Honour guard for dean's funeral


A funeral service for the late dean of the Christ Church Cathedral will include a 200-strong guard of honour.

Dean Lynda Patterson, 40, died of natural causes in her home on July 20.

A New Zealand funeral service including the honour guard will be held at the Transitional Cathedral in Latimer Square today at 1pm.

Anglican diocese spokesman Jayson Rhodes said the hymns, readings and musical setting of the service had been chosen by Patterson.

He said her body would be returned to her family in County Down, Northern Ireland and a funeral and burial would take place at Dromore Cathedral.

Last year Patterson succeeded Peter Beck in the role, becoming the cathedral's first female dean.

Patterson first visited Christchurch in 2002 while on sabbatical leave from teaching theology at Oxford University.

She studied theology at Oxford and then lectured there for 12 years. She had intended doing a doctorate but enjoyed the teaching so much she took on extra classes.

Bishop Victoria Matthews said Patterson was "highly respected" for her preaching and teaching.

"She was also a great pastor who brought both compassion and appropriate humour to every situation."

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