iPod Classics sell for thousands online

iPod owners could earn thousands flogging off their old MP3 players.

iPod owners could earn thousands flogging off their old MP3 players.

Just months after Apple killed the iPod Classic it has been give on second life in the second hand market. 

The iconic MP3 player was unceremoniously dumped from the Apple production lines in September, a few short weeks shy of its 13th birthday.

But people have started to clamour for the product in online auctions, which boasted the largest storage space of any iPod at 160GB.

Some versions of the 160GB iPod, which originally retailed in the United Kingdom for about $450, were selling on Amazon for upwards $1200,  the Guardian reported

More than 3000 of the models have been sold on eBay since Apple removed it from shops in October, with the majority going for between $600 and $750.

Collectors editions were going for even more - a set of boxed, limited edition U2 iPods sold for $100,000 on eBay,

However, the purchases do come with some hitches, with many buyers reporting issues with the product including physical damage and software failures.

The iPod Classic enthusiasts might be better served searching the New Zealand market.

On Trade Me a person could pick up a Classic for as little as $250.

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