The rise of geek fashion

Last updated 10:26 09/02/2010

nerd1I read an article yesterday on Mashable which said Google has commissioned up-and-coming artists to create Google-inspired garments - and it got me thinking.

The internet has inspired many fashion statements and the variety seems to increase with each new meme or trend.

Just look at "talk nerdy to me", the Beached As whale, or Twitter's "fail whale".

Each has inspired clothing and I think it's becoming more acceptable in mainstream society to be a "geek" - and proud of it.

In the 70s, 80s and even 90s, "geeks" or "nerds" were considered by many to be low in the social pecking order. It now seems a young internet generation is coming of age and, well, the times they are a'changing.

If you're a girl and you're looking to please (or at least amuse) your nerdy gamer or geeky guy, you have to check out these "sexy" geek fashions for girls. Mathematician? Check out these Pi ties.

Clothing designs influenced by retro computer programs and games have been the domain of nerds for a while, but they've now gained the cool factor of being relics of the past.

By definition, a nerd is... wait... what is a nerd? Check out these definitions from across the web:

* An insignificant student who's ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious.

* A computer expert by aptitude and not mere training. Usually male, under the age of 35 and socially inept.

* An intelligent but single-minded expert in a particular technical field or profession.

* A term, often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities.

* A person who, though having good technical or scientific skills, is introspective and introverted. 

Hmm... is that me? Is that you? Are we nerds!? There's no reason to be ashamed. We can all get together and listen to some nerdcore and we'll actually understand the lyrics. Is that such a bad thing?

nerd2Hey, if you're upset with your "insignificance" or "social ineptitude", you could check out this site, which gives interesting tips for those who fit a nerdy mold.

It's common for the fashion industry to look at a vast range of sources for inspiration and I think technology will become increasingly popular in the future of fashion.

It makes me wonder if we'll all end up in those silver spacesuits so many sci-fi authors seem to envision.

What do you think? How strongly is technology influencing our fashion and clothing? Why is that? Generation Z? Do you own any nerdy gear?

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Scott C   #1   10:49 am Feb 09 2010

I think there is some confusion between nerd and geek going on here. As you highlighted above nerds tend to be socially inept (outside of their field of expertise) and involved in technical fields - much of popular culture has picked up on the geek side of things (as highlighted by your links).

I don't own any "nerdy" gear - I don't think that much about the clothes I wear (old teeshirt and jeans usually). I do have a calculator and compass with me pretty much whereever I go though.

President, Geek/Nerd Breeding Foundation   #2   11:56 am Feb 09 2010

hopefully this new chique view on the world of the nerdy/geeky can help with my organisation's calling. we're not known for "pullability" so steps need to be taken to ensure the survival of our kind.

Joe Rogan said, "somebody's gotta make sure these guys breed.... i mean, do you know how a cell phone works? suuuure, you know how to use one... if i drop you in the middle of the jungle, how long before you can email me?"

Biscuit   #3   11:56 am Feb 09 2010

I don't wear geeky clothes to please guys, I wear geeky clothes because I think they're amusing. I'm not sure why, as apparently women can't be nerds.

BRIAN   #4   12:12 pm Feb 09 2010

This is a terrible blog, but isn't.

Pan Narrans   #5   12:22 pm Feb 09 2010

funny thing is - being a geek I don't often give a toss what other people think of me.

Also Scott #1 is right: nerd != geek.

Scott (diff one)   #6   01:00 pm Feb 09 2010

As a not so closet geek, I don't need any help to look geeky. It just comes naturally. As for whether I'm a geek or a nerd..I think I qualify as both, but which one depends on the environment / audience at the time.

Lou   #7   01:20 pm Feb 09 2010


My girlfriend told me the other day that all of my t-shirts were computer related - I didn't realise until she pointed it out.

I'll link her this article - I'll have to continuing wearing my appple and microsoft t-shirts hahaha I'm so l337.

BTW only Noobs call geeks nerds.

cm   #8   02:29 pm Feb 09 2010

As an operating system programmer I've worked with countless techno people, including many from Apple, Google and the like and many are nerdy or geeky. The last time I saw someone dressed Revenge of the Nerds style was in the mod 1980s.

Revenge of the Nerds style clothing is far too uncomfortable for the average geek body type. Most wear jeans or shorts and Tshirts, normally faded or stained.

Anyone dressing up in Revenge style clothing is immediately identified as a poser and would be shunned by any true nerd.

another   #9   02:29 pm Feb 09 2010

funny how people think they're a geek cos they wear square rectangular reading glasses and work in marketing or IT. Sad little followers....

H   #10   02:40 pm Feb 09 2010

I agree that being a geek doesn't make you a nerd. But as soon as being a /b/tard is fashionable I'm outta here.

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