Coming soon, force touch and 4K

Force touch is available on the Apple Watch and could soon be coming to the iPhone.

Force touch is available on the Apple Watch and could soon be coming to the iPhone.

New tech and gimmicks appear nearly everyday in the tech world, with some (fingerprint scanning) becoming mainstream while others (curved phones) fail to catch on.

The next "big thing" with touch devices such as phones and tablets will be "force touch". This means instead of tapping a screen, you press, which gives you an extra set of options.

It's basically the right click of the touchscreen world.

The technology detects the force of a tap and responds differently to variations in pressure. 

Apple has embraced the technology on its latest laptops as well as its smartwatch and many analysts are picking it will feature in the iPhones that are due to be announced on Thursday, Sept 10 (NZ time).

It is likely Apple will rely on features such as force touch to entice new customers to buy its new iPhones as the design is likely to stay the same, assuming the company follows previous trends of only redesigning the handset every second year.

Apple describes force touch as the "most significant new sensing capability".

The tech behind force touch functions really well on the Apple Watch, and while you need to press harder than you think, it gives a nice little buzz to let you know it's worked.

On laptops, a force touch (or click) works similar to a three-finger tap does on other Apple trackpads, bringing up features like displaying the definition of the word underneath the cursor.

I would describe it as handy, rather than necessary.

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On the iPhone, it could work in several ways.

The first would be in the form of shortcut. Much like swiping up from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen opens your phone's camera, a force touch may take you to your photos or favourite app.

It would also allow you access a submenu within an app without having to leave the screen you are on.

It may also work in Safari or other apps to let you see the definition of a word. It would be up to developers to decide how it works in their apps and there's sure to be some innovative ideas.

Also tipped to arrive soon in smartphones is 4K video, which captures four times the resolution as 1080p (high definition).

Some analysts are tipping the tech fill feature in next week's iPhones. It will be a coup if it does, as the tech is only just starting to arrive in consumer-priced cameras. 

Even if not a feature in the new iPhone, 4K will trickle down to smartphones soon as it is appearing in more monitors and televisions and YouTube and Netflix are capable of streaming it. 

While it's not must-have tech right now, it would certainly be a big selling point for any phone manufacturer to include it in their next handset.

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