Great games for iPod Touch

22:45, Jan 18 2010

Since I got an iPod Touch in October, I've been impressed with the gaming credentials of Apple's touch-screened machine.

I was initially sceptical about gaming on the Touch, believing it would never measure up to the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable, but after spending countless hours tapping, sliding and poking, I declare that the iPod Touch has some truly outstanding games.

Here are some of my favourites.

Canabalt: (Semi Secret Software, $4.19): One of the best iPod Touch game of 2009, Canabalt's premise is simple: guide a small chap across a city's roof tops, jumping obstacles as the buildings sink into the ground. In the background you see alien machines terrorising the city and the techno music is best cranked up to "loud". How can you not love a game that has on its opening screen: "For Maximum Awesome headphones recommended."

Bejewelled 2: (Popcap games, $4.99): a colleague recently referred to the iPod Touch version of Bejewelled 2 as crack cocaine for the Touch - and he's right. It's addictive as hell and once you start playing, you'll find yourself muttering "One more go, just one more go" until the battery runs out. My pick of time wasters.

Flight Control: (Firemint, $4.19) How addictive can it be to guide aircraft onto runways, while trying to avoid incoming aircraft?


Very addictive. The idea is simple, the execution is simple, the game play is strangely addictive. It's a game of dexterity as you continually change flight paths of the increasing number of planes so they don't collide with incoming jumbos and helicopters. Even my wife is addicted - and she doesn't tend to play video games.

Peggle: (PopCap Games, $4.19) Another addictive puzzler from Popcap where you have to fire ball bearings at a variety of pins, knocking them down and scoring points.

Ragdoll Blaster: (Backflip Studios, $2.60) A physics puzzler where you fire a ragdoll out of a cannon around a variety of environments in an attempt to knock a blue ball down, letting you progress to the next level.

Standing in your way are a variety of obstacles that you have to bounce your ragdolls off to knock the ball down. Incredibly simple to start with but it gets more difficult the further you progress. Just don't take it out on your iPod Touch.

Tap, Tap Revenge 2: (Tapulous, $4.19) Think Guitar Hero for your iPod. You tap cascading orbs in time to the beat of music as they move down the screen. You also shake your iPod for some notes, while sliding your finger along the screen for others, earning you more points. My kids love it.

Rockband: (EA, $9.99) It might be a pint-sized version, but it's lost nothing in the translation. The Touch's screen works marvellously as you tap through the music, which features big name artists.

Also worth looking at is EA's Touch version of The Sims 3, a competent version of the hit.

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