Timaru sculpture to join Christchurch project

20:14, Jun 19 2014
timaru sculpture
FILLING A VOID: Debbie Templeton-Page with her new sculpture, which will be going to Christchurch as part of the ‘‘Life in Vacant Spaces’’ project.

A little bit of Timaru will be filling a void in Christchurch.

Actually, it's quite a big piece - a two and a half metre Timaru Bluestone sculpture, to be precise.

Debbie Templeton-Page's new work has been given the go-ahead to be part of Christchurch's "Life in Vacant Spaces" scheme, an independent trust which works with landowners to fill gaps left by the earthquakes.

However, it was originally going to be a bigger sculpture, which was taken to Christchurch for an exhibition of her work.

Unfortunately, the three and a half metre, 11-tonne sculpture could not be used, causing Templeton-Page "a few sleepless nights" wondering what she was going to do with the artwork.

Then the idea to be a part of "Life in Vacant Spaces" came about. "About half an hour before someone [from the project] called, someone south of Timaru bought the sculpture ... Life in Vacant Spaces said it would love to place a sculpture, so to contact them next time I have a big sculpture finished."


Templeton-Page started working on the latest sculpture in November and it will be transported to its new home in a vacant space in Christchurch next week.

"It's funny how things work out. I wouldn't have ever thought to put a piece in if I hadn't had that wee oopsie."

The past, present and future inspired the artwork, she said. It still does not have a title, as none of her ideas have stuck.

Templeton-Page starting sculpting in 1999. She already has sculptures on display around Timaru, including one opposite the Hydro Grand.

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