Kiwi artists Flox, Otis Frizzell create designer modems to help Forest and Bird

Hayley King, aka Flox, has used her unique artistic style of stencil and spray paint to create Stichbird and Kakariki ...

Hayley King, aka Flox, has used her unique artistic style of stencil and spray paint to create Stichbird and Kakariki which will be printed on 500 modems.

A group of Kiwi artists might just change the way our homes connect to the internet and help preserve New Zealand's conservation all at the same time.

Internet modems are getting a pop of colour and a taste of Kiwi talent from Flox​, Otis Frizzell, Anna Leyland, Askew One and Andrew J. Steel who have created their own pieces of artwork now printed on Orcon​ modems.

The sterile and plane face of a modem is now printed in colour and design channelling New Zealand's native species and wild plant.

The idea is to bring the internet box out from under desks or hidden in cupboards for optimum net connection that can now double as quality Kiwi artwork on display. 

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Each artist's original pieces will be sold in a charity auction today on TradeMe​ with proceeds going to Forest and Bird, a non-for-profit conservation organisation.

Flox​ Design, aka Hayley​ King infused bright colours and native birds with her unique stencil and spay paint design to create Stitchbird and Kakariki.

"For me, it was about bringing nature indoors and really playing on that whole contrast of technology and the great outdoors. As Kiwi's, we've got an absolute love affair with our birds, so for me, I gave myself a brief of really vibrant colours and I wanted to keep it really natural,"  said King.

"[Forest and Bird] adds another dimension to this whole project where we know the proceeds from these original pieces of art will go to charity. For me that's a bonus, it feels good as an artist, it always does, to provide and give back to charities that really need it."

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King had up to three months to complete the project and said the approach of an open brief let artists delve into their unique styles.

"For my process, I knew I wanted to paint something unique, especially for this campaign. there's five to choose from and all of us five artists are so completely different."

She agreed this would be a game changer for the household modem.

"They're now pieces of artwork. It'll be interesting to see where this goes."

 - Sunday Star Times

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