2025 target set for rural broadband

Communications Minister Amy Adams announces new targets for rural broadband.

The Government has set a target of ensuring 99 per cent of Kiwis get 50Mbps broadband by 2025.

$40,000 scam victim 'cleaned out'

An elderly man is in financial strife after he was scammed out of $40,000.

Elderly man will work past intended retirement age after losing $40,000 in romance scam.

Ad-blockers for iPhone reviewed

Purify is one of the more expensive blockers, but it also offers quite a bit of customisation.

There are quite a few ad-blockers available, so we looked at how some of the top contenders stack up.

Tech brands most valuable

Interbrands ranks Apple, valued at US$170.3 billion, as the most valuable brand in the world.

It is all about technology and cars in this year's Interbrand best global brands report.

Apple 'iRing' rumour may come full circle

Two different depictions of what a touch-screen 'iRing' might look like.

The tech giant has filed a patent for a wearable smart ring device.

Google believes Namibia are champions

Namibia are the Rugby World Cup champions according to Google search results.

Google believes Namibia are the champions of the Rugby World Cup.

The holy grail in superfast computing

Researchers at the University of New South Wales, led by Andrew Dzurak, have patented a new design.

Scientists have discovered a way to put quantum computing technology into silicon computer chips.

Don't rush into software updates

Regardless of where your tech allegiances lie, there's no shame in holding off on major updates for at least a few weeks.

Whether it's Apple iOS 9 or Android 6.0, Windows or Mac, there's no reason to rush into major software updates.

Broadband customers being short-changed

Rural customers are being short-changed with some broadband speeds no faster than dial-up, says one annoyed customer.

Vanessa Beetson, who lives on Schoolhouse Rd, says she and many other Spark customers are being ripped off by their broadband plan, which in fact only delivers dial-up speed.

Peeple app revised after internet backlash

Peeple is due to launch in November.

The co-founder of a ratings app has received death threats and its been called "the world's dumbest app".

Have you ever been 'phubbed'?

Research showed 46.3 per cent of the respondents reported being phubbed by their partner.

Even brief use of a phone while with a significant other can affect a relationship.

Three challenges facing Twitter's new boss

Twitter has appointed Jack Dorsey as its chief executive officer.

Twitter's appointment of Jack Dorsey as its chief executive officer on Tuesday was brimming with strained optimism.

Apple quietly makes iCloud opt-out

Users can turn iCloud off or specify which content will be uploaded by going to "iCloud" in their device's settings once the device is set up.

Users setting up a brand new iPhone will no longer be asked whether or not they'd like their content sent to Apple.

National science strategy unveiled

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce has revealed the Government's 10-year strategy for investment in science and research.

Improved planning and private investment among key points of national science strategy.

New research centre to capitalise on environmental opportunities video

The CIEE's first project will be to create a digital model, like this one, of Auckland. It will be overlaid with real-time environmental data.

A new centre for environmental engineering research promises to deliver for the public and private sectors.

Wind damage 'worst in 20 years' - Powernet

Vicious winds have wreaked havoc, blowing a tourist off a walking track, spreading fires and causing crashes.

Hundreds of homes remain without power after wild winds wreaked havoc across the South Island.

Would you buy a $30,000 phone?

Mobiado Professional 3 GCB - Dong Son. Ostentatious, Mobiado be thy name. Combining decorative metal art with the power of modern technology, the Professional 3 GCB brings classical design to the smartphone.

When entering the luxury smartphone market, expect only the best for your money.

No, Apple is not giving away test iPhones

An example of one of the scams, spoofed to look like CNN.

No, you can't get a $1 iPhone 6s to "test".

Kookslams: Instagram's funniest account

An image from a posting on the Instagram account Kookslams.

For many years, surfers have cracked themselves up over people getting hammered by the ocean.

PlayStation 3 discontinued in NZ

PlayStation 3 consoles first went on sale in 2006.

Nine years after going on sale, Sony's popular console is being discontinued.

Please don't be scared of drones

Drones have been used to make some awesome videos.

OPINION: Many people are scared of drones, just like we used to fear TVs and telephones.

Hands-On: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider and The Last Crusade is every bit the cinematic spectacle that was expected.

Comparisons to Uncharted abound. Is Lara just copying Drake now? Or was Drake copying Lara? Everyone’s probably guilty.

The missing killer iPhone feature

Peek is one of the most popular new features on the latest iPhones.

Here is how Apple could make its "peek" feature even more invaluable.

Tech entrepreneur partners with Skinny Mobile

The team from app company Postr, including head of partnerships Roger Shakes (left), founder Milan Reinartz, chief technology officer Mark Penman and head of sales Megan Hansen is already looking to expand into Asia.

App company Postr and Skinny Mobile have launched a new app that offers a win-win for users and advertisers.

Perfect proposal, level up!

"Lauren" who's game-designer boyfriend created a personalised video game to propose to her with.

When game designer LA Pike decided to pop the question, he decided to do it right. 

Girls-only web development

IT careers are a serious consideration for 14-year-olds Alina Khanal, in red, and Holly Smallwood.

Less than 25 per cent of Kiwi IT workers are women and Waikato University hopes to improve that.

Tripping the light fantastic

Young entrepreneur, Kem Christensen went into business after an inspiring trip to Asia.

A bright future beckons for a young Asia-inspired outdoor lighting entrepreneur.

Google.com: Bought for $18, owned 1 minute

Sanmay Ved, a long-term lover - and short-term owner - of Google.com.

Ex-Googler Sanmay Ved was the lucky buyer of Google.com, if only for a minute.

From NZ to the moon

Peter Beck's company has signed a deal with Moon Express.

Rocket Lab signs deal with US company to launch three rockets to the moon.

Drone 'paranoia' leads to hostile public video

Jared Waddam, a Christchurch-based professional drone operator, says negative media attention surrounding drones has led to suspicion from the public.

Drone users are reporting abuse from some members of the public, who fear the skyward machines are being used to spy on them.

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