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Fake Facebook page draws complaints

Councillor Murray Chong has laid complaints about a fake Facebook profile set up claiming he was running for New Zealand ...

"Who knows what is going to happen in life, I've probably looked into it but who knows what is going to happen."

The decline of social media

Founder of Telegram Pavel Durov: "It's pointless and time-consuming to maintain increasingly obsolete friend lists on ...

Reading other people's news is brain clutter, says a tech pioneer who says messenger apps are better.

Facebook's streams of depravity

Facebook has gone out of its way to avoid acknowledging the obvious: It is a media company, not simply a platform its ...

Facebook's existential crisis has arrived with a vengeance but Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want to talk about it.

App lets you meet friends virtually

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks on stage during the 2017 Facebook F8 developers conference.

Facebook Spaces allows up to four people to appear in the same virtual space with one another.

Abuse complaints 'shrugged' off

Cory Tito, who is an administrator of several Facebook pages, said the Taranaki Cases and Convictions page had raised ...

"You don't have to put your name to it and you can do as you please."

The future, according to Facebook

Facebook is focused on creating experiences that will fundamentally change how people interact with each other and the ...

The company thinks smartphones and augmented reality will blend our physical and digital worlds.

Facebook turns to newspaper adverts video

The social media website wants people to be able to identify the real from the fake.

It has turned to an unexpected tool to educate people about fake news, the print newspaper.

Accidentally messaging the cops

A message mistakenly sent to police on Facebook got plenty of people giggling, with the police using hashtags to promote ...

NZ Police responds to message mishap with a humorous public safety announcement.

Silliness in the storm

Facebook asked Kiwis to mark themselves as "safe" during Cyclone Cook, and offer or request help from others nearby. ...

As Kiwis braced for Cyclone Cook, Facebook's "safety check" let people offer or request help. Then the fun began.

Scammers target Facebook Marketplace

Shoppers have been warned to take extra care with the Facebook Marketplace Community page after numerous complaints of scams.

Bargain-priced items on Facebook Marketplace seem to good to be true, and often are, say police.

Facebook fights 'revenge porn'

Facebook is cracking down on so-called "revenge porn" by bringing in tools to make images easier to report and to ...

Facebook adding tools to make it easier to report "revenge porn" and prevent images from being shared.

Can Twitter be saved?

Some have suggested that Twitter would be better off run as a non-profit cooperative, a public service owned by its users.

COMMENT: Twitter has never felt more vital or plugged in to the global zeitgeist. The paradox in all this is that Twitter Inc is in a funk.

Online privacy protections struck down

Danielle McLaughlin: Republicans also suggest that complying with rules that force ISPs not to be creeps dampens their ...

OPINION: Donald Trump will allow internet service providers to sell your private information for billions, says Danielle McLaughlin.

Staying on the down-low online

Nadine Chalmers-Ross: It's easy to be staunch about your rights, in theory, but not so when faced with the prospect of ...

OPINION: Nadine Chalmers-Ross asks whether it is safe to have an employer see all the fun you are having on the internet?

The magic number of friends

Neanderthal societies were also self-limited to 150.

Science says you're kidding yourself if you think you've got more than 150 friends.

69 new emojis for 2017 video

Expressing scepticism, disbelief or disapproval in an emoji will soon be possible with the one-eyebrow-raised face.

A breastfeeding emoji and a bearded man have been added to the lineup.

How to save Twitter

To kick things off, the company could give everyone a dollar or two in credit.

Why not try something drastic? Charge for Twitter's true value: the opportunity to tweet.

Facebook app puts focus on camera

Facebook is rolling out an app update starting on Wednesday.

The company says it wants to let your camera "do the talking'' as more people are posting photos and videos.

Who's watching Facebook?

Then-Prime Minister John Key visited Facebook headquarters and met founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2011. Last year, he ...

For a business that's in most our pockets, there seems to be little Government oversight of Facebook.

Trading on Facebook

Facebook's advertising platform allows businesses to target specific markets and set a budget for their ad.

Facebook's changing the way small Kiwi companies trade - but that helped kill off a local superhero.

Facebook: What’s not to like?

Mark Zuckerberg has said Facebook doesn't want fake news.

The boss is giving his fortune away and staff apparently love working there.

Facebook's New Zealand tax gap video

Facebook's value approached US$400 billion (NZ$574b) not long after it announced it made US$27.6b in revenue last year.

Kiwi tax-payers give millions to Facebook for Government advertising but seem to get very little back in tax.

Facebook wants to connect us all

Paul McCrory, interim managing director for Facebook New Zealand and Australia, says the company is listening and learning.

OPINION: Facebook wants to link Kiwis to the rest of the world. Every last one of us.

In search of Uncle Zuck video

Facebook data stored in Singapore

Facebook is surprisingly secretive about its New Zealand operation, so we went digging for answers.

Dancing with his great-nan video

Jarryd Stoneman with his nanny, Katie Thomas.

How 100 million Facebook video views affected a 24-year-old Kiwi and his great-nan.

May calls out social platforms

Prime Minister Theresa May believes the fight against terrorism and hate speech is a joint one - between governments and ...

British PM wants social media firms to do more to prevent the spread of extremist material online.

Facebook: 'Thanks for the billions'

OPINION: Facebook peers into your past and present, making billions from the here and now, and nostalgia.

Facebook: the ultimate trip video

250514. 123rf.
Stock Photo -  This 'like' icon button is the voting system used to rate user comments on Facebook.


Cocaine, heroin, slot machines, Facebook? How the social media giant makes sure you get lost in your newsfeed.

A problem with privacy

How private is your Facebook?

It's become harder and harder for Facebook users to understand and control their privacy settings, experts say.

Cracking Facebook's code

How does Facebook choose the adverts to show you in your news feed?

Can you beat the Facebook algorithm? Give it a try with our special interactive.

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