Six-month Skynet hiatus ends

Recorded Music New Zealand says it will resume bringing music pirates in front of the Copyright Tribunal after a six-month hiatus.

General counsel Kristin Bowman said the organisation, which represents major studios, had tried but failed to find a way of focusing enforcement action on more “substantive” infringers.

After a review, it had nevertheless decided to continue to use the three-strikes copyright law, colloquially known as the Skynet regime, to pursue random offenders.

The organisation hauled 17 internet account holders in front of the Copyright Tribunal last year, winning all its cases, but secured only sub-$1000 awards for its recording industry members. In some cases, the internet users said they hadn’t been aware their accounts were being used for piracy.

Bowman said three further cases were now pending, in each of which the alleged pirates had failed to offer up any defence.

She believed from anecdotal evidence that more New Zealanders were switching to legal streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio that offer “all-you-can-eat” access to most music for a monthly fee. 

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