Breaking Bad most popular TV on Twitter

KNOCK, KNOCK: Breaking Bad won Twitter in its final season.

KNOCK, KNOCK: Breaking Bad won Twitter in its final season.

Breaking Bad is the champion of a new television metric: more second-screen activity on Twitter than any other TV series this past season.

For the first time, ratings researchers Nielsen are measuring how many Americans are reading tweets about particular TV programs the night they are on the air.

Called "second-screening", the story of Bryan Cranston's drug-dealing chemistry teacher mastered it in its final season.

An average of 6 million people read tweets about the show while watching an episode, as well as during the three hours before and after.

Last September's action-packed series finale hit 9.1 million, boosting the season average.

For one-off events, the Super Bowl and Oscars led the way.

Some 15.3 million people saw tweets about football's championship game and 13.9 million saw Academy Awards tweets - including host Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie, no doubt.

Meanwhile, an episode of the US version of The Voice aired on May 13 set a tweets-per-minute rate with 310,000 messages sent.


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