Telecom working to restore service

Telecom says it has fixed a fault that affected corporate customers and knocked its call centres and website offline for much of the day, but it is not quite over yet.

Prepaid mobile customers will not be able to top up their phones until tomorrow and customer Chorus said it was still without access to some systems, which it believed would be restored over the next few hours.

Corrections chief information officer Jon Cummings said the fault, which knocked some Telecom corporate customers offline, had affected internet access and temporarily blocked its help desk.

"In addition there were some network performance issues which resulted in slower than normal response times for some staff," he said.

Public safety had not been put at risk, he said.

Telecom has also conceded that today’s fault had a knock-on effect on some residential broadband customers.

Telecom said in a statement issued at 5.30pm that it suffered a significant hardware fault with a “vital piece of equipment” in its Auckland data centre this morning.

Its call centres, website, and other online services were down for most of the day. Services were restored progressively from early to mid-afternoon, it said.

The fault also impacted internet access for some corporate customers, it said. Telecom said some home broadband customers, “whose network settings mean they also rely on the faulty piece of equipment to access the internet”, may also have experienced intermittent outages to internet access.

The fault coincided with a planned upgrade Telecom carried out over the weekend on its prepaid mobile network, during which prepaid customers were unable to top-up their phones.

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The upgrade was due to be completed this morning, but Telecom said it had been delayed because of the fault and would now be completed overnight tonight.

Chorus spokesman Ian Bonnar said its services were being progressively restored, but it still couldn’t access some internal systems. The company asked internet providers not to place any new orders for services until tomorrow morning.



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