Kim Dotcom assets still frozen

The Crown has succeeded in keeping Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom from his millions of dollars, cars, artwork and property.

Justices O'Regan, Wild and French of the Court of Appeal released a decision today overturning Justice Susan Thomas's original decision not to extend the freezing orders on Dotcom's assets, which would have reunited him with his fortune.

Today's decision meant Dotcom's assets, which were seized during the 2012 raid on his Coatesville mansion, would remain subject to foreign restraining orders until April 18, 2015.

In April this year, the Crown applied in the High Court at Auckland to extend restraining orders on Dotcom's fortune in advance of the original two-year order lapsing.

However, Justice Susan Thomas denied the Crown's application for an extension to the freezing orders on his fortune while he awaited his extradition hearing.

The application was made on behalf of the United States, which aims to prosecute Dotcom for online piracy, conspiracy to commit piracy and money laundering.

In May, Dotcom's lawyer Robert Gapes said he and the internet mogul were not surprised by the appeal filed by The Crown.

Following the release of Justice Thomas's original decision in April, Dotcom's lawyer Robert Gapes said the internet mogul thought the judgment was "fantastic".

Dotcom's wife, Mona Dotcom, has also suffered a blow in today's judgement.

Mona Dotcom's funds have also been restrained for the two years since the raid.

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She has not been charged and has applied for all her separately held property to be released, but the Court of Appeal denied her application.

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