Think big with phones

Best mate: Huawei's Ascend Mate 7 is an affordable high-end phone.

REVIEW: Big phones are here to stay, with people flocking to devices for screens and longer battery life.

Online vileness is modern sport

10022015. 123rf
Young woman holding a red traffic triangle warning sign in front of her head

exclamation; sign; attention; mask; holding; head; background; concept; stick; warning; danger; mark; triangle; caution; red; hazard; safety; signal; traffic; careful; alert; beware; precaution; care; safe; information; board; showing; hide; hiding; expression; wondering; hold; gesture; gesturing; business; hand; standing; presenting; woman; female; girl; people; casual; adult; attractive; lady; pretty; caucasian; young; person

OPINION: I'm wedded to digital technology but there's a dark side of internet life.

Battle Chasers returns as game

Artist Joe Madureira's first video game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant comic from the 90s.

Artist Joe Madureira's first video game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant comic from the 90s.

Global Mode creator sells service

Bypass Network Services' Global Mode software does away with annoying messages like this.

Kiwi technology Slingshot and Orcon use to help customers access geo-blocked services is itself going global.

No one laughing at 'comedian'

Jan Rankowski, the self-proclaimed 'extreme comedian' who posted rambling YouTube videos as Jace Connors.

Notorious harasser who threatened Brianna Wu now claims his videos were a 'satire' of GamerGate.

Regulator renews Net Neutrality

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler at the FCC Net Neutrality hearing in Washington.

American internet activists have declared victory over the nation's big ISPs.

Tough rules for US web providers

CABLE TIES: US internet providers face regulations tougher than ever before, which go as far as banning manipulating customer connection speeds.

American ISPs are fuming at new regulations and plan to fight the restrictions in court and Congress.

Fill in the blank for gender

Facebook users can now 'fill in the blank' for the social network's gender identity option.

Facebook users who don't fit any of the site's 58 options can now choose how to define themselves freely.

It's Pebble Time again

Pebble Time pulls app, notification and timeline information from an Android phone or iPhone.

New version of smartwatch immediately smashed its funding goal on Kickstarter.

2degrees majority owner adds to stake

170709. Supplied. Stills from 2degrees phone company advertising campaign

Maori trust surrenders more than a quarter of its shareholding to US investor Trilogy International.

Uber ride back in time

Shortland Street star Pua Magasiva picked up by PlayStation's The Order: 1886 Uber carriage.

PlayStation transports Aucklanders back to Victorian London.

'Smart' movement jumps to it

The smart jump rope, designed by Tangram Factory, displays the number of jumps on the rope itself thanks to a series of LED lights.

It was probably just a matter of time before the smart jump ropes arrived.

Lobbyists skew net debate video

Anti-Net Neutrality lobby group Protect Internet Freedom released this ad purporting to show the horrors of what internet regulation would be like under Barack Obama's latest plan.

Critics talk about Obama's net neutrality plan like it's a govt takeover of everyone's Netflix account.

Android for Work tools up

Android for Work programme will provide improved security and management features for corporations that want to give their employees Google's smartphones.

Another skirmish brewing in the battle of smartphones.

Apple to pay $705m over patent


US jury finds Apple's iTunes software infringed three patents owned by patent licensing firm Smartflash.

3.2m computers hacked globally

Ramnit botnet: Hackers that stole banking information by taking control of more than 3 million computers around the world hit by European counter-op lead by police and three tech companies.

Hackers that stole banking info by hijacking more than 3m computers worldwide hit by European counter-op.

Cybercrime ring disrupted

ZERO DAY: Cybercriminals responsible for infecting millions of PCs have been hobbled in a joint operation between Europol and tech firms.

Tech firms help Euro cops put the boot into massive cybercrime ring.

AI beats humans at Spacies

Google's Deep-Q computer program has mastered several classic video games, from Space Invaders to Breakout.

Google's Deep-Q program has mastered Space Invaders, but can't yet conquer Ms PacMan.

SIM maker downplays hack

SIM cards maker Gemalto admits the NSA and GCHQ probably did break into its system to steal codes for billions of users' phones

Dutch firm admits the NSA and GCHQ probably did break into its system to steal codes for billions of users' phones.

Orthopaedic Skype appointments

Skype logo

Skype appointments with orthopaedic surgeons are being trialled in South Canterbury.

Spark service falters

Call boxes could be in demand as Spark’s mobile network experiences fresh problems

Telco says a hardware failure brought down its mobile network this afternoon.

Special Edition costs over $500k

Dying Light.

Single copy of My Apocalypse edition of Dying Light costs the equivalent of half a million dollars.

Turbo arcade nostalgia video

Super Stardust Ultra

REVIEW: Super Stardust Ultra is an excellent throwback to a simpler time, when the only goal was a high score.

Google, Reddit nude crackdown

Last year hackers stole nude photos of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, and posted them to online message boards, including Reddit.

Social giants taking a tougher stance against nudity posted without the subject's consent.

$3.9m reward for Russian hacker

The FBI conducted a probe into the Sony hack and accused North Korea.

FBI shines a torch on intelligence linking cyber attacks to countries' political motivations.

Free IT hackathon for charities video

Charity-IT weekend hackathon overhauls nonprofit systems

Four charities will get a free technology overhaul this weekend from 30 volunteers.

$21m sought in sexism trial

VALLEY GIRL: Ellen Pao (R) and attorney Alan Axelrod before the start of her trial at San Francisco Superior Court.

A Silicon Valley trial worth up to $21m reveals a tale of sexism, late-night hotel visits and one of America's biggest VC firms.

Opera free access to web apps

Opera Browser.

New features let operators offer subscribers free access to selected apps on browser.

Telltale's TV SuperShows

Telltale Games' Tales from The Borderlands.

Your favourite game studio teams up with Lionsgate for interactive TV-like content.

4G will fix NZ phone issues

Consumers should see big benefits when voice calls shift to 4G technology, telecommunications company Vodafone says.

Consumers should see big benefits when voice calls shift to 4G technology, Vodafone says.

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