Drunk antics page 'just negative stereotyping'

04:35, Jun 19 2013

A web page celebrating drunken antics of Dunedin students is being deplored by Otago University Students Association, which says it highlights all the negative aspects of university life.

A Facebook page titled Dunedin's Loosest C*** which has students sharing stories and photos of boozing, vomiting and defecating, and glorifying their behaviour.

University of Otago would not comment to Fairfax Media on the page, which went up last Sunday.

As of today it has 10,982 hits, and is urging the city's young people and students to post their loosest behaviour and drunken antics.

University of Otago vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne has been working hard to turn around the institution's historic drinking culture since the notorious Undie 500 student riots of 2009.

She isn't acknowledging the page and, through the university's communications department, is refusing requests for interviews.


The Otago University Students Association has seen it and doesn't like it, president Francisco Hernandez says.

"We deplore that it's highlighting all the negative aspects about student culture. It's just negative stereotyping and the vast majority of the student body doesn't behave like that.

"We would advise students who feel like their photos have been uploaded against their will and are upset about it, to get in touch with us."

Early posts show a video entitled Dirty Dunners! Sick! of a young man vomiting into his mate's mouth, as well as a picture of someone showing off what they did in a disposable nappy after a heavy drinking session.

That post is praised: "this man's unquestionable will and ability to get juiced, get naked, do f***ed up s***, and still manage to pull a lot of wahines, puts this c*** in the league of Dunedin's loosest."

Another post describes a young man "thinking he was Tom f*****g Cruise in Cocktail ... trying to spit fire, blind drunk".

"Bartenders witness to the act tell of turning round to a fireball of greasy hair and melted skin".

"This c*** cleared the bar."

Another photo post shows a young man cut and bruised after reportedly coming off his skateboard while drunk.

The man who streaked during a Super 15 rugby game at Forsyth Barr stadium earns praise, while there is a tribute to the late Michael Taylor, killed in a car crash near New Plymouth on his way home from Dunedin.

A thread to the Reddit website has the page also getting an international airing.

Out of dozens of comments, one says: "So basically there's a town in New Zealand that is run by students, lord of the flys style. The whole north side of the city is nothing but student flats and halls of residence. The people who go there are overwhelmingly from other parts of the country.

"What you get is a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds living by themselves for the first time with no rules, no parents, no supervision of any kind and with a f******d of free time and cheap booze. S*** like this is pretty common place."

Hernandez says he doubts if Facebook would remove the page.

"It's not illegal. There have been much much worse Facebook pages, like the one calling for the rape of women and girlfriends.

"Facebook hasn't taken them down. Why would they take this page down?"

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