Ripley returns to Alien-verse

Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley in Alien: Isolation.

Sigourney Weaver says she turned down numerous chances to reprise Ripley until Alien: Isolation came along.

Spark your creativity

Project Spark.

Budding game designers can get their hands on Team Dakota's creation tool, Project Spark, on October 9.

Bleszinski's Bluestreak

BLUESTREAK: Cliff Bleszinski promises no 'fake CG trailer' for his new free-to-play arena shooter.

Gears of War designer working on a free arena shooter and promises no "fake CG trailer showing 'Gameplay'".

A turn-based BioShock?


Ken Levine still wishes he could make a BioShock for PS Vita, and has teased what he had in mind for it.

Studio powers up new Borderlands

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

2K Australia entrusted to fill a big gap in Gearbox's beloved Borderlands saga.

Transformers beta rolls out

REFUEL: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Transformers Universe may just wash the taste of bad movie tie-ins out.

In a world awash with bad Transformers tie-ins, Jagex deploys its free-to-play online battle arena.

Men-only eSports abandoned

HEARTHSTONE: Following pressure from various groups, including Blizzard, the International e-Sports Federation has abandoned male-only events.

Following pressure from groups, including Blizzard, e-Sports Federation abandons male-only events.

Brave new world war

Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Video game Valiant Hearts: The Great War seeks to show the human cost of conflict on a massive scale.

Men-only tournament outcry

SHUFFLE OFF: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play digital collectible card game.

Women aren’t allowed to play Hearthstone in one upcoming multi-national eSport tournament.

Lohan sues over GTA likeness

HOT PURSUIT: Lindsay Lohan alleges that the character of Lacy Jonas in Grand Theft Auto V is an unlicensed use of her image.

Actress sues makers of Grand Theft Auto V, saying the game used her likeness without permission.

Grandma's amazing arcade find

Abandoned arcade games discovered when a grandmother bought a building in Japan.

An elderly woman bought a building in Japan, only to discover the perfectly preserved remnants of an old arcade on two floors.

Now there's a Grass Simulator

GRASS SIMULATOR: In case you get tired of chewing grass in Goat Simulator, now you can watch it grow.

First Rock Simulator, and now this - and its developers say it's already in the Greenlight Top 100.

CliffyB teases new project

EPIC RETURN: Cliff Bleszinski made his first game at 17.

Veteran game designer Cliff Bleszinski, of Unreal and Gears of War fame, announces he is "coming out of retirement".

Retro fun for gamers

Sixty Second Shooter Prime.

REVIEW: The gamers of today will never know the joy and excitement of the golden age of the video arcade.

Characters who are more like us

Murasaki Baby

Indie game fashioned from childhood nightmare wants to reshape the way we connect with virtual characters.

Nintendo's stitch up

Yoshi's Woolly World.

Yoshi’s Woolly World looks to be a stand-out platformer thanks to it’s style and graphical finesse.

Playable Kickstarter games hit 100

Wasteland 2

Kickstarter is risky for games, both for studios and fans, so the announcement of 100 playable games is a milestone.

VP defends Xbox backflips

NO APOLOGIES: Yusuf Mehdi, Vice President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, speaks during the Xbox E3 Media Briefing in 2013.

A year after it was unveiled, Microsoft has reversed almost all of its major policies on the Xbox One.

Nintendo loses UK patent suit

DON'T MOVE: Nintendo has lost a patent lawsuit in the UK over the motion control technology used in its Wii and Wii U consoles.

Japanese game company loses patent lawsuit to Philips over motion control technology used in its consoles.

Spoiler-riddled Witcher 3 leak

Witcher 3.

Leaked documents include monster, quest, story details, and more.

Games that pick your brain

Throw Trucks With Your Mind

For a glimpse of an evolving technology that promises to shake video gaming to its foundation, check out Throw Trucks With Your Mind.

Make your own Mario level

Mario Maker

Reagan Morris discovers the power to create his own Super Mario levels at E3.

When Max went missing

WASTELAND: Mad Max was nowhere to be seen at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo..

Lots of great games were shown at E3 this year, but a few long-awaited titles still haven't appeared.

University eSports scholarships

Members of team Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) from the United States are shown competing during the 2011 League of Legends competition in Germany.

Robert Morris University Illinois is planning to add eSports to its varsity athletic program, starting with League of Legends.

America's first gamer rehab

HANDS ON: reStart is a rehabilitation centre designed specifically for patients struggling with video game and internet addiction.

Journalist goes inside reSTART, a rehabilitation centre designed specifically for patients struggling with video game and internet addiction.

Lack of ladies haunts industry

Marlee Zabriskie, dressed as a character from Portal, attends the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Continued lack of female leads highlights issue looming over game industry. Why is it still such a dude fest?

Why people are mad at Minecraft

HASH OF IT: Angry players launch a Twitter campaign to prevent Mojang from changing the way multiplayer Minecraft games work.

Angry players start a #SaveMinecraft campaign to prevent developer from changing the way multiplayer works.

Designing a retro future

alien isolation

Upcoming sci-fi horror Alien: Isolation recreates the atmosphere and design of Ridley Scott's classic film.

Teen coder resurrects Toontown

Toontown Online.

Disney's multiplayer for kids and families gets a second life thanks to fans creating a knockoff version without permission.

Gallipoli recreated in Minecraft

Alfriston College students are helping recreate scenes from Gallipoli during World War I using computer game Minecraft for a project with Auckland Museum and the Media Design School.

Young techies are helping to bring the Anzac story to life through a computer game as part of a year-long project.