Cyber-criminals target students

Student Job Search

Student Job Search

Scammers are broadening their targets by using Student Job Search to get young people to hand over their bank details.

Netsafe, an organisation promoting safe online practices, is warning students to be more vigilant as an increasing number of cyber-criminals are designing ways to lure students into handing over money or personal details.

A company called Artecti Consulting was identified as a fraud by Student Job Search last week. By that time, Victoria University accounting student Charlotte McNicol had already handed over some personal information.

The 21-year-old has been looking for part-time work for a few weeks and came across the advertisement for 12 hours a week of accounting work at a Wellington company in Manners St.

She initially provided her name, date of birth and contact number to the organisation, which she said had a very "professional" email service and website.

It wasn't until she was asked to hand over bank account details, despite never having met or spoken to anyone from the company, that she became suspicious.

She tried to ring the company on the Australian number provided, but had no luck. When she went to investigate the office in Manners St, she found it did not exist.


Money mules: Students are paid to receive money and deposit it in Western Union accounts to be sent offshore. Scammers respond to rooms-to-let advertisements and pay too much for the deposit. They then ask for the difference to be paid back and cancel the original deposit.

Scammers offer rooms to rent, request a down payment and then cut communication.

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Deals on cameras, tablets and phones are advertised through websites and ask for a down payment for a package that entitles people to bid on cheap items.

Advertisements online and in newspapers advertising cheap cars that need to be sold immediately.

Payments are expected promptly, without buyers being allowed to inspect the vehicle.

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