It takes time for tech to catch on

Nearly every tech company has a smartwatch for sale.
Simon Dawson

Nearly every tech company has a smartwatch for sale.

OPINION: Despite the hype surrounding the latest tech and gadgets, it can actually take decades before the average user adopts it.

It feels like we've been using smartphones and laptops "forever" but while they're the most successful personal gadgets made, it took years before they came part of our everyday life. 

It took close to 20 years to go from digital ink PDAs, Nokias and Blackberrys to get what most of us use today.

It took even longer for laptops to become affordable for most people.

There's lots of trial and error in technology and it takes time for gadgets to be perfected and then accepted by consumers.

While there are a few exceptions, such as the Walkman, it usually takes several versions and a hefty price cut to convince people to adopt the gadgets into their everyday lives.

This is why I'm not surprised when I rarely see anyone wearing a smartwatch or buying a virtual reality headset.

These have been around for several years and both promise a lot for your digital lifestyle but aren't popular - yet.

Apple is tipped to announce a new version of its smartwatch this week and Samsung's latest models arrive in New Zealand soon.

Expect them to be better than the last iterations and more features will be added. Eventually, their battery life will improve, they'll be less dependent on phones and become more durable. 

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Nearly every tech company - except Apple - has a virtual reality headset for sale or coming soon.

These are going to be like VCRs - initially expensive and cumbersome to use, but soon every home will have one.

Both types of tech are newish but tech companies are now evolving products much faster than in the days of phones and laptops.

If you're an early adopter, you probably already have one or both these devices. If you're an average consumer, expect to see more stories about these products and if you get the chance, try one out.

Try not to be dismissive or bewildered, this type of tech is supposed to be fun, and hopefully useful.

And remember, like cheese, good tech takes time.

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