Big idea for families

GATHER ROUND: Is the Big Tab the gadget to bring the family together?

One company reckons it's time for tablets to bring families together rather than isolate them. So they've gone big.

Android hit remade for Windows

The HTC One M8 for Windows brings Windows Phone 8.1 to the company's popular flagship smartphone.

When Microsoft approached HTC about making a new Windows Phone, it requested the M8 specifically.

Hands on: Surface Pro 3

JACK OF ALL TRADES: Microsoft's hybrid Surface Pro 3 aims to offer the best of both worlds.

OPINION: Microsoft's latest hybrid is part tablet, part notebook and all class.

What to call the big iPhone?

TIDBIT: A photo of what Apple Daily claims are components of the next iPhone.

All rumours point toward bigger screens for the next iPhones, and now it is claimed Apple is making the large size part of the device's name.

Robots that think together video

LITTLE ARMY: These bots are self-organising, moving in coordination like a swarm of bees or a murmuration of starlings.

A huge group of self-organising robots has emerged. But don't worry, they're tiny and quite harmless (for now).

Juice your gadgets with sweat

POWER WORKOUT: One day sweat could power your mobile phone.

In the future, sensors placed in a temporary tattoo could use your sweat to power small electronic devices.

Newegg begins shipping to NZ


Kiwis can now buy computer parts over the internet from one of the United States' largest retailers.

New iPads produced

NEW IPADS: Apple Inc's suppliers have begun manufacturing new iPad tablets in an attempt to revive flagging sales of the tablet.

Apple Inc's suppliers have begun manufacturing new iPads in an attempt to revive flagging sales.

Why spies hate the iPhone

IPHONES HARD TO HACK: Companies that make surveillance tools are said to hate the iPhone's security features.

Leaked documents from one of the world's top snooping companies show it can't hack into iPhones.

Evolution of the Kindle

KINDLE'S EVOLUTION: Amazon's Kindle, has changed quite a bit since its launch.

In the seven years since its debut, Amazon's popular e-reader, Kindle, has changed quite a bit.

Microsoft launches $30 phone

CHEAP AS CHIPS: The Nokia 130 can play music and video but has no internet capabilities.

Microsoft-owned Nokia has unveiled its cheapest handset yet, the NZ$30 Nokia 130.

Microsoft's piracy problem

EMERGING MARKETS PROBLEM: Few people in emerging markets are willing to pay for legitimate copies of Microsoft.

Few people in emerging markets are willing to pay for legitimate copies of Microsoft.

Is this the new iPhone 6?

Fresh leaks: the apparent iPhone 6 with its retail packaging.

New images appear to show a near-final iPhone 6, complete in its retail packaging.

Why Surface might bite the dust

PULL THE PLUG? Some grim numbers from Microsoft's Surface recently surfaced.

Microsoft has learned that it can't spend its way to success.

It's the content that counts video

BUSY BUSY: Sesame Street is too much for children under 2, Deborah Linebarger says.

Researchers say it's not how much time babies and toddlers spend in front of devices, but what they're looking at.

IBM chip apes brain architecture

SOMETHING TO THINK ON: An IBM-led research team has unveiled a record-setting computer chip that mimics the brain's architecture.

Computer science is getting stunningly close to creating a chip that thinks like a brain.

Self-folding origami robot gallery video

Origami robot

Researchers have designed flat paper robots that can fold themselves into 3-D shapes.

Google Glass on your windshield


A start-up company wants you to be able to look at your phone while driving your car by bringing Google Glass to your windshield.

iPhone 6: What to expect


Months and months of rumours to this point paint a picture of not one, but two bigger, prettier iPhones.

Big iPhone coming next month

A rendering of what the rumoured 4.7 (middle) and 5.5-inch (right) iPhones might look like next to the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 6 reportedly will be announced on September 9, and is expected to feature much bigger screens.

Samsung tops no more in China

Samsung's phones, such as the Galaxy Note 3, are no longer the best-selling phones in China.

Xiaomi is just four years old — but it has knocked Samsung off its perch as the top smartphone seller in China.

Alpha 'imitates' iPhone design gallery

An image posted on Chinese social media site Weibo, said to be of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Photos claiming to depict the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone have surfaced on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Secure, without passcodes

Apple included a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s last year. It works when my finger is upside down or sideways, but the sensor has trouble when it's wet or greasy. In such cases, I can go back to using the passcode.

Passcodes are outdated. They're a pain to use, and they aren't secure when they are based on easy-to-guess digits.

New technology for tracking NFL players gallery

Green Bay Packers

American football tracking stats are about to get a whole lot more specific with chips in shoulder pads measuring how fast and far players travel in real time.

Japan's ageing, hi-tech farmers

ASSISTED HARVESTING: Hisatomo Miyazawa, 72, of Nagano, Japan, thins grape branches wearing a Rakubesuto assist suit, which supports raised arms with leaf springs and a small motor.

They're new types of agricultural machinery with functions and designs that differ from conventional tractors and rice planters.

Nasa reveals 2020 Mars rover

Planning for NASA's 2020 Mars rover envisions a basic structure that capitalizes on the design and engineering work done for Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012,

Successor to Curiosity to include a include a super-laser and stereo vision.

Smartphones at risk

FAKE ID: Researchers uncover vulnerability that tricks smartphones into trusting malicious software.

Two separate threats could put up to 90 per cent of the world's 2 billion plus smartphones at risk of password theft.

Hackers can tap USBs

German crypto specialist and and chief scientist with Berlin's SR Labs Karsten Nohl.

Potential new class of attacks evade all known security protections, top computer researcher reveals.

Quirky 3-D printer pen


Pen turns you into the 3-D printer.

One thing iPhone 6 will not have

A rendering of what the rumoured 4.7 (middle) and 5.5-inch (right) iPhones might look like next to the iPhone 5S.

Despite rumours, phones won't be covered in near-indestructible sapphire glass, analysts say.