Govt digital services use surges

The Government has reported mixed results in its drive to make it easier for people to deal with the public service.

Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne said the proportion of common government transactions conducted online had risen to 42 per cent, up from 30 per cent two years ago.

But an annual survey of 1200 businesses indicated they found it slightly more difficult to deal with the Government last year than in 2012. The State Services Commission said the 2 per cent increase in difficulty was not statistically significant.

The increase in the proportion of online transactions was due largely to more people using the web to renew vehicle licences and passports and to pay police fines.

There was also an increase in the number of travellers using Smartgate border-control kiosks at airports.

The Government's goal is that 70 per cent of common transactions should be carried out online by 2017, by which time it wants to see the effort involved in businesses dealing with the Government fall by a quarter.

"We'll meet the target if digital services continue to get less complicated in the eyes of New Zealanders. For example, through integrating government services that make sense to people's lives," Dunne said.


Adult passport renewals: 38.1 per cent

Payment of police fines: 46.8 per cent

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Vehicle relicensing: 25.8 per cent

Arrivals and departures using Smartgate: 48 per cent

 - The Dominion Post


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