Australia bans hundreds of games

In preparation for the pilot test if an automatic age-rating tool, Australia has reclassified some 150,000 mobile games.

Classification Board normally rates about 400 games a year, but new automatic age-rating tool clears back-catalogue of 150,000 before pilot.

New Star Wars like Uncharted

Gustavo Mendonca's concept art of the Boba Fett-centric, Star Wars 1313. Visceral Studios' new project is not the cancelled Star Wars 1313, but is 'along the same lines'.

Visceral Studios' new project is not the cancelled Star Wars 1313, but is "along the same lines".

To the Batmobile!

Rocksteady's final Batman: Arkham game Dark Knight Rises to the occasion

REVIEW: Rocksteady's final Batman: Arkham game Dark Knight Rises to the occasion, at least for console players.

Rocksteady to rescue PC Batman

Batman: Arkham Knight

First patch due this weekend as Rocksteady take charge of fixing plagued PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Enough bottle caps for Fallout 4

Nuka-Cola Fallout

Super-fan successfully pre-orders Fallout 4 by sending Bethesda his entire bottle cap collection.

Visit Mario in real Mushroom Kingdom

Mario at Nintendo's E3 exhibit for its new Super Mario Maker game.

Enough with all this 'virtual reality', Nintendo wants to bring its characters to theme parks.

Batman PC port was outsourced

Batman: Arkham Knight

Glitch-riddled PC-port of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight game forces Warner Bros to stop sales.

Leaping Tiger, crouching Kiwis

Leaping Tiger's app connects you to gamers playing the same games as you.

So your mates are gamers, but they don't like to play what you play. What to do?

Hadoken hit to the franchise video

A classic contest between Ryu and Ken in Ultra Street Fighter IV

REVIEW: Ultra Street Fighter IV, a fantastic and iconic game, has been "exclusively" ported to the PS4, but don't be fooled.

PC problems for Batman game

Batman: Arkham Knight sees the Caped Crusader face off against a mysterious new enemy as the Arkham trilogy draws to a close.

Users report teething problems with the PC version of the long-delayed Batman: Arkham Knight.

What's in Kingdom Hearts III video

In development since at least 2013, Kingdom Hearts III features an Attraction Flow attack that utilises Disney Parks attractions as weapons.

E3 trailer reveals the lush world of Disney's Tangled will feature in eighth instalment.

NZ developer creates hit racing game

Swing Racers is like playing with Micro Machines in a pinball machine.

Where to develop a racing game in that's top-rated in 120 countries? Yep, Carterton.

Skylanders-Amiibo crossover

Nintendo characters Donkey Kong and Bowser are set to show up in Activision's Skylanders game/toy line.

New SuperChargers will feature playable characters and figures inspired by Donkey Kong and Bowser.

Who won E3? gallery

Emma McGowan, 27, laughs as she triesout EA's Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Experience simulator at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

At this point in the Xbox One/PS4 battle, exclusives are the best way to attract new gamers.

The Walking Dead meets Grand Theft Auto

State of Decay Year One Survival Edition

REVIEW: State of Decay is a zombie survival strategy game with enough variation from similar titles to keep players hooked.

From zombies to space stations video

Image from the trailer for Kiwi game-maker Dean Hall's next production, Ion.

Lauded Kiwi game developer Dean Hall has given a glimpse into his next venture, Ion.

Skyrim successor fun but flawed video

REVIEW: Taking their flagship franchise online was a big gamble for Bethesda, but has it paid off?

Need for Speed revealed

Need for Speed Official E3 Trailer PC, PS4, Xbox One

A new trailer for Need For Speed along with gameplay footage and a release date were revealed at EA's 2015 E3 Press Conference this week.

New games coming to ID@Xbox video

Take a closer look at some of games for ID@Xbox that were teased at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference.

Project Morpheus hands-on

Sony's Project Morpheus headset.

PREVIEW: The rubber needs to hit the road, and games need to start coming out built for VR.

Gears of War: The Next Generation

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

You can play the multiplayer beta for the Xbox One remake of Microsoft's classic shooter now.

Old games find new life at E3

Nintendo's Mario Tennis Ultra Smash should be coming to the Wii U by Christmas.

From making your own Mario levels to Battletoads to returning to the Starfox cockpit, Nintendo owns nostalgia.

Sony reveals everyone's Fantasy video

After years of fans begging and pleading for it, Square Enix is finally remaking Final Fantasy 7

After years of fans begging and pleading for it, Square Enix is finally remaking Final Fantasy 7.

Women get high scores at E3

Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Seen and heard as the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo gears up for its three-day run.

Ghost Shepard in the sky?

Andromeda: The next title in the Mass Effect franchise was unveiled in a trailer that opened EA's E3 Press Conference.

Johnny Cash opens E3 with new Mass Effect announcement from EA

Before the Dark Times video

EA promises a bunch of playable original trilogy characters for the new Star Wars Battlefront game.

EA dusts off The Old Republic with new expansion and reboot of Battlefront classic.

Holo Minecraft coming soon

Microsoft HoloLens is demonstrated during the Microsoft Xbox E3 press conference.

Play Minecraft via hologram on your coffee table as Xbox embraces VR gaming.

South Park goes full superhero video

After the phenomenal success of The Stick of Truth, the boys ditch their fantasy garb for their Coon and friends superhero persona.

The boys ditch their fantasy garb for their Coon and friends superhero personas in Stick of Truth sequel.

The only Fallout merch you want

Fallout 4: The Pip-Boy Edition comes with plenty of gear, and, really, the only piece of Fallout merchandise you ever really wanted.

Special Fallout 4 set includes a real, physical Pip-Boy that you can plug your smartphone into.

Live: Bethesda at E3 video

Fallout 4 trailer screencap.

Watch live as Bethesda takes to the stage at E3. Will this be the day Fallout fans have been waiting for?

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