Review: New Style Boutique

16:00, Nov 26 2012
New Style Boutique
REFRESH: Nintendo 3DS's New Style Boutique.

In no way, shape or form am I the demographic for New Style Boutique but my seven-year-old daughter, already a Nintendo 3DS veteran, squealed with delight when I brought this home.

While the world really needs is more female scientists and leaders rather than hairstylists, beauticians and fashion designers, New Style Boutique has everything a young girl wants to be. You own a boutique and help customers dress, as well as advise them on makeup and accessories.

There are more than 12,000 items to choose from. You can build up the status and influence of your boutique, as well as dress yourself as you reside in your fashion-conscious apartment. Online Boutique also offers interaction with other players.

When I asked the seven-year-old what was the best thing about the game she replied: "No boys", which under normal circumstances for a paranoid and insecure father would be the right answer. But Boutique does include men's fashion. What she liked is that she could work out how to play the game without reading the instructions and found it easy, straight forward and fun.

She also liked having multiple choices rather than having to jump through too many hoops to have access to different levels. There was also a point of comparison, as I had given her a similar fashion game on the DS two months ago, only to be surprised to find her not only losing interest in one day but asking for me to take it back to the store. She found it too difficult despite it being aimed and children and tweens.

Boutique, on the other hand, will keep her happy for weeks and it's a lot cheaper and mess free compared to the real thing.

New Style Boutique
For: Nintendo 3DS
Classification: G
RRP: $89.99


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