Samsung faces fight for mobile market share

There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an excellent phone, but the Android market is getting crowded with good, lower-cost alternatives.

Sharing an operating system with low-cost competitors making capable Android smartphones could be Samsung's undoing.

Drug made using 3D printing technology gets FDA nod

The approval of 3D printed drugs could give doctors the ability to customise medication for specific patients.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug using 3D printing technology.

Apple stock loses its flavour with investors

Apple iPhone sales are strong - but it's investors have plenty to worry about.

High-flying Apple stock continues nose-dive as investors worry if it can maintain its recent growth rate.

India reverses ban on Internet porn

More than 850 pornographic websites were banned under the short-lived crackdown.

The Indian government will lift a days-old ban on hundreds of pornographic websites after critics accused the government of encroaching on personal freedoms.

Liar, liar, Twitter's on fire

Logging on to tell a few porkies are we sunshine?

A study of social media lies has made what some might consider a surprising finding - women are the biggest offenders.

VMob won't list in Australia

VMob believes high-tech loyalty schemes running on smartphones can help draw shoppers back into stores.

Auckland cloud software company shelves plans to list on the Australian stock market this year.

Apple Watch: Give it a job and it's great

At the moment, handling notifications is the Apple Watch's killer app.

REVIEW: Smartwatches are struggling to wind the hearts and money of consumers, as people show reluctance to unclench their hands from their beloved smartphones to try one.

Which watch: Apple's watches compared

The Watch has five band options including, from left, the Classic Buckle, Milanese, and Leather Loop.

The Apple Watch has finally arrived in New Zealand but like any new range of gadgets it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you.

Electric Tesla rides in Auckland

Auckland-based audio software developer Steve West owns one of the few Tesla Model S cars in New Zealand, and is offering free rides through Uber.

Aucklanders being offered free rides in rare Tesla to switch them on to electric cars.

Coding teaches more than computers: educators

Skills such as analysis and evaluation can be learned in the process, a researcher says.

Analysis and evaluation skills are among the spin-offs, says a researcher.

Report: new Apple TV coming

Apple TV is rumoured to be getting a serious upgrade.

A new iPhone might not be the only gadget introduced during the tech giant's big September season.

Facebook knows diversity, apparently

An employee writes a note on the message board at the new headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, California.

The social network most dominated by white guys makes its internal diversity training public.

Edging out other browsers

Mozilla is not happy about the Windows 10 upgrade process.

Mozilla accuses Microsoft of making default application settings "less obvious and more difficult".

A drone of your own

Nasa's Parimal Kopadekar thinks every home will have a personal drone in the future.

Soon having an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle floating behind you will be as natural as pulling out your smartphone.

Chris Pratt's epic photoshop contest

Jessica Russell said the AMAZING designer Maegan created this.

Star asked his fans to come up with a new Facebook wallpaper for him and the results were insane.

Hackers exploit Windows 10 offer

A laptop is seen receiving the free Windows 10 operating system upgrade at the answer desk of the Microsoft store at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York July 29, 2015. Microsoft Corp's launch of its first new operating system in almost three years, designed to work across laptops, desktop and smartphones, won mostly positive reviews for its user-friendly and feature-packed interface. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Spam emails masquerading as legitimate copies of Microsoft's new OS contain "ransomware" attachment.

Hitchhiking robot vandalised

The anthropomorphic robot, hitchBOT, trying its luck in Nova Scotia.

Robot on free ride around the world comes to a sticky end in the US.

Tiger out, Rory in for PGA Tour

With a Battlefield approach and a new cover star, the latest PGA game feels like reboot for the franchise.

Hitchhiking robot vandalised

hitchBOT sits on the shoulder of Highway 102 at the beginning of its its 6000 kilometer cross country journey outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A hitchhiking robot that captured the hearts of fans worldwide met its demise in the US.

‘Ransomware’ scare for law firm

Cavell Leitch was among several businesses in New Zealand targeted by overseas hackers with ransom notes.

Christchurch Law firm narrowly avoids falling victim to a cyber scam.

Electronic Arts strikes back

EA expects Star Wars Battlefront...

Publisher once called 'worst company in America' foresees extremely strong preorders for Star Wars: Battlefront.

Snapper ripped off online

280715. Photo:Loren Dougan/Fairfax nz. Photo of Jade Cvetkov at her home in masterton, who paid for a camera lens online but the lens never turned up.

Jade Cvetkov thought the money her mother left her would fulfil a dream, but it bought her only heartbreak.

Two fishhooks found in Windows 10

A couple of surprises have been found under the bonnet of Microsoft's latest operating system.

InternetNZ says customers on capped broadband plans may want to check a setting used to distribute Microsoft updates.

Obama wants fastest computer ever

US President Barack Obama  at the Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection at Stanford University earlier this year.

President's latest project aims to build a supercomputer that can process a billion-billion operations per second.

Fourteen million now on Windows 10

Windows 10 has won mostly positive reviews for its user-friendly and feature-packed interface.

Microsoft says its new operating system is now running on more than 14 million computers across the world.

Smart rifle gets hacked

Security researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger CAN hack into TrackingPoint self-aiming rifles and make the famously accurate guns miss the intended target.

Security experts uncover weaknesses in internet-connected self-aiming firearms that lets hackers can take control.

The wearable you already own

You already own a perfect wearable device.

A truly wearable device should feel like clothes. The Apple Watch isn't clothing, it's jewellery.

Microsoft beats Google

The Microsoft logo is seen at the Microsoft store in New York City, July 28, 2015. The global launch of Microsoft Windows 10 will take place on July 29. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Search engine punished for unfairly demanding billions of dollars for use of patents covering Wi-Fi and video downloads.

Robot bug can jump on water

Water strider together with a robotic insect that can jump on water.

Robot inspired by water striders, a family of bugs known for their ability to skilfully skim the water's surface.

Calling all 80s toys Nostalgiatrons video

He-Man charges into battle in Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

It's time to play with all your favourite 80s action figures again in Ubisoft's Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

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