Silent Hill: Book of Memories? Forget it

16:00, Nov 12 2012
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
OVERDUE FINES: Screenshot from Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

There has been a run of popular franchises getting Vita versions and some of them are pretty good. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is not one of them.

It's a Diablo-style dungeon crawler quite different from the survival horror style of other Silent Hill games.

It's standard dungeon-y fare, where you go from room to room killing enemies, looting containers and getting XP.

After every few levels there's a boss fight and you can spend your collected XP and treasure - sorry "memory residue" - on better weapons and increased stats.

It sounds promising. Who doesn't like a good RPG time sink? But it's a rough game to say the least.

First up there are the levels, which are all almost identical. There are about four different kinds of rooms and each level is just a different pattern of them.


There's very little enemy variety either.

The story revolves around your discovery of the titular Book of Memories which allows you to enter a dream state each night and change the past and therefore your life. The whole thing makes no sense and I found my motivation for playing was completely based on levelling up, rather than any interest in the story.

There is a certain satisfaction gained by levelling your character and acquiring new weapons and abilities but it's simply not engaging enough to make you forget the many problems.

It feels very much like the developers took another game, chucked some Silent Hill textures on top and that was it. This is highlighted by the strange fact that the money system is called memory residue but appears on the map as a large chest full of gold coins.     


If you absolutely love dungeon crawler RPGs then take a look but if you're a Silent Hill fan looking for an engaging story, Book of Memories is worth forgetting.

Available now for PlayStation Vita.