Bomb threats over game award

Tropes vs Women in Video Games creator Anita Sarkeesian at Game Developers Choice Awards 2014.`

Game Developers Conference 2014 received bomb threats over Ambassador Award for Anita Sarkeesian.

Minecraft creator moves on

Minecraft cosplay

Markus Persson says he never meant for his product to become such a big hit and change the gaming industry.

Tampon game destigmatises

Tampon Run.

Two New York school girls have created a video game that features tampons instead of weapons.

Minecrafters shake axes at Microsoft

Tributes to Mojang founder Notch have been cropping up around the world of Minecraft, but so have various visual protests and commentaries.

Collecting the most hyperbolic reactions to Minecraft joining Microsoft.

Official: Microsoft buys Minecraft video

Microsoft reportedly wants to use Minecraft to boost the popularity of its Windows Phone system.

Microsoft has agreed to acquire the Swedish developer of wildly popular video game for NZ$3.05b.

Gamers 'swatting' opponents

Battlefield: Hardline.

Emergency calls sending armed cops out to confront shocked gamers; welcome to world of revenge hoaxes.

Hack, slash and repeat

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate.

REVIEW: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is about samurai, ninja, fan service, and hopefully still being extant once it’s all over.

Xbox browser games


Microsoft reportedly wants to stream Xbox games to PC browsers.

Destiny turns at level 20

Bungie says that its new massive multiplayer sci-fi shooter Destiny becomes a different game 20 hours in.

Bungie says that its new massive multiplayer sci-fi shooter becomes a different game 20 hours in.

Microsoft needs Minecraft

MINE MINE MINE: Microsoft is reportedly looking to buy Minecraft to boost support for Windows Phone.

Impending purchase of open world brick-building reportedly aimed at pulling users onto Windows Phone.

Sick of your war-face


OPINION: At a subconscious level, I've waiting for games to provide a different core experience.

Gamers choose Dark Side

Star Wars Commander, the first major Star Wars game under the Disney banner, just revealed some surprising stats.

New Star Wars game reveals the allegiances of its worldwide audience.

Waiting can be the hardest part

Dying Light

This week's GameStop Expo is full of titles that won't be out until next year.

Naughty Dog's 30th birthday video

Naughty Dog

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, studio is hosting an art show and releasing a documentary.

Kids create virtual political world

An image of the Beehive as created in Minecraft by Harris Sweeney and Oliver Rowe.

Two 10-year-olds have created a virtual political world, complete with the Beehive and a miniature John Key.

Will Ferrell charity gaming video

Anchorman star Will Ferrell will be hosting a charity fundraising videogame livestream.

Anchorman star will be hosting a fundraising videogame livestream in October.

Bungie's $500m boon

BIG GUNS: Destiny is the most successful new videogame franchise of all time.

Destiny is already the most successful new videogame franchise of all time.

Review: Destiny


REVIEW: With a $500m marketing campaign and the studio behind Halo, does Destiny meet expectations?

Greens pledge $9m game grants

Green Party co-leader Russell Norman has announced a Game Development Fund as part of their ICT policy.

John Key doesn't think it is necessary to put money into the gaming industry the way the Greens propose.

Microsoft buying Minecraft?

Minecraft Tablet.

Report Microsoft in talks to purchase Mojang, the creator of Minecraft, for $2b.

Game exports at $80m

Path of Exile.

New Zealand game export revenue reached $80.2 million in the year ending March 31, 2014.

Games seek mature storytelling

A scene from the video game, Republique.

There's been serious-minded games as far back as 80s text-based adventures, but unstoppable evolution is afoot in the industry.

Your Friends: The Sims


Fan combines his passions for Friends and The Sims 4 by recreating all the important locations and characters from the hit show.

Kiwi turns eSport gladiator

Mack Smith plays StarCraft 2 for up to 10 hours a day.

Some e-sports competitor make hundreds of thousands a year, and one young Kiwi hopes to join them.

Epic Destiny one hot game

Ruins: Bungie has been tight-lipped on many of the Earth environments to be explored in Destiny, but the first you will see is Old Russia.

This week, the developer that created Halo releases its first game in five years. But what is this epic, social, online shooter all about?

These Sims are smart, emotive

Sims 4 has been called a living dollhouse.

Released this week, the Sims 4 feels clean and fresh, with Sims that can text from the toilet are emotionally engaged.

Top 10 horror games

Silent Hill

There are countless horror games in existence. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are fairly mediocre at best, and downright awful at worst.

Go 360 with VR games

HAIL CAESAR: The first game for Samsung's new Gear VR headgear will be an adaptation of the mobile game Romans From Mars.

Games studio Side-Kick Games has produced one of the first games for the Samsung Gear VR.

Robin Williams tribute found

Robin Williams Genie Aladdin

World of Warcraft players have found a blue genie called Robin concerned about his "itty bitty living space".

The call of future warfare

call of duty advanced warfare

Speaking about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, futurist Morris Miselowski explains how video games can give us a glimpse of the future.