Charging from across a room

Tech that may allow phones, tablets and smartwatches to be powered from across a room could arrive next year.

Tech that may allow phones, tablets and smartwatches to be powered from across a room could arrive next year.

Review: iPhone 7 adaptor

Phil Schiller, of Apple, discusses the audio features of the iPhone7 during a media event in San Francisco.

Apple's lightning-to-3.5mm audio adaptor is about to become a necessary evil.

No, don't drill your iPhone video

Reaching for the drill? Don't do it.

YouTube video shows how to add a "heaphone jack" on the iPhone 7 - but it's not all that it seems.

Snapchat is making sunglasses video

The Snapchat Spectacles. You've got to admit, they're better looking than Google Glass.

Not only are they moving into the wearable tech market, they've also changed their name too.

Google's new smartphone

Google is teasing its new phone set for release in early October.

Dates are set for the 'first phones built by Google', so what might we expect?

GoPro takes a simpler approach video


GoPro cameras are supposed to be used by people who through themselves off mountains and out of aeroplanes.

GoPro finally launches a drone video

The Karma arrives in New Zealand on October 23.

After about more than a year of teasing, GoPro has finally launched its drone.

Review: GoPro Hero5 Black video

The Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session both have video stabilisation and voice-activation.

It's been two years since GoPro released a flagship camera but it's been worth the wait.

GoPro unveils drone, cameras

The company designed its Karma drone to be packed down to fit into a low-profile backpack.

GoPro has announced a new drone and two updated cameras, with a focus on simplifying its products.

'Hissing' sound on iPhone 7

Listen very carefully.

Some users of the brand new iPhone 7 Plus have reported hissing when the device is under stress.

Our on again love affair with vinyl

Vinyl is making a comeback because it sounds better and is more satisfying.

Vinyl sounds better and is more satisfying to play.

iPhone 7 put to the frozen Coke test video

An iPhone 7 is frozen in Coca-Cola for 12 hours to see if Apple's new product truly is water resistant.

Just how water resistant is the new iPhone? Tech blogger uses unusual test to find out.

Bye, bye compact cameras video

The iPhone 7 Plus has two lenses.

The compact camera market has struggled for a while but Apple's latest iPhone may be the fatal blow.

Outrage over Garmin dog gadget

It's not the first time passions have flared over e-collars.

It's not the first time passions have flared over these kinds of gadgets, which are also known as e-collars.

Farewell to tangled earbud cords

Untangling earbud cords could seem a Houdini-esque task.

Apple is now leading us out of Wiregeddon and into a promised land of Bluetoothed glory.

Samsung's quick fix for Note 7

Samsung plans to begin issuing new Note 7s with batteries it says will not be prone to overheating.

Samsung plans to issue a software update for its Note 7 phones that will prevent them from overheating.

Device can read a closed book

The device, called a terahertz spectrometer, managed to clearly read only nine pages, though it could see writing on up ...

The system looks like a cross between a camera and a microscope.

Review: iPhone 7 and 7+

The iPhone 7 in jet black.

These are excellent and exciting phones with some serious updates. Shame about the headphone thing.

iPhone 7 pricing is 'weird'

The pricing story for the iPhone family is now exceptionally mixed, thanks to some unusual moves by Apple in terms of ...

Apple's price strategy is very confusing if you're looking for the "best value" iPhone.

Showdown: Bluetooth headphones

Plantronics Backbeat Sense Pro headphones.

The new iPhone won't come with a 3.5mm headphone jack so it might be time to get some wireless headphones.

Jet Black hot model of iPhone

Apple chief executive Tim Cook announces the iPhone 7.

​The new Jet Black finish of the iPhone 7 is looking to be the must have, hard to get model.

How do AirPods really feel?

The Apple AirPods were announced last week.

Despite being impressed with the Apple AirPods, I'm worried about getting them.

Stop using Galaxy Note 7s

A man says his Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploded in his hotel room in Perth, Australia.

Samsung urges consumers to stop using Galaxy Note 7 smartphones immediately.

Burritos in the sky video

Domino's Pizza is already trialling delivery drones in New Zealand.

Flying burritos will soon be a reality for US university students.

No waves? Go drone surfing video

Is drone surfing the newest sport?

Who needs waves when you can use a drone to pull you across the water.

Apple watch isn't for everyone video

Apple Inc. COO Jeff Williams discusses the Apple Watch Series 2 during an Apple media event in San Francisco, ...

Would you own a smartwatch? Apple says it might not be for you.

Don't turn on your Galaxy Note 7 in flight

Airline passengers are being warned not to turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights or ...

Airline passengers should not turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during flights or stow them in checked baggage.

iPhone 7 not a game changer

The wireless Apple Airpods will be sold separately to the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Not even Tim Cook singing 'Sweet Home Alabama' could get Wall Street excited.

High-tech hospital wristbands video

Ben (Benjamin) Bell with a prototype wristband.
17 year old Otaki school boy Ben Bell will this month present his vision ...

A hi-tech hospital wristband can track patients within a hospital and record a variety of data.

iPhone 7 has no headphone jack video

Apple chief executive Tim Cook discusses the iPhone 7 during an Apple media event in San Francisco.

Apple pushes into a wireless world, and if you're not ready, there's a dongle you can use.

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