Apple fans see red over surprise release video

Breaking with their regular product announcement protocol, Apple quietly dropped the news on its website and spoke to ...

Apple fans were jolted out of bed with the unexpected announcement of iPhone, iPad, app and accessory releases.

Considering buying new Apple devices? video

Considering the new red iPhone? The only new thing is the colour.

If you've been thinking about treating yourself and are intrigued by Apple's announcements, here's what to consider.

Bathing man killed by iPhone

Richard Bull was electrocuted after his charging phone came into contact with his bath water.

Richard Bull went to great lengths to charge his phone so he could use it in the bath, but it cost his life.

Phone explodes on girl's lap

Brooklyn McDonald was in the front seat of her aunt's car.

An Australian schoolgirl suffered burns to her thigh after her phone exploded and caught fire.

Review: Huawei Mate 9 Pro

The Mate 9 Pro uses a dual camera co-designed by Huawei and Leica.

Huawei latest premium phone is now available in New Zealand, but is it worth $1399?

5 tips and tricks for Android

Bored at work? Android has a hidden video game.

If you own an Android smartphone, you're probably only scratching the surface of what your device can do.

Smartcam identifes friends, foes is part of a wave of companies, big and small, seeking a foothold in the emerging "connected home" market.

Kiwis may soon be able to use camera that uses facial recognition to monitor their home.

Review: Sonos PlayBase

Sonos Playbase is due to arrive in New Zealand in April.

A new speaker system for your television offers both simplicity and beautiful sound.

What's next for smartphones

Apple has been a latecomer to conventional wireless charging, but it could be coming to the next iPhone.

What will it take to get you jazzed about smartphones again?

Never lose your glasses again

Allen Liao chose a simple design for the glasses, in contrast to the sophisticated technology inside.

Losing a friend's expensive sunglasses while he was at university gave Allen Liao an idea.

Can this man save GoPro?

Late last year, GoPro shuttered its entertainment unit and eliminated 15 per cent of its employees.

CJ Prober faces some tough challenges as he tries to revitalise GoPro.

How to stop devices spying

There will always be exploits of which antivirus companies are not aware until it's too late.

The only way to stop a device from spying on you is to unplug it from the grid and the internet.

Device turns your voice into text video

Senstone claims to create notes five times faster and much more convenient than any smartphone app.

A company has developed a device in the shape of a pendant that can record your voice and transcribe it into a text file.

Fitbit wants to track your sleep

Fitbit will offer deeper sleep tracking on some of its devices.

Fitbit will offer deeper sleep tracking on some of its devices.

Logitech to take on tech giants

The company that makes snazzy PC accessories is now planning to take on Apple and Google.

The company that makes snazzy PC accessories is now planning to take on Apple and Google.

Gadgets for your favourite pet

The PitPat fitness tracker ($119 from Animates) attaches to a collar and tracks your dog's activity.

There's no shortage of tech aimed at humans, but spare a thought for your pets.

Google falters with its phone

Google's market share for smartphones shipped is now less than one per cent worldwide.

Google's Pixel phone has received rave reviews but sales are poor and competitors are circling.

Why is my smart TV so dumb?

Most televisions sold now are labelled "smart".

While smartphones are actually pretty clever, smart televisions don't always live up to their name.

Motorola facing uphill battle

Motorola won plaudits for its mid-range phone, the G4.

Under new ownership, the classic brand is struggling to get a foothold against Apple and Samsung.

Smartwatch runs Windows 98

The smartwatch can run Windows 98 and some old classic games.

An electronics designer has created the unsual gadget, and even he admits it doesn't have much practical use.

Battery life most wanted feature

 A survey reveals that longer battery life is the most desired feature for people looking towards their next phone.

A survey reveals that longer battery life is the most desired feature for people looking towards their next phone.

Sunglasses that are a wallet

WaveShades make payment easier, eliminating the need for carrying cash or credit cards.

WaveShades features a chip that can be used to pay for things at Eftpos terminals.

Say hello to the Google Hat

Much patented technology never sees the light of day, so there's no guarantee the Google Hat or camera bracelet will ...

The company received a patent for a baseball cap with a stills-and-video camera mounted on the brim.

Hands-on with LG's new phone

The new LG G6 device is seen during it's unveiling ceremony before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The G6 is a gorgeous unit, and one hell of a course correction from the previous version.

Apple may drop Lightning port

The Lightning connection on the iPhone may be dropped.

Apple could be making a huge change for its upcoming iPhone 8 models.

Sony phone has slow-mo camera

The camera has "predictive capture", which apparently starts capturing images before you've even hit the shutter button.

The company's new phone is the first that can capture video at a ridiculous 960 frames per second.

Keep kids away from smart toys

The company than owns CloudPets has been hacked.

The opportunities for bullying, extortion, even kidnapping using the connected toys are endless.

Are tablets still relevant gadgets?

The latest Samsung Galaxy Book is displayed during its presentation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Tablets are struggling to find their place in the tech world, but that isn't stopping companies from releasing new models.

Trying out the new BlackBerry

The keyboard could act like a touchpad and you can also use it as a shortcut quickly launch apps.

BlackBerry fans will love the return of the physical keyboard, while anyone under 40 will be confused.

Razer's MacBook killer gets better

The matte black Stealth is as beautiful (and fingerprint-hungry) as ever.

The recently-released refreshed version pushes the boundaries of the small form factor even further.

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