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Facebook's New Zealand tax gap video

Facebook's value approached US$400 billion (NZ$574b) not long after it announced it made US$27.6b in revenue last year.

One of the biggest companies in the world, Facebook paid about as much tax as a family-owned building company would.

Facebook wants to connect us all

Paul McCrory, interim managing director for Facebook New Zealand and Australia, says the company is listening and learning.

OPINION: Facebook wants to link Kiwis to the rest of the world. Every last one of us.

Where is Facebook, really? video

Facebook data stored in Singapore

Used in NZ, hosted in Singapore, moderated in the Philippines, built in the US - it is everywhere, and nowhere.

Dancing with his great-nan video

Jarryd Stoneman with his nanny, Katie Thomas.

How 100 million Facebook video views affected a 24-year-old Kiwi and his great-nan.

May calls out social platforms

Prime Minister Theresa May believes the fight against terrorism and hate speech is a joint one - between governments and ...

British PM wants social media firms to do more to prevent the spread of extremist material online.

Facebook: 'Thanks for the billions'

OPINION: Facebook peers into your past and present, making billions from the here and now, and nostalgia.

Facebook: the ultimate trip video

250514. 123rf.
Stock Photo -  This 'like' icon button is the voting system used to rate user comments on Facebook.


Cocaine, heroin, slot machines, Facebook? How the social media giant makes sure you get lost in your newsfeed.

A problem with privacy

How private is your Facebook?

It's become harder and harder for Facebook users to understand and control their privacy settings, experts say.

Cracking Facebook's code

How does Facebook choose the adverts to show you in your news feed?

Can you beat the Facebook algorithm? Give it a try with our special interactive.

Facebook won't die with old people

Snapchat's popularity has clearly got some at Facebook worried.

As if willing it into reality, tech writers keep saying teens don't use Facebook. It simply isn't true.

Who Facebook thinks you are video

You told it your name and school. But what more has Facebook worked out about you?

No Facebook, no problem video

Taylor Brien

Meet the people who have done away with the social-media monster.

Our new national obsession

Facebook is New Zealand's second-favourite "leisure" activity.

How to boost Facebook privacy

Facebook privacy settings.

Many of us have no idea how open our Facebook accounts are. Here are 5 easy ways to turn yours into a private fortress.

How to beat Facebook's bubble

Do you live in a social media bubble?

Facebook works flat out to give you what it thinks you want - but it's not always right. Here's how to take back control of your feed.

Facebook is taking over

The Takeover logo

OPINION: Why should we accept Facebook's ever-growing influence over us as inevitable?

What Facebook does when you die


Death is tricky for social networks. Facebook opts for compromise.

Twitter's bans catch extremists

Twitter suspended almost 400,000 accounts in the last six months of 2016 to combat "violent extremism".

Twitter has suspended more than half a million accounts since 2015 to tackle "violent extremism".

Free wi-fi a no-go

A plan to install free wi-fi at train and bus stops in Wellington has been officially scrapped.

Technology deemed on its way out, wi-fi proposal scrapped for Wellington train and bus stops.

Ultimatum to thief leads to apology

Mark Arnott's flagpole was knocked over by a thief, but he caught the perpetrator on camera. He offered the thief a ...

A broken flagpole, a security camera, a Facebook ultimatum and an apology.

Fines loom for social media sites

A survey found that YouTube was able to remove around 90 per cent of illegal postings within a week, while Facebook ...

Germany plans a law calling for social networks to remove slanderous or threatening postings or face fines.

Facebook stop police using data

Social networks have come under fire for working with third parties who market the data to law enforcement.

The social media company says police can't use its data for 'surveillance'.

'N-word' file name blunder

Gmail app on the iPhone display in man hands and Gmail desktop version on the Macbook screen. Gmail is a free email ...

Tech company unwittingly sends out online mailer with "n-word" clear for all the world to see.

How our tech is spying on us

Driving in peak hour traffic this week I noticed a young woman in a zippy silver coupe, driving a little erratically. ...

OPINION: I'd never been a popular child, says Alison Mau, but for 72 golden hours the latest Betamax video recorder made me cool. So what happened?

Zuckerberg reveals baby news

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan were not sure they would be able to have another child after a difficult ...

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are expecting a second child, a daughter.

Bike thieves on-selling online

The start of the academic year is always the worst time for thefts, a University of Canterbury spokesman says.

A gang of teenagers are allegedly behind a raft of high-spec bike thefts in Christchurch.

Countdown hit by phishing scam

Facebook users are being told a free grocery offer claiming to be from supermarket chain Countdown is fake. (File photo)

Supermarket confirms $75 voucher offered through Facebook is bogus.

Facebook combats fake news

Facebook has started rolling out a new warning label for news stories that are "disputed" by a third-party fact checker.

You shouldn't believe everything on Facebook - but it's added a warning for disputed stories.

Putting your best face forward

Nadine Chalmers-Ross: If you've ever been on holiday with an Instagram fiend, you'll know that posting about your life ...

OPINION: You are not the only person trying desperately to make your life seem better than it is.

No wi-fi, start talking

Principal Martin Chamberlain said he prefered seeing students being active and getting some fresh air rather than ...

A New Plymouth school has turned off its wi-fi during breaks to encourage students to talk and play with each other.

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