Prolific stalker used aliases to contact women

00:37, Aug 01 2014
Glenn Green
STALKER: Glenn Green, 43, aka Glenn Corleone, Goldberg, Carlionne, Casellano and Holden, was sentenced to 30 months in jail in 2012.

Details of fresh allegations against the country's most prolific stalker have emerged, showing he is allegedly using a host of aliases to contact women.

Glenn Green, 43, aka Glenn Corleone, Goldberg, Carlionne, Casellano and Holden, is charged with breaching his prison-release conditions six times within the 12 days he was free from jail.

Details of the new charges, including the aliases he is alleged to have used to contact women, were revealed in the Papakura District Court on Wednesday, when Green was trying to oppose media applications to film his trial on the grounds it would cause him and his family "undue stress".

Judge Gerard Winter said Green was charged with five counts of breaching his release condition that he not start or resume any relationships.

In the 12 days he was free he was alleged to have:

- under the name Glenn Holden, sent an unsolicited handwritten letter to a woman.

- under the name Dallas Goldberg, sent three text messages to a woman he had contacted in 2013 and previously in 1993.

- under the name Goldie, sent a letter to a woman who worked at a men's fashion store.

- written letters to two other women which were not sent because they were found at his house when police raided.

His release conditions also ordered him not to possess gang regalia and he was discovered with Hells Angels and Aryan Brotherhood insignia, police alleged.

Green, described by police as the country's most prolific stalker, was imprisoned for 30 months in 2012 for two counts of criminal harassment. His offending began three weeks after getting out of prison in 2011.

He was held to the end of his sentence and released on June 4 this year, but was rearrested for allegedly breaching his release conditions just 12 days later.

Judge Winter said Green's previous offending was "invasive, persistent and predatory".

There was no evidence Green or his family would be unduly stressed by Green being filmed, he said.

Green will face a judge-alone trial on the release-condition charges.