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6. HIV Symptoms

7. Mononucleosis Symptoms

8. Lupus Symptoms

9. Herpes Symptoms

10. Pneumonia Symptoms

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