Computers a slam dunk

Photoshopping pictures of himself playing basketball led Joel Alheit away from the sport towards a new award-winning ...

Photography, instead of basketball, is Joel Alheit's career path now.

Gigabit cable service 'a winner'

BATHURST, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 06: Jamie Whincup drives the #1 Team Vodafone Holden during practice for the Bathurst ...

Vodafone has probably done enough to stop cable broadband customers defecting to UFB, says reviewer.

Social media and the narcissist

The first use of the word “selfie” was actually by a drunk Aussie in 2002 who took a picture of his own bloodied lip ...

Analysis: Do we have the narcissistic individuals among us to thank, for the massive social media network we enjoy today?

Lasers used to take down drones

Authorities are using lasers, hijacking and geofences to control rogue drones in high-risk areas.

Authorities are using lasers, hijacking and geofences to control rogue drones in high-risk areas.

$1.4m car bought on phone app

The 1965 Aston Martin DB5 that sold for NZ$1.4m in a deal completed in an online transaction.

A man has hit the "buy now" button on his phone to pay NZ$1.4m for a classic car in what is being touted as the largest known in-app purchase ever.

Apple tipped to unveil new Macs

The MacBook is the most recent Apple computer.

Apple is expected to reveal new computers next week after sending out an invite to an event.

Kiwis cashing in on digital reality

The Green Fairy is New Zealand's first virtual reality film. It is aimed at children aged 5-7 years and was recently ...

A New Zealand virtual and augmented reality association has been set up to develop the booming  sector.

Top coach slams Microsoft tablet

Bill Belichick: "As you probably noticed, I'm done with the tablets."

A NFL coach smashed his Surface tablet saying it was unreliable and now plans to use pen and paper.

Catch em' all - with your mates

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, which release November 18 on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, are the newest games since the Pokemon ...

Pokemon GO got you active. Pokemon Sun and Moon want to fix your social life.

Why no-one wants to buy Twitter

In recently months, former Twitter-lovers ranging from actress Leslie Jones to venture capitalist Marc Andreessen have ...

Two companies have opted out of buying the company because of its issues with trolls who harass users.

Airport kiosks to swap Samsungs video

A customer exchanges his Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 to Galaxy S7 at company's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Customers can exchange their banned Galaxy Note7 before boarding.

Why Nokia couldn't beat Apple

Nokia's phones were the most popular before smartphones took over.

The company pioneered the smartphone but just couldn't keep up with Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Smartphone camera showdown

The iPhone 7 scored 86 on the on the mobile smartphone site DxOMark.

We compare the new Google Pixel against the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7.

Robots may soon replace pilots

The robopilot never tires, gets bored, feels stressed out or gets distracted.

The robopilot never tires, gets bored, feels stressed out or gets distracted.

Red Dead 2 release revealed

An image of the game showing what appears to be the Red Dead franchises protagonist, John Marston, on the far left.

Kiwis will be able to get the hotly anticipated game in about a year's time.

What went wrong with Pokemon

The game's precipitous decline has seen it labelled a fad and nicknamed "Pokemon Gone".

The game's precipitous decline has seen it labelled a fad and nicknamed "Pokemon Gone".

Highest paid IT job revealed

A cyber security specialist with three years' experience in design, deployment and administration of security systems ...

Want a career with zero chances of going jobless? Try the booming field of cybersecurity.

Review: Google Pixel smartphone

Pixels are crafted out of an aerospace-grade aluminum slab and glass.

Google's new Pixel phone is a winner for anyone looking for an excellent phone.

Is a $10k camera worth it?

The Leica M looks like an old school 35mm film camera.

Not only is the Leica M expensive, it also only takes black and white images.

The amazing sweating robot

Kengoro can do push-ups for 11 minutes straight.

Kengoro is a sweaty beefcake among metal bipeds with the ability to do push-ups for 11 minutes straight.

Appy chappies in the Sounds

A Marlborough Sounds cruising guide app will give up-to-date information to boaties and tourists.

The cruising app for boaties can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Why does Google ignore NZ?

The devices released earlier this month. From left, Google Wifi, Google Chromecast Ultra, Google Home, Google Pixel XL, ...

Kiwis won't be able to buy the latest Google devices unless they head overseas.

Game lets you be a YouTube star

Earning views and subscribers lets you earn in-app currency, or "bux", which can be used to purchase accessories for ...

PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator is a game all about what it takes to become a YouTube star.

Trying out a 'hologram' keyboard

The backlit "Halo" keyboard on Yoga Book, as Lenovo calls it, contains no moving parts.

The keyboards on the latest Lenovo laptops contain no moving parts and appear only when you need it.

The search for VR's killer app

Priced at $629 in New Zealand, PlayStation VR has been designed to bring virtual reality to the masses.

To make it a must-have device, the gadget will need a breakaway hit like Angry Birds or Pokemon Go.

Apple reverses away from car plan

A number of artists have released concept drawings of what they think the Apple car could (or should) look like.

Apple has drastically scaled back its automotive ambitions according to people familiar with the project.

Pottery makes for painstaking work video

Holly Houston produces about 200 pieces of pottery a week using clay from Waikato and sand from Piha.

Holly Houston decided to invest in her pottery business after the pain from hand mixing clay became too much.

'Perfect' tech chair costs $8300

According to its designer, this chair lets you be the most comfortable you can possibly be working at a computer.

The workstation transitions from a standing desk to a seated table to a fully reclined platform like a dentist's chair.

Sony's new phone arrives in NZ

The XZ goes on sale here from October 18 for $1100.

Sony's new flagship smartphone features the company's familiar squarish design and a highly touted camera.

Google's nit-picky interview fail

Some programmers believe the company has designed its tough recruitment process to favour recent graduates.

A job at Google's the holy grail for software programmers - but it's turning great people away with its tough hiring process

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