Cardrona bra fence all bare - again

02:57, Jul 13 2014
bra fence theft
BRA-ZEN THEFT: Hundreds of bras have mysteriously disappeared from the Cardrona Valley bra fence.

Cardrona Valley's controversial bra fence has proved to be too much for vigilantes against it, with hundreds of bras being cut off from the fence.

The bras disappeared last week and appear to have been removed by scissors.

Cardrona Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Barrie Morgan said it was a "mystery to all the valley".

bra fence
COLOURFUL: The Cardrona Valley bra fence earlier this year.

''They just disappeared overnight.''

It was not the first time the fence, which has been around for the past 14 years, had been subject to theft, with hundreds of bras being stolen last year.

In 2006 it was removed by the council but was revived a short time later.


Concerns were raised earlier this year by some Cardrona residents that there would be a road accident if the fence was not relocated or signs installed to warn drivers.

Tourists were often not pulling off the road to a safe area when they spotted the fence, despite parking bays being installed.

Morgan said it was possible the person who removed the bras was hoping to have it relocated faster.

Fence founder John Lee, who has been overseas for the past month, arrived home yesterday to find the bras missing but was unavailable for comment.

The fence has grabbed international and national headlines, appeared in television advertisements and Facebook and Wikipedia pages have been set up to honour it.

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