The end of DVDs is near

Your DVD collection looks headed for the same heap as all those old cassette tapes.

Your DVD collection looks headed for the same heap as all those old cassette tapes.


I'm usually sad when a local shop closes but when a nearby video store shut it was hard to feel sorry for it.

The shop was part of the Video Ezy chain which has largely sat idle as streaming services chewed up its market share.

It could've easily mimicked the success of Netflix which turned its focus from posting DVDs to streaming movies in 2007.

The end of DVDs is edging closer.

The end of DVDs is edging closer.

Video Ezy only started streaming last year and is now struggling for survival against Netflix and others.

Is this the end of DVD rentals? Will you ever need to buy another DVD player? What about the new ultra high definition DVDs due to go on sale later this year?

The short-term answer to these questions is that DVDs will be around for a while yet however in the long-term they will go the way of the cassette tape.

As the saying goes, what can be made digital will be made digital (or in this case, what can go online will go online).

Research from Roy Morgan shows the sale of DVD players has been declining since 2008.

Movie streaming is only recently becoming popular in New Zealand so it's too soon to see the impact on DVD and Blu Ray disc sales.

The new ultra HD Blu Ray discs will offer video four times sharper than Blu Rays and will pose a dilemma for movie lovers. Should they replace their favourite discs with the new format or rely on streaming for future viewing?

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Also, if so many DVD rental shops are closing where will you hire the new version from?

Those are tricky questions. If you are a real movie buff and value high quality resolution then start saving for a ultra high definition Blu Ray player as that will give you the best quality.

You better put some cash aside for a 4K television too as you'll need this to make the most of your new player.

Netflix has some 4K streaming available in New Zealand but that quality will not match what you can get on a physical disc. Our streaming speeds also have a way to go before 4K streaming works in most Kiwi homes.

But if you are happy with "OK" quality resolution then I'd just stick with your current set up until streaming technology catches up physical tech.

Hopefully by then we'll also have a larger catalogue of shows available on our streaming services and then we can finally store our DVDs in the garage next to our cassette tapes.

How many DVDs do you own?

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