GTA players solve Bigfoot mystery

Fans were given an exclusive Bigfoot skin to use during the game’s Director Mode.

An intrepid group of fans have solved one of Grand Theft Auto V’s biggest mysteries.

Kiwi kids tell us what it's like video

"Science is way too hard for us teens," one Snapper told us.

We asked, and you Snapchatted us your answers about growing up Kiwi.

Page flipping coming to Kindles

The new feature will work on all Kindles including the flagship Oasis which was released this year.

The feature is coming to Amazon's own Kindle e-readers and its app on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Google's killing song lyric sites

No longer will you have to click through to sites like AZLyrics or to get lyrics to Metallica songs.

​Google may have just delivered a crippling blow to the web's decades-old lyrics industry.

Letting tech get under your skin

Biohackers with Northstar devices freshly installed in their hands.

For some people, the human body isn't a temple. Meet the biohackers.

Happy birthday, Google+

Google tried a lot to keep plus alive, including integrating G+ profiles with YouTube.

It was once supposed to kill Facebook. Now we wonder how it's still alive.

Google Maps gets makeover

In the new view of New York City, details like skyscrapers, building shadows, and baseball and softball fields in ...

Google Maps has had a colossal, 700 trillion-pixel makeover, introducing cloud-less maps and high-resolution imagery.

The relentless bullying of Molly

Now 16, Molly Lowndes has been bullied since intermediate.

Since intermediate school, Molly Lowndes has been viciously bullied, ridiculed and abused. And somehow she's grateful.

Quiz: Are you a true gamer?

super mario

We've gone old school in this quiz, care to show your age and try your luck?

'We know you're in the water' video

The geofence is designed to encircle New Zealand's entire coastline.

New Zealand's coastline is now encircled by the world's largest "geofence" to check that you're wearing a lifejacket.

Search review worries Greens

Review will consider how other countries have tackled issues when crime investigations lead to 'the cloud'.

They could be allowed to look for information that suspected criminals share through social media.

Mouse crossbred with iPhone video

The Z mouse includes the same chip that helps the iPhone count steps and control its compass.

Christchurch's Swiftpoint to ship super-high-tech mouse by Christmas.

Why I watch TV in fast forward

A Google engineer has written a popular Chrome extension that accelerates most other web videos, including on Netflix.

Tech allows you to use speed-up options so you can watch four episodes of a show in an hour.

Death of the humble website

More people are accessing information on mobile devices where apps are preferred to websites.

Websites are still the destination of choice for many people but they may have had their heydey.

Applying artistic flair to science

Engineer Leith Robertson with the equatorial mount he made so he could take photos of the night sky.

In his lifetime Leith Robertson wants to create something that will change the life of everyday people.

Google may make own smartphone

Google has been signalling that it wants to exert more control over the Android world.

It may be working on its own high-end device and looking to compete head-to-head with Apple's iPhone.

Selfies rekindle love affair with cars

Michael and Szetlana Grills take a selfie in front of their '67 Pontiac classic car during an event in Chicago.

Selling, or buying, a car is such a life event that many now post online, be it a glamour shot of the car or a selfie.

Microsoft sued for unwanted upgrade

Windows 10 was released as a free upgrade in July 2015.

Microsoft has been ordered to pay a woman $14,300 for forcing an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade.

Twitter wants you to use stickers

The stickers will let you can add cute little symbolic expressions of your feelings to your photos.

The stickers will let you can add cute little symbolic expressions of your feelings to your photos.

What's wrong with the web

There are three main problems with the web: openness; censorship; and archiving of information.

There are three main problems with the web: openness; censorship; and archiving of information.

Smartphones: lifelines to new mums

Most mothers regard this lifeline as a dirty little secret.

Looking at my phone for a few minutes offers a respite from taking care of two toddlers.

iPhone jack kerfuffle continues

The 3.5mm headphone plug, left, is hindering the iPhone from being thinner.

The furore continues over reports that Apple is doing away with its standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Growing up Kiwi

Sophie isn't exactly "average". But her story is based on what we know about growing up in New Zealand.

From her first day at school, to her first phone, first boyfriend and first anxiety attack - this is Sophie.

WhatsApp's plan for domination

WhatsApp's philosophy: To build products that can work on any device and on any network, no matter how primitive.

The voice-calling feature launched more than a year ago, so is video calling next?

The online video wars are on

YouTube still rules the video universe, but Facebook is spending mega-bucks to close the gap.

YouTube still rules the video universe, but Facebook is spending mega-bucks to close the gap.

Is your mobile making you blind?

Can looking at your phone before bed cause eyesight issues in the morning?

You may want to limit your late-night smartphone use - a new study says it could lead to temporary blindness.

NZ's first 4K player arrives

Panasonic has unveiled its DMP-UB900 Ultra HD Blu-ray player which costs $1199.

New Zealand's first 4K Blu-ray player goes on sale in the next few weeks and will cost $1199.

The next iPhone may be lame

Apple usually releases its new iPhone in September.

Rumour has it that Apple's going to seriously shake up the way it updates the iPhone.

Plug and play in BMW's new X5

X5 xDrive 40e (left) and 225xe (right) are BMW's new plug-in iPerformance wagons.

BMW's plug-in X5 and 2-series models are about to arrive in New Zealand. We unplug and play during a preview drive in Germany.

Peeping Toms take to the skies

Drones have been blamed for a number of peeping incidents, information from Civil Aviation shows.

Drones are being spotted hovering outside people's windows at night.

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