Teen gets stuck diving into drain for phone

A British teen has experienced that sinking feeling you get when you drop your iPhone on a whole new level.

Ella-Anne Birchenough, 16, dropped her phone down a storm drain near her home in Dover, Kent.

She lifted off the cover of the drain and hopped in to retrieve it, feet first.

But as the schoolgirl sunk into the hole she quickly became stuck, and the Fire Service had to be called to haul her to safety.

"I was talking to somebody and I went to put my phone in my pocket and it fell down the drain," Ella-Anne told the Daily Mail.

"I thought to myself 'I'm not leaving this' and I jumped down to get it."

Ella-Anne's mother, Joanne, dashed to the scene and called emergency services in a panic.

"I wasn't really even stuck, I just need somebody to help lift me out but my mum got all panicky," Ella-Anne said.

"When they pulled me out I ran straight home and jumped in the bath. I think it was just water but I wasn't taking any chances."

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She was taking the event in good humour. "I was just laughing the whole time, I have seen the funny side of it.

"There have been a few nasty comments about me being fat which isn't nice but I'm trying not to take it to heart."

Although Ella-Anne was not injured, the phone, which she had only bought two weeks earlier, was ruined.

Mother Joanne said, "We are going to have to replace the phone but I'm not too angry. Worst case scenario is she ends up with an old Nokia.

"She is never going to live this down now. We will be bringing it out at her 18th birthday and her wedding."

 - Stuff.co.nz


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