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HP OFFICE 150: Portability and a small form factor.
HP OFFICE 150: Portability and a small form factor.

The first thing that you'll notice about HP's Officejet 150 mobile all-in-one printer is its size: Compared with a regular printer its much smaller, both in height and width, especially when the lid is folded down.

That's a good thing if you want portability - and this is what HP is aiming the Officejet 150 at: The road warrior who wants a more compact printer that can be moved about locations easily - and not take up too much room in the suitcase.

But just because it's smaller than a standard printer, though, doesn't mean it's lacking features: You can scan, copy and print with the Officejet 150, plus it has a pop-up touch screen. You can connect the printer using a standard USB cable or via Bluetooth, if you want to connect a laptop or tablet. The settings page on the touch screen will also tell you how much ink is remaining in the two ink tanks.

Print quality is good, with both text and images, although I thought printing was a little slow. HP says that the Officejet 150 can manage 22 pages per minute when printing black and white and 18 pages per minute when printing colour. I didn't print that many pages at once but print quality in colour is good, too, even on plain A4 paper. I had one smugdy photo print out of the several I printed but that I concluded that was down to the fact that the paper hadn't been feed into the printer properly than the printer itself.

The pop-up 2.36-inch touch screen (6cm) is perhaps a tad too small but its icons are clear enough to read and the screen is responsive. You can scan to a PC, memory card or a USB stick, saving the document as a .pdf or .jpg file. To scan, you slide the document to be scanned print side down into the paper feed tray. The scan quality is good, too, but being a sheet-feed scanner means you'll only be able to scan pages, not documents such as passports or other less-flexible items.

HP says the Officejet 150s removable lithium ion battery can print up to 500 pages before needing recharging - and the touch screen's menu can tell you how much charge the battery has left. You can't email photos from, say, an internet-enabled camera or a smart phone to the Officejet 150 - something had to be compromised for mobility - and that functionality was it but for me that's not a big problem.

While the Officejet 150 won't break any records for print speed and at $549 it's not a budget-priced printer, its portability, rechargeable battery and small size means it's a good all-in-one printing option for the mobile business person or busy traveller.

HP Officejet 150 Mobile all-in-one ($579)

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