Flights for injured worker's wife

The wife of a Filipino rebuild worker left with broken hips after a vehicle crash has been offered flights to be with her husband.

Euberto Sayson, 38, was a passenger in a Leighs Construction work vehicle when it hit black ice on the way from a worker camp in Eyrewell Forest, about 6am on Thursday.

The vehicle slid sideways off the road and hit a power pole, snapping the pole into three pieces.

It was one of four crashes north of Christchurch on Thursday where black ice was probably involved, police said.

Leighs Construction boss Anthony Leighs said the company had contacted Sayson's wife with the offer to pay for flights. Sayson's wife and children live in the Philippines.

Leighs said she was still to decide.

"He is still in hospital but is not critical. He has broken hips and face lacerations . . . [and] will have a long road to recovery," Leighs said.

Inspector Derek Erasmus said emergency services were called to the scene of the serious crash on South Eyre Rd shortly after 6am.

Black ice was a likely factor in the four crashes and he warned people to drive to the conditions.

"We had a string of cold days and it shouldn't be a surprise to people that there's ice on the road."

Sayson has had major plastic surgery to his face.

Leighs said the accident had shaken the company, which has about 75 Filipino staff working on the rebuild.

Sayson has been in contact with his wife and children through a tablet the company have provided him.

Three other Filipino workers were in the vehicle, but were not injured and back at work yesterday.

"They were pretty shaken up," Leighs said.

Workers who drive company vehicles have full licences and must pass a defensive driving course, he said.

"As a result of this accident we have changed how our workers travel in the morning. They now drive in a convoy and the lodge manager leads," Leighs said.

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