Customs seeks password power

File picture illustration of the word 'password' pictured through a magnifying glass on a computer screen, taken in Berlin May 21, 2013. Security experts warn there is little Internet users can do to protect themselves from the recently uncovered "Heartbleed" bug that exposes data to hackers, at least not until vulnerable websites upgrade their software. Researchers have observed April 8, 2014, sophisticated hacking groups conducting automated scans of the Internet in search of Web servers running a widely used Web encryption program known as OpenSSL that makes them vulnerable to the theft of data, including passwords, confidential communications and credit card numbers. OpenSSL is used on about two-thirds of all Web servers, but the issue has gone undetected for about two years.  REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski/Files    (GERMANY - Tags: CRIME LAW SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

Customs are seeking the power to require people to disclose passwords to their electronic devices when entering NZ.

Size matters for Vodafone, Spark

NOT BUDGING: Vodafone is sticking by its claim it has the largest 4G mobile network in new billboards.

Vodafone and Spark trade fresh blows over which has the biggest 4G mobile network.

Buckle up for a ScreamRide

ScreamRide: Microsoft Studios.

REVIEW: Although this rollercoaster sim has its ups and downs, for the most part it stays on track.

Dollhouse to make sparks

Alice Brooks, an engineering graduate of Stanford University,created the ultimate geek doll house Roominate to get more girls into an engineering and science career.

Toy house with parts you wire yourself aimed at getting girls interested in engineering at a young age.

NZ cellphone plans get cheaper

GOOD FOR US: Spark, 2degrees and Skinny all released new plans in the past few weeks to try to lure more customers.

Kiwis are getting better deals on monthly cellphone plans as the carriers fight a price war.

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Cellphone antenna numbers may grow under law change

NO SAY: Mobile phone companies would be allowed to put 3.5 metre-high antenna atop street furniture without resource consent under a proposed rule change.

Thousands more cellphone antennas and roadside cabinets could be installed without consent.

Snapchat 'priest' offers confession

A mysterious San Antonio 'priest' is offering to absolve sins digitally - by taking confessions using Snapchat.

30 and dating? That'll cost you

Netflix launch date revealed


The era of the smartwatch is here

iWATCH: The mysterious Apple Watch will be available in April 2015.

OPINION: If you don't know much about smartwatches then expect that to change in the next wee while.

HTC's One M9 improves on the M8

Taiwanese phone-maker adds some nice touches but drops one of the previous handset's best features.

Stephen Elop, executive vice president of Microsoft's Devices and Services business unit, unveils the Lumia 640.

Microsoft unveils new Lumia phone

Microsoft launches two new affordable Windows phones and Windows 10.


Can Paris Hilton do a Kim Kardashian?

UP NEXT: Paris Hilton.

Can the Paris Hilton brand translate to a mobile gaming app?

No one laughing at 'comedian'

Notorious harasser who threatened Brianna Wu now claims his videos were a 'satire' of GamerGate.

Artist Joe Madureira's first video game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant comic from the 90s.

Battle Chasers returns as game

Artist Joe Madureira's first video game will be an adaptation of his long-dormant comic from the 90s.

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Don't feel bad for caring about that dress

Frivolity like #thedress existed (and coexisted, with "serious news") long before the Internet.

Yes there are wars, but frivolities like this existed (and coexisted with "serious news") long before the internet.

Online vileness is modern sport

OPINION: I'm wedded to digital technology but there's a dark side of internet life.

After imposing a strict ban on all explicit material from its Blogger service, Google has backtracked.

Blogger porn ban backlash

After "a ton of feedback," Google will now "step up enforcement" rather than outright ban sexually explicit material.


Uber drivers' data breached

Ride-sharing services such as Uber are an increasingly popular alternative to taxis.

Names and drivers' license numbers of 50,000 of its drivers breached in May last year.

Opera free access to web apps

New features let operators offer subscribers free access to selected apps on browser.

Android for Work programme will provide improved security and management features for corporations that want to give their employees Google's smartphones.

Android for Work tools up

Another skirmish brewing in the battle of smartphones.


Lobbyists skew net debate

Critics talk about Obama's net neutrality plan like it's a govt takeover of everyone's Netflix account.

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