Review: Turtle Beach Earforce Tango headset

16:00, Nov 26 2012
Turtle Beach Earforce Tango headset
CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? The official Black Ops II gaming headsets from Turtle Beach.

I reviewed Black Ops 2 using Turtle Beach's wireless Call of Duty Black Ops 2-themed Earforce Tango headset and it's an outstanding set of headphones that delivers ear-splitting sound.

These are top-quality, right from the memory foam-padded ear cup to the leather padding on the headpiece's underside. They ooze quality and style with their black and orange colours. The receiver, too, has a Black Ops log emblazoned on the side.

When you switch these bad boys on, they talk to you: "Earforce Tango powering on", "Earforce Tango powering off"', further enhancing the Call of Duty experience. They connect via Bluetooth and while it took a few attempts to pair the headset with the receiver, once paired I had no connection problems. Turtle Beach says you'll get 10 hours life between charges, which is via a long USB cable.

These are amazing headphones, delivering powerful deep bass and crisp mid-notes, even at low volume, and booming Dolby 5.1 sound - but then you'd hope they would: they costs $549. The wireless receiver can be connected to your console via line in/line out or optical audio, which I did, which provided an even better audio experience. The headset comes preset with seven sound schemes, one of them suited perfectly, of course, to Black Ops 2, which accentuates explosions and gun fire.

The Earforce Tango Black Ops 2 headset is for dedicated gamers only, but if you're a Call of Duty gamer that wants the best sound, then this could be the headset for you.

Turtle Beach Earforce Tango headset ($549)


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