Oculus Rift delays flatten fervour

Some longtime supporters of Oculus have defected to rival VR systems.

Some longtime supporters of Oculus have defected to rival VR systems.

Are Google smart lenses on the way?

The Google company has shown interest in eyeball technology.

Google has lodged a patent design in the US for a smart lens intended to correct poor vision.

Formless computers of the future

"Over time, the computer itself - whatever its form factor - will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your ...

You've heard of the internet of things. But what about computers that aren't things at all?

Check before you fly

Blenheim Electronics store manager Phillip Albrey operating a multi-propeller entry-level drone.

Letters about the new rules have been sent out to known drone operators in the area.

Kiwi tech attracts News Corp

Plattar has raised $1.2m in seed funding from investors which include News Corp.

Christchurch brothers are making real waves in the world of augmented reality.

Camera drone can follow you

The Hover Camera is a tiny drone that is designed to follow you while staying perfectly level.

Drones have long been used to take aerial photos, but now you can get one that follows you around.

Don't compare Watch to iPhone

IDC estimates about 11.6 million Apple Watches shipped in 2015.

It's too premature to declare the Apple Watch a knockout or a failure.

Microsoft should stop making phones

One of Microsoft's newest smartphones, the Lumia 950 XL.

Did you know Microsoft makes smartphones? It does. But it shouldn't anymore.

Apple reveals lifespan of iPhone

Many Apple devices much longer than the estimates provided.

iPhones and iPads are only expected to last three years, according to information from Apple.

The smart sofa is here video

Move over iPhone, the iSofa is in town. The Lift-Bit is on show at the Milan XXI Triennale International Exhibition.

Meet the adaptable sofa that can be controlled by phone and will move itself when it gets bored.

Inventions that make humans look stupid

Selfie sticks: do they make humans look stupid?

Our ability to innovate is the driver of human progress. But sometimes, we get a bit carried away. 

Device targets driving texters

Could a device called the "textalyser" become as important as the breathalyser in the fight against dangerous driving habits?

Privacy looms as the major roadblock in a crack down on rogue texters behind the wheel.

A hoverboard that actually works?

Zapata Racing released the video showing its founder whizzing over a small lake.

A new video showing a man flying a hoverboard looks like a scene featuring the Green Goblin.

Latest Kindle skinny but costly

The Oasis features two batteries - one in the e-reader and another in its cover.

Will loyal fans of e-books be willing to pay tablet prices for dedicated e-readers? Amazon is about to find out.

FBI paid hackers to crack iPhone video

The same hackers had previously uncovered other software flaws.

Professional hackers came up with a way to beat Apple's pin-code software - and it only works on a small number of iPhones.

New braking system boosts biker safety

John Henry, founder and CEO of Heads Up Breaking System, which illuminates the bike and riders helmet when the ...

Unique wireless safety brake lighting system for motorcyclists developed after inventor witnessed a bad accident nearly 20 years ago.

Hands on: Huawei P9 smartphone

The P9 has curved edges and a slim alloy uni-body design which mean comparisons with the iPhone 6 are inevitable.

Designing a flagship smartphone to take on Apple, LG and Samsung is no easy task.

HTC phone focuses on camera

HTC 10 Android-based smartphones are displayed during the launch event in Taitung, Taiwan.

HTC is promising a better camera as it unveils its latest flagship phone, the HTC 10.

Huawei's P9 has dual cameras

One of the two 12MP rear cameras takes colour snaps while the other camera captures monochrome images.

Huawei has launched a new version of its flagship P9 smartphone.

Could this be the next big thing in smartphones?

The photographic capabilities of your phone may be pushed even further.

Are smartphones set to further shake up the world of photography?

Why aren't smart TVs very clever?

Smart TVs are frequently plagued with confusing interfaces, buggy functions and inconsistent updates.

Putting brains in a device that most people replace only every five years isn't the brightest idea.

New, high-end Kindle coming soon

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said the new Kindle would be a high-end product.

It would be the eighth generation of a product that helped launch a massive market for electronic books.

What it's like to use HoloLens

Microsoft Hololens is the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform.

In its first-generation state, is Microsoft's HoloLens worth the hype?

Living with gadgets that can talk

An Amazon Echo device costs about $260.

Pat Pilcher finds out if Amazon's digital assistant can understand our Kiwi accent.

iPad Pro review: A terrific tool

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro goes on sale in New Zealand on Friday with prices starting at $1049.

Apple's latest iPad goes on sale in New Zealand on Friday.

Review: Oculus Rift headset

People who pre-ordered the VR system will get their units over the next several weeks.

People who pre-ordered the virtual reality headset will start receiving them in the next few weeks.

iPhone SE: Is it worth buying? video

The iPhone SE goes on sale in New Zealand on Friday.

If you've been clinging on to your old 4-inch iPhone you may be tempted by Apple's latest device.

Review: Chromecast device

The Chromecast app works on both Apple and Android devices.

Chromecast is a great way of getting content from your phone to TV but it has one flaw.

Review: Chromecast Audio

Even if you only occasionally want to cast music, then $69 is a good price for a simple, but effective device.

Even if you only occasionally want to cast music, then $69 is a good price for a simple, but effective device.

Small iPad Pro trumps original

Prices for the new iPad Pro start at $1049 for a 32GB model.

Apple has all but admitted its premium, large-screen tablet didn't work.

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