Top official band apps

04:48, Dec 04 2012
The Rolling Stones Official App
GRRR: The Rolling Stones Official App for iPhone.

A roundup of the best official apps for keeping up with your favourite band.

The Rolling Stones
iPhone, iPad

The Rolling Stones Official App is a must-have for dedicated fans. It has dozens of videos that aren't available on the band's official website, and you can unlock more content - such as exclusive interviews and warm-up performances - for a dollar. You can also interact with other fans and go into the running to watch the Rolling Stones perform live.

iPhone, iPad

Designed like an interactive scrapbook, The Blur App presents a chronological history of the band's 21-year history, with notes, photos, music releases, videos and set lists embedded on a timeline. But that's only if you have an iPad. iPhone owners get a different app; it has essentially the same content, but without the cool timeline.

nin: access


The official Nine Inch Nails app is one of the few that let you play any of the band's songs (plus fan-created remixes) free. But the songs play only while you have the relevant screen active. If you move to another part of the app or to another app altogether - or if the screen goes to sleep - the music stops.

Bjork: Biophilia
iPhone, iPad

Anything more than $10 is a lot to pay for an app. Then again, Bjork's Biophilia is more like a ''musical experience'', complete with an intro by David Attenborough and an impressive 3D galaxy that you navigate to play each track. All of the songs are accompanied by features such as interactive games and karaoke-style music notation.

Slash 360
iPhone, iPad

Want to see what Slash, the former lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses, is like in a music studio? Slash 360 gives you that opportunity. Using 360-degree spherical cameras, you can zoom in and out of the studio at different angles while Slash collaborates with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators for his latest album, Apocalyptic Love.

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