Blackmailer targets NZ firms

Blackmailers are targeting unnamed New Zealand businesses.

Companies have been told they will be knocked offline if they don't pay up.

Prisoners allowed phones, computers in cells

Phones would be installed in cells for prisoners to make calls to prearranged numbers, and computers would be available to increase education and skills.

Inmates around the country could have phones and computers installed in their cells if the innovation proves a success at the Wiri correctional facility, opening in Auckland on Friday.

Self-cleaning paint

A super-hydrophobic paint developed by British and Chinese scientists could have great promise for commercial self-cleaning.

Substance that can withstand both oil and sandpaper developed by British and Chinese researchers.

Lost teddies to find their way home

Celia Allen, 12, of Broadgreen Intermediate School, has started a website for Found Teddybears.

Twelve-year-old techie launches website to reunite tots with their long-lost teddy bears.

Sandberg's moving tribute

Mourners exit the Stanford Memorial Auditorium on Stanford University after the memorial service of former Chief Executive David Goldberg.

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg describes relationship with late husband as "truest partnership that I could imagine".

First step to Star Trek replicator

Picard: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

At the push of a button on Genie's mobile app your food fantasy can be ready in less than a minute.

Japan's internet fasting camp

The Japanese government says its first 'net fasting camp' for internet-addicted teenagers has been a success.

Trial of "Net fasting" camp notes drop in online use for teens and building of new human relationships.

Track your pizza driver

Domino's is planning to roll out a tracking app in July.

Inspired by Uber, Domino's pizza lovers will soon be able to use their smartphones to track their orders' journey.

Star Wars headed to Infinity

Star Wars Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney have officially unveiled Disney Infinity 3.0, which adds Star Wars characters to the mix.

How Apple changed Molly's life

Molly Watt, who is deaf and blind, says the Apple Watch has helped her navigate city streets.

Deaf and blind British woman says the Apple Watch has transformed her ability to navigate.

Me and my metadata

Fairfax Media's Australian Technology Editor Ben Grubb took on internet provider Telstra in a legal battle to see what his metadata looked like.

Australian journalist Ben Grubb's 22-month legal battle with internet provider Telstra to access his own metadata.

Zuckerberg's under fire

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched to bring the web to more people around the globe, but what's the catch?

Online activists in India express concern over Facebook's control over all data accessed.

New app a time-saver for builders

Hand holding iPhone

Manawatu residents wanting a building inspector and can now book one using a new app.

UFB shackle shaken off

Spark is now fully in the UFB game.

Voice-only UFB service is a new option for consumers who don't want broadband.

The 4th will be with you, always

At least one of the new Star Wars Battlefront maps will be inspired by Iceland's lava fields.

Battlefront gets 12 Multiplayer maps, Xbox teases Star Wars controllers, Google's Force-sensitive search.

Treadmill accident killed exec

Dave Goldberg, husband of Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, died unexpectedly on May 2.

The husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sanberg fell off the treadmill and hit his head in Mexico.

Windows 10 adds finger emoji

Microsoft's new grey-skinned figures for Windows 10.

You will soon be able to flip someone the bird using an emoji after the character was approved by Microsoft.

Samsung in Marvel Team-up video

Marvel and Samsung Mobile present ‘Assemble’, starring Lionel Messi, Eddie Lacy, John John Florence, Fabian Cancellara and two lucky super fans. If you ever dreamed of being a superhero, now it’s finally possible.

New campaign presents virtual reality tie-in for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Signs of success gallery video

NZ Sign language interpreter Dan Hanks and sign language user Sonia Pivac run Deafradio, a company committed to helping make the world more accessible for the deaf community through technology and innovation.

Deafradio helps deaf community access information through innovative technology use.

Surface 3 worth a closer look video

microsoft surface 3

REVIEW: Microsoft's new Surface 3 strikes a surprisingly good balance between notebook and tablet.

Is Googling someone creepy?

Google makes it easy to find information about anyone.

I Google people all the time. Not only for work but also when I'm curious about someone new.

School bans secret message app video

With young people becoming increasingly vulnerable to online exploitation and abuse, students at Auckland's Diocesan School for Girls have taken matters into their own hands.

A leading Auckland school has banned anonymous messaging app Yik Yak and is warning other schools of the dangers such platforms can pose to children.

New fad: zit-popping videos (graphic content)

10042015. FFXTS-SUNSTUFF Photo:
Acne pimple skin blemish spot skin care girl. Beauty care girl pressing on skin problem face. Woman with skin blemish looking at mirror isolated. Beautiful young Asian Caucasian female model.

Watching people pop zits and squeeze cysts is so popular the genre is racking up millions of views and creating celebrities.

A video game that's also art

Ori and the Blind Forest

REVIEW: Video game Ori and the Blind Forest harks back to 2-D classics while also being contemporary and wonderful to look at.

Energy storage revolution coming video

Elon Musk, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, unveils the company's new Powerwall last week.

Tesla Motors' announcement highlights new home batteries that can store solar power for later use.

Tech exec David Goldberg dies

Dave Goldberg, died unexpectedly on Friday night, his brother Robert wrote in a Facebook post.

Chief executive officer of and husband of Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, has died.

Dotcom thrown a bone

Kim Dotcom visits Waihopai Spy Base.

Kim Dotcom granted access to millions of dollars of seized assets to cover legal fees and household expenses.

Wellington students keen to code

Wellington Girls College students, from left, Alice Galinski, Josie Chambers,  Erica Painter and Jenny Whipps are all participating in the Codeworx competition.

Computer programming may seem a man's world, but not for long, vow students

Ageless? Not anymore

Kate Hudson
Real age: 26

We test the How-Old website on some well-known faces with the results being both dubious and hilarious.

Dead Island 2 delayed until 2016 video

Dead Island 2 has been delayed until at least 2016.

Developers promise delay will mean a "better game to play as a result".

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