Old Spice robot fakes human scent video

MACHINE MAN: The Old Spice Guy is now a robot.

MACHINE MAN: The Old Spice Guy is now a robot.

If there is one lesson Old Spice aims to teach in its latest commercials, it's that to achieve the ultimate in masculinity you need not even be a man.

In its latest ad campaign the male body wash brand has replaced its former resident hunk, actor and former NFL player, Isaiah Mustafa, with the mandroid.

The mandroid is an awkward robot masquerading as a less than convincing man and he makes his debut in two new ads.

In the first mandroid makes a slow, stiff stride across a beach, revealing that, surprise, he's "not a real human man".

But that does not matter because he wears OId Spice spray and deodorant together, so he is "really cool".

Nor does it matter that he falls on a woman sunbaking, because even if he crushes her ribs she will barely notice, as he "smells amazing."

The second ad depicts mandroid dancing in a nightclub with an adoring woman unperturbed when his human face falls off, revealing his wiring.

Old Spice commercials are well known for their quirky value, though the new mandroid-driven direction is a step away from its now infamous series of commercials featuring Mustafa in 2010.

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The "Man your man could smell like" or "Smell like a man, man" campaign was a viral sensation, which shot the Proctor & Gamble bodywash to internet stardom and rewrote the age-old rules of advertising.

According to "PR guru" Paul Maccabee, the campaign achieved a total of 40-plus million views on YouTube, pushed the brand's number of Twitter followers up by 2,700 per cent and increased Facebook fan interaction by 800 percent.

Such an immense response on social media was also likely aided by the follow-up to the original campaign, in which Mustafa responded to fans with personalised videos.

After two days on YouTube Old Spice's mandroid beach commercial has reached almost 820,000 views.

The second nightclub edition of the mandroid ads has seen less success, with just over 190,000 views in the same period.

It is unclear if Mustafa has been officially dropped from the Old Spice commercials, but for now, the "man your man could smell like" is now a mandroid.

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