Review: CitiScape Downtown headphones

LISTENING IN: CitiScape Downtown headphones.
LISTENING IN: CitiScape Downtown headphones.

I'm going to stop chuckling at those I see walking around town with massive headphones over their ears.

I thought the Downtown headphones, from Philips' new CitiScape range, looked rather large for wearing about town.

I recently started a walking regime, in a bid to lose a bit of weight, and grabbed my iPod touch packed with the latest podcasts and plugged a pair of CitiScape Downtown headphones in.

When I stepped out of the door everyone was looking at me. The review unit was a dazzling off white, which stands out against my brown hair, and each of the MusicSeal pads of the head phones are a whole three centimetres thick.

They were very comfortable.

They are designed so that no one else has to listen to what you're listening to, but I found them equally good at screening out the sounds as I walked. I quickly forgot about others as I became immersed in the podcast I was listening too. The sound, as the packaging promised, was both clear and natural in the 18-22,000 Hz range.

There is, of course, a safety issue here because it's hard to stop, look and listen when you can't listen. You can either take off your headphones before crossing the road or at least look very thoroughly before doing so. But the best way, I found, was squeezing the microphone button which stopped the podcast in its track while my iPod awaited a voice command from me.

The headphones come with 1.2 metres of anti-tangle cable, which is a little long for walking.

One thing I did find strange was the right angled 3.5mm jack. Presumably there's a design reason for this, but I couldn't see one.

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