Clock builders having a ball video

Warren Thomas, Pete Romer and Graham Brice next to the ball clock 'mock up' sculpture they helped build.

A group of experienced craftsmen have built a working model of a ball clock to present to council.

Fitbit puts fashion first with Alta

The Fitbit Alta will cost $229 in New Zealand.

Fitbit wants its latest entry-level fitness tracker to be fashionable with colour like teal and plum.

Bye, bye ugly iPhone camera

Apple is expected to make the camera on the iPhone 7 sit flush to the rear.

Several design changes are expected for the iPhone 7 including removing the protruding lens.

How to back up your iPad

It's important to have a digital insurance policy should a tech disaster strike.

It's important to have a digital insurance policy should a tech disaster strike.

New iPhone tipped for March 16

The new smartphone, called iPhone 5se, will feature a 4-inch touchscreen.

Apple will reportedly reveal a new, smaller iPhone in an effort to jumpstart sales.

Microsoft recalls 2.4m power cords

Microsoft has received five reports of electric shock.

Power cords on Surface tablets pose a risk of fire or electrical shocks.

Warning over secondhand devices

iPads that are activation locked are being sold on websites. They are essentially "bricks".

An auction in Australia has revealed the problems of buying locked iPhones and iPads.

Samsung S7 due on Feb 22

The Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone was released at last year's Mobile World Congress.

Samsung is expected to launch new versions of its flagship phone at a mobile phone conference.

Gun can stop small rogue drones

The DroneDefender has a range of 400m.

A new "ray gun" uses an invisible beam to bring down small drones.

Google Glass dies on social media

Google stopped selling Glass to consumers last year noting that it was time for a strategy reset.

Google has shut down several social media accounts linked to the Glass gadget.

Review: Brydge iPad keyboards

Brydge keyboards can fit an iPad Air or iPad Mini.

Brydge keyboards are sturdy, good-looking and are a good option for iPad owners.

Google sells 5m VR devices

Google's Cardboard viewer allows users to experience virtual reality through mobile apps.

Google's Cardboard viewer allows users to experience virtual reality through mobile apps.

Showdown: iPhone v Huawei

The iPhone 6S Plus, left, and the Huawei Mate S.

Huawei has just released the 5.5-inch Mate S so we compared it to the iPhone 6S Plus.

You can now buy a floating tree

Unfortunately, Air Bonsai isn't yet available in New Zealand.

A "floating Bonsai" project on Kickstarter has easily exceeded its goal.

Is this the Apple 'iPhone 5se'?

The supposed iPhone 5se, right, next to an iPhone 5.

A first look at Apple's latest iPhone model may have just been leaked online.

Review: Samsung's new smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic, left, and the Gear S2.

Samsung's new watch is the best one available right now for Android smartphone users.

iPhone battery meters misleading

Apple has confirmed that battery meters on the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S can display a higher charge than it has.

Some iPhones are showing incorrect battery levels due to a quirk with time settings.

The limits of Fitbit

The verdict is still out on just how well wearable technology can help transform health behaviours.

Those activity trackers may not be doing as much good health-wise as you might think.

Money for brain controlled hand

Mahonri Owen is working on a brain-controlled prosthetic hand that can do more than open and close.

A University of Waikato mechanical engineering student has been awarded a major scholarship to develop a brain-controlled prosthetic hand.

Fuji's new flagship camera in NZ

The X-Pro2 has a new 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor.

The battle between mirrorless cameras and traditional DSLRs has stepped up after Fuji released a new camera.

Is this the world's best alarm clock?

The $150 Ruggie hopes to put a stop to snoozing.

A new non-snoozable invention hopes to put an end to your frazzled "I can't believe I slept in" commute to the office.

A no-go for GoPro video

GoPro's performance in the fourth quarter was impacted by the unspectacular launch of its compact Hero4 model.

The GoPro is experiencing lower-than-anticipated sales forcing them to make cuts.

Siri reveals musical talent video

Siri's revealed her musical talents.

The iPhone robot has learnt to beatbox - sort of - in a newly-discovered function.

The complex world of smashed iPhones

A lot of people go through unofficial channels to fix their smashed iPhone screens.

What are your options when you - inevitably - spill your iPhone onto the pavement?

Are we in an innovation lull?

Emerging technologies, such as virtual reality headsets, now seem a bit too old to be called "the next big thing".

Consumers are becoming increasingly bored with what tech companies have to offer.

Global PC shipments plummet

Shipments have declined every year since a peak of more than 360 million in 2011.

Manufacturers shipped 75.7 million machines in the fourth quarter compared with about 82.6m a year earlier.

Phone gives you indoor directions

Lenovo teased a new phone at CES, which it says will be the first consumer smartphone with Project Tango tech.

Google's Project Tango gives a form of computer vision to mobile devices.

New changes coming to iPhone

iOS 9.3 will come with advanced 3D Touch capabilities.

Apple's latest version of its software for iPhones and iPads has several new features.

iPhone users fight headphone switch

Designer Hany Abovergleich imagines an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack.

Hundreds of thousands of people have opposed the idea by signing an online petition.

Why the Oculus Rift costs $900

Finding the right price for the Rift is a tricky dance.

There's a very simple reason that the cost of the Rift is so high: expensive components.

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