It's curtains for obsolete videotapes

Last updated 05:00 18/10/2012
Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3
HEY PRESTO: Now you can easily banish those old VHS tapes to the rubbish bin, having transferred the contents to a DVD or just a file.

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The age of the video cassette is dead, long live the digital recording.

Turning those shelves of deteriorating video cassettes into something that will deteriorate no further has never been easier thanks to the latest package from Roxio.

Easy VHS To DVD 3 is, as it sounds, all about using your personal computer for capturing video recordings and burning them to DVDs. But it can also be used to save the video recordings as files on your computer.

It's designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines, and will also work on Windows 8 machines when they arrive later this month.

Easy VHS To DVD 3 includes three Roxio applications. Easy VHS To DVD is the workhorse application for capturing the video and transferring it to DVD or exporting the file to smartphones and tablets. Sound Editor does the same job for records and cassettes which you can burn to CD, or save as sound files on your computer and synchronise them with anything that plays them. Express Labeller creates disc labels that can be printed on paper or printed onto the disc using LightScribe technology.

The software is boxed with Roxio Video Capture USB which bridges the gap between the video cassette player and the computer. At one end there's a choice of a composite video adapter or an s-video adapter - the s-video connection produces a higher quality picture if your video cassette recorder supports it - and the other end has a USB 2.0 connection.

Converting a video to DVD is as simple as plugging it all in, launching the software, clicking Record DVD in the software, pressing play on the video cassette recorder, giving the DVD a title, inserting a blank DVD into the optical disk drive, selecting a quality level, setting a recording duration and hitting the button to start the recoding.

To record the video to your computer's hard disk drive you click Record, Edit and Save, Start a new project, give your recording a title, press play on your video cassette recorder, click the record button in the software and stop when you are finished.

Roxio Easy VHS To DVD 3 is a great, but simple, way of getting video on to your computer's hard disk drive, but if you want to edit different video clips together you'll need editing software like the free Windows Live Movie Maker, which is part of the Windows Live Essentials package, Roxio Creator 2012, which is a fully blown multi media suite, or Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

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