Surface Pro returns as Microsoft unveils a third option in its laptop lineup

Surface Pro returns

Microsoft has reintroduced its Surface Pro hybrid device, unveiling a brand new portable machine the company insists is no longer a tablet that can act as a laptop, but is instead "the most versatile laptop we've ever built".

Huawei enters PC market

The Chinese telecoms giant is posing a fresh challenge to established PC players.

Chinese telecoms giant is posing a fresh challenge to established PC players in a market that has suffered two years of falling sales volumes and pressure on margins.

Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles

Microsoft Surface gets a battery boost.

The new, fifth-generation device won't look or feel drastically different from its predecessor. But Microsoft is hoping its under-the-hood improvements will help it compete with newer laptop-tablet hybrids.

Sshh! Ashley Madison is 'back' video

The Ashley Madison website tagline is: "Life is short. Have an affair."

The dating site, which encourages affairs and was hacked in 2015, now claims more users than ever.

Google knows where you shop

Users who sign into Google's services, including Gmail, Maps and Chrome, have consented to Google sharing their data ...

Mining data from online transactions, the tech giant may soon grow its share of advertising dollars.

Are you a Thanks! or Thanks. type of person?

Google algorithms are scanning your messages and using the information it gleans to suggest ways that you could reply to ...

If you use Google's Gmail app, you may have seen something new pop up on your screen this week: suggested responses for your emails.

Mark Zuckerberg says he's not running for public office

Mark Zuckerberg (pictured with wife Priscilla Chan) says he  is not harbouring political ambitions.

The Facebook boss says his quest to visit every US state he hadn't before is about building relationships, not politics.

The emojis that cost over $3000

Three of the most commonly used emojis; Crying with laughter, Beaming red cheeks, and Tongue out winking face.

Warning! Use emojis wisely as that smiley face could land you in court.

Facebook rulebooks leaked video

Facebook policies on publishing content involving sex and violence have been laid bare.

More than 100 internal policies governing what Facebook allows you to see - and what they censor - have been leaked.

Wallpaper TV a stunner

LG Signature OLED W7 Wallpaper TV.

Its paper-thin design may be its headline feature, but picture quality is the real hero.

CCTV to solve capital's begging issues

NEC head of smart city solutions Tim Packer and Wellington City Council community networks safety advisor Julia Hamilton ...

'Big brother' technology deployed to keep capital safe. But what about privacy?

N Korea's cyber warfare cell video

North Korea, led by Kim Jong Un, first used hacking as a tool for espionage and then political harassment against South ...

North Korea denies being behind the Sony and banking hacks, but evidence emerges of its spy agency's "Unit 180".

Data hacked, ransoms paid

Michael Mansvelt paid $1000 to a hacker who infiltrated his businesses through an email posed as NZ Post.

The probability of a cyber attack is certain. What can businesses do?

Twitter boss: Sorry about Trump

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams says the internet is "obviously broken" because it rewards extremes.

Silicon Valley star says social network's role in Trump's populist rise is "a very bad thing".

Kids' pics and social media

Sisters Kylie Carter, right, readily posts pictures of her kids online, but she respects the fact Amanda Goile doesn't.

Experts warn parents to think twice before uploading pictures of their kids to Facebook.

Instagram 'fuelling mental health crisis'

Instagram's supposed to help young people connect with each other. It may actually be doing the opposite.

It's supposed to help young people connect with each other. It may actually be doing the opposite.

Ticking all the right boxes

Mike O'Donnell says: ''Staff are encouraged to tweet about their day.''

OPINION: Two young dudes can teach us a lot about the tech game, Mike O'Donnell writes.

Library gaming divides parents

Tyreese Bennett-James, 9, tries out the new PlayStation 4 at the Ruth Gotlieb Kilbirnie Library, where it is available ...

Wellington libraries have bought PlayStations to attract kids - but some parents are not happy.

Mapping the shoreline currents

MetOcean Solutions and the Defence Technology Agency worked together to create the software that was able to forecast ...

Trying to land a military boat on a beach just got a little bit easier.

Charging down the highway

A Renault Kangoo EV runs a wireless charging test in France.

Demonstration shows how electric vehicles could be charged wirelessly while driving.

Living a Google life video

Two attendees wearing Google Glass listen to the opening keynote during the annual Google I/O developers conference.

Google believe their improved artificial intelligence cuts out the middle man, better known as your conscience.

Crash sparks car seat safety warning

Lailah and Davin Flynn were unharmed in a car accident thanks to their mother's diligent car seat safety.

Mum pleads with parents to remove jackets from children in car seats after terrifying crash.

Bitcoin's worrying link to crime video

Bitcoin represents a "big risk" standing in the way of efforts to fight money laundering, claims bank chief risk officer.

Ransomware attack underscores the need for lawmakers to look more closely at bitcoin's role in financial crime.

New Tinder for baby names

Thanks to the new app Babyname, choosing a baby name is as easy as finding a date on Tinder.

Choosing a name is as easy as finding a date.

Google shifts focus to AI video

Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks on stage during the annual Google I/O developers conference.

Google ramps up their AI with the ability to identify images and locations through the phone's camera.

Uber raising NZ fares

The change takes the minimum amount a driver can make per ride to $4.28, after Uber takes its cut.

Company hikes prices after drivers complained short-distance rides don't make enough money.

Cyberattack hero donates reward video

The vulnerability in Microsoft Windows that WannaCry exploited was patched in March, but many organisations hadn't ...

22-year-old UK man who "accidentally" halted WannaCry attack plans to give US$10K reward to charity.

The self-driving rubbish truck video

The operator/driver walks ahead of Volvo's reversing autonomous driving rubbish truck.

Volvo has joined forces with a waste management company to build an autonomous rubbish truck.

Suburb's woeful phone reception

Cell phone coverage is causing frustration in Coatesville.

An Auckland suburb's reception is so bad people want a landline in the local hall.

Does Madam Woo live up to hype?

The pork and prawn sui mai have a chunky and chewy filling, just how you want them.

"Some of the most enjoyable Asian food I've had in Christchurch for a long time."

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