Cold water for copper cut

Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand chief executive Craig Young.

Country’s two largest telcos downplay suggestions broadband prices should fall when wholesale price cuts come into effect.

Microsoft announces HaloFest video

Halofest 2014

November event includes a world-first look at Halo 5 gameplay, and the premiere of Halo: Nightfall.

H4L in a thousand schools


A thousand New Zealand schools have now switched to the Network for Learning.

Harassment part of online life

Pew Research Center study finds four out of every 10 people online have been harassed at some point.

New study finds men more likely to be called offensive names than women online.

Replace passwords with Digits

Digits lets Twitter users log into apps with a phone number.

A Twitter product for developers called Digits will let users log into apps with a phone number.

Million-dollar Apple

An Apple-1 personal computer, serial number 22, owned by the estate of former Apple employee Joe Copson.

Sale of one of the few remaining examples of a pre-assembled Apple-1 far outstripping expectations.

Microsoft dumps Nokia brand

It's the end of an era as Microsoft, soon to put out phones under the 'Microsoft Lumia' brand, removes all traces of Nokia from website.

It's the end of an era as Microsoft removes all traces of Nokia from website.

Gmail replacement video

Google Inbox app.

App automates much of the work that goes into managing email while pulling info from the web.

PlayStation 5 dev halted

Unofficial PlayStation 5 design concept by David Hansson.

Sony has reportedly given up development research into PlayStation 5 due to the company's financial woes.

iCloud under attack

NONE THE WISER: Hackers broke into iCloud accounts of several celebrities without the user being alerted.

Apple says its iCloud server has been the target of "intermittent" attacks.

Less glare in iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2.

As I tested out Apple's new iPad Air 2, I could see why people like to shoot pictures with a tablet.

$678m mystery VR venture

Magic Leap has trademarked the term 'cinematic reality'.

Google and several other companies invest more than half a billion dollars in secretive venture.

First Alien: Isolation add-on

The first downloadable content for the critically-acclaimed Alien: Isolation is Corporate Lockdown.

The first of five planned add-on packs, Corporate Lockdown, will launch on October 28.

Hearthstone on Android

Blizzard is working on a tablet version of its collective card game Hearthstone due out before the end of the year.

Blizzard is working on a tablet version of its collective card game due out before the end of the year.

iCloud security warning

Apple as issued security instructions for users based on their chosen browser.

Apple has posted a new security warning for users of its iCloud online storage service.

Minecraft money lessons

Minecraft's barter system can help educate kids about financial responsibility.

Turn a video game addiction into a life lesson about money.

Google adds mood to mix

Google Play All Access Music Service.

New music-subscription service will try to anticipate its listeners' mood swings.

Metallica to close BlizzCon

Metallica's James Hetfield performing at the Glastonbury Festival earlier this year.

Two-day Blizzard community celebration will close with a performance by metallers.

Tinder to swipe beyond dates

Tinder users to soon 'swipe right' for more than just dates with new premium features being introduced.

Users will soon be able to pay for extra features that may not be related to dating.

The hoverboard is finally real video

Hendo Hoverboard

Prototype hovers using a magnetic field, just like the one in Back to the Future, but there are catches.

Samsung boost from new Note

Galaxy Note 4

Latest version of big-screen Galaxy Note has gone on sale at a crucial time for Samsung.

Without digital distractions

Most kids think their parents are actually too distracted by phones.

OPINION: Most nights when our family sits down to dinner I hear the pinging of smartphones.

Google to take a bite out of Apple

Google's Nexus 6 smartphone will compete with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

The two biggest tech companies went head-to-head last week with each releasing new devices to entice consumers and please investors.

$500k for CloudCannon


Dunedin web software company gets backing from big name investors and a major US partner.

Free social media data

Spark customers can now receive a gigabyte of free data to access social media accounts.

Spark customers can now receive a gigabyte of free data a month to access Facebook and Twitter.

iCloud logins stolen in China

Connections to are being hijacked and stripped of their encryption.

Attacks perpetrated by China in what appears to be a surveillance push, censorship monitoring group says.

Bankruptcy may expose Apple

Gorilla tactics: Many expected GT Advanced's sapphire glass to feature in the iPhone 6, but Apple went with Corning's Gorilla Glass instead.

Supplier believes public should be made aware of the details of 'oppressive and burdensome' deal.

Raymond leaves Ubisoft

Canadian video game executive Jade Raymond has resigned from the Toronto studio she founded.

Founder and managing director of Ubisoft Toronto is leaving the studio.

Microsoft cloud to fight Ebola

Microsoft has unveiled a new Azure-powered research initiative aimed at furthering Ebola research.

Free cloud-computing and research applications supplied to medical researchers working on the Ebola virus.

Real world playtime

Sick of your kid staring at a screen all day?

Parents eager to get their children away from screens can turn to new apps.