8 things about the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, right, compared to the iPhone X, centre, and the and iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone 8, right, compared to the iPhone X, centre, and the and iPhone 8 Plus.


Upgrading to a new phone can be tricky as it is not always obvious what the benefits will be.

Here's a look at features of the iPhone 8 and how they compare to older models.

Apple's latest smartphone is currently on sale in New Zealand with prices starting at $1249.

Wireless charging is a neat, but not must-have, feature of the iPhone 8.

Wireless charging is a neat, but not must-have, feature of the iPhone 8.

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If you have an iPhone 6 or newer, you won't get much of a buzz when you open the box.

It looks similar to the previous three models and once in a case, it's hard to tell them apart. The only obvious difference is the glass back, which has been used to enable wireless charging. 

Getting a new phone should provide a bit of wow factor. If you own a recent iPhone you will need to wait for the iPhone X to potentially be "wowed".


This may not be noticeable if you are comparing it to the iPhone 7, but it is if you've got an older model.

I can squeeze out two day's worth of use compared to eight or so hours with an iPhone 6.

I've even got through a whole day when starting out on 50 per cent. It's nice not to be constantly worried your phone is going to die.


Camera tech has approved a lot in the past few years. An iPhone 6 has a 1.2MP front camera, while the iPhone 8 has 8MP.

While megapixels do matter, it's also the software that makes a difference to images. The iPhone 8's videos and photos are excellent and there is also a noticeable improvement when shooting in tricky situations, such as when there is not much light. 

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Another bonus is that the flash is better, which is also handy when using your phone as a torch.


The finish is excellent, the screen has been improved with new tech to make everything look better, and even the speakers have been updated for better sound.

This, along with a new processor and improved camera means it's the best iPhone, so far. If you were to upgrade from an iPhone 6 or older, you'd appreciate all the improvements. Anything newer and you may struggle to notice some changes.

However, in the next few weeks, the iPhone 8 will become second best with the iPhone X surpassing it. If you want the best, then you'll have to wait.


Right now, augmented reality (AR) is a bit of a gimmick. Using your phone to see digital things is the real world is in its early days but it can still be fun.

Apps such as Inkhunter, which "places" a tattoo on your body, is also quite useful. There are other apps and games available, but unfortunately, the Ikea Place app, which shows what furniture looks like in your home, is not available in New Zealand.

The AR feature, which is also available on the iPhone 6s and 7, is not alone worth the cost of upgrading but it is neat to play with.


If you have a recent iPhone and think that wireless charging is a the main feature worth upgrading for, then put aside your temptation.

You get the benefit, you need to buy a wireless charger (about $100) as one is not supplied. The only advantage is that it saves you a few seconds by not having to plug in.

One place where it would be great is if your car had wireless charging ability - now that would be handy.

Don't forget you can upgrade older phones to enable wireless charging by buying a compatible case for about $100.


This is both a good and bad thing. 

It easily fits into a pocket or purse, and while it's a bit heavier than older models, the heft feels good. The size also makes it easier to handle when using it with one hand.

The downside is that the 4.7-inch screen looks small compared to a lot of other phones. If watching videos or playing games is important to you, then maybe look at the iPhone 8 Plus which as a 5.5-inch screen, or wait for the iPhone X which is physically about the same size but has a 5.8-inch screen


If you have an older phone, you probably don't even notice how slow it is anymore.

You probably think the lag when you open an app or scan your fingerprint is normal.

The iPhone 8 is quick. The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate - a light brush means you're on your homescreen nearly instantly.

The same speed is noticeable when opening and navigating apps. So while the iPhone 8 may not look like the latest smartphone, it certainly performs like one.

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