Christchurch police probe unexplained death

01:03, Jul 31 2014

Detectives are investigating a "unexplained death" in Christchurch this morning.

Paramedics called police to the scene of the death, a residential home for elderly people in Orlando Cres, Waimairi Beach, about 6.30am.

Detective Inspector Greg Murton said a man, aged in his 70s, was found dead in his bedroom by a caregiver shortly after 6am.

The cause of the man's death was unknown. 

Detectives were investigating because the circumstances in which the man was found were "a little unusual", Murton said

He would not elaborate further.


"It's unexplained more than suspicious."

There was no suggestion of foul play, he said.

An autopsy would be carried out tomorrow. 

"We'll be working on it until cause of death is established."

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