Twitter up for sale?

Could Twitter end up in the hands of Disney.

Twitter could sell for up to US$16 billion and there could be some serious interest.

Farming game stale and lonely

The game revolves around micromanaging your farm, complete with growing crops and raising livestock.

This is a tedious and under-developed game which does nothing for future farmer recruitment in NZ.

Apple's health ambitions revealed

The iPhone maker is also working on new apps for the Apple Watch.

The company wants to use its apps to interpret data and turn it into advice for users, doctors and others.

A week with slow internet

Slow internet speeds tend to bring out temper tantrums in many people.

I really like my smartphone, but this week I felt like throwing it at brick wall.

Merger makes sense

McLaren already has experience in electric vehicles, having incorporated an electric motor into its P1 supercar.

OPINION: McLaren may have denied it is in talks with Apple about producing cars, but such a deal could work.

US spies finally embrace iPhones

NGA staff have iPhones, although they aren't allowed to use them in the agency's building.

US spies are catching up to the masses in their gradual embrace of 21st-century technology.

How to bring your app idea to life

Hipster Whale's popular Crossy Road blends several classic gaming concepts to come up with a fresh idea.

‚ÄčI've got an idea for a great game, just like a million other people, so what do I do next?

Leica to launch instant camera

The Sofort will be the cheapest Leica camera you ever own.

The world's most prestigious camera maker latest device will only cost $420.

Renault, Nissan look to self drive

Renault and Nissan plan to launch more than 10 vehicles with autonomous drive technology by 2020.

Renault and Nissan bring in Microsoft to develop cloud-based navigation, maintenance and software updates.

Pokemon fades but isn't dead

Pokemon Go ended its reign as the top-grossing US iPhone app after 74 days on top.

The game needs to evolve to have real staying power - just like its namesake digital creatures.

EasyLaw can help home buyers

Business owner and solicitor Emma Stanley.

An app produced in Southland for home buyers seeks to demystify property law.

Charging from across a room

Tech that may allow phones, tablets and smartwatches to be powered from across a room could arrive next year.

Tech that may allow phones, tablets and smartwatches to be powered from across a room could arrive next year.

The new Siri is still maddening

On Apple's Siri webpage, the company touts many things Siri can do.

Siri is slightly improved, but only if you take the time to enunciate correctly and slowly.

Tech sites want your birthdate

The Yahoo breach, disclosed last week, affected 500 million Yahoo accounts.

Of all the personal information people tend to give out willy-nilly on the internet, birthdate is perhaps the most ubiquitous.

Review: iPhone 7 adaptor

Phil Schiller, of Apple, discusses the audio features of the iPhone7 during a media event in San Francisco.

Apple's lightning-to-3.5mm audio adaptor is about to become a necessary evil.

Phone calls becoming extinct

A major survey showed 33 per cent of people not made any voice calls in the past week.

A major survey showed 33 per cent of people not made any voice calls in the past week.

Scientists: Selfies make you happier

Researchers found those who took daily selfies had increased confidence.

Sending a selfie a day will help keep the blues away - but snapping another type of photo is even better.

No, don't drill your iPhone video

Reaching for the drill? Don't do it.

YouTube video shows how to add a "heaphone jack" on the iPhone 7 - but it's not all that it seems.

Snapchat is making sunglasses video

The Snapchat Spectacles. You've got to admit, they're better looking than Google Glass.

Not only are they moving into the wearable tech market, they've also changed their name too.

A tale of two fridges video


Ailsa McLennan's Kelvinator has been going for 56 years. And the $10k Samsung Family Hub?

Ticking off a business ambition

Marcus Sos and William McClure believe watches are still attractive to younger buyers.

Start-up wristwatch business Limitless is on track to raise more than $30,000 in cash.

Your friendly cyberhood

Forget Facebook - neighbour networking apps are the future.

OPINION: Forget Facebook - neighbour networking apps are the future.

Spotlight on fake reviews


Australian investigation into likes of Uber and Airbnb may not be mirrored in NZ.

Google's smart messaging video

Google's new Allo smart chat app puts the virtual Google Assistant at your beck and call.

COMMENT: Google's AI-powered smart messaging app Allo aims to be your new virtual best friend.

How did Garrett die?

Garrett Phillips, 12, of Potsdam, New York state, was strangled in 2011.

The mystery of the murdered 12-year-old boy and the groundbreaking Kiwi forensic tool that can't be used.

Yahoo hack hits 500m users video

The information of hundreds of millions of Yahoo users has reportedly been compromised and offered for sale by hackers.

Yahoo confirms the account information of half a billion people was stolen in what's being called the 'biggest breach ever'.

Robots may kill off error-prone human drivers

Surrendering the wheel. It seems the days of humans behind the wheel are coming to an end.

New rules of the road for robot cars could lead to the eventual extinction of the human driver.

Michelle Obama 'passport' leak


Image purported to be a copy of US first lady's passport published along with White House staffer's personal emails.

Kiwi Trump game threatened?

Kiwi-made mobile game Jrump is set in a future where Donald Trump is president and the world is ending. Players have to ...

A Donald Trump mobile game made by a couple of Kiwis is making headlines overseas. And drawing some dodgy attention.

Shamed online from a train

Cat Lee posted pictures of two men who took seats she had booked on a British train, and would not budge even when she ...

It can be shockingly nasty, but can online shaming also get men to give up their train seats?

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