Gusty conditions to continue

06:33, Aug 01 2014

Gusts of up to 150 kmh could reach Christchurch tomorrow, according to the Metservice. 

''For Canterbury it will be a continuation of the weather we've had over the last couple of days, those north westerlies bringing in some pretty blustery, gusty conditions,'' Metservice meteorologist John Law said.

Severe northwest gales isolated to mountain areas today, are forecast to continue and head towards Christchurch tomorrow. 

The strongest winds were most likely in the Mackenzie Country and near the Foothills, but were likely to reach the Canterbury plains during Saturday afternoon.

Gusts of 135 kmh were recorded at Mt Cook airport today, 80 kmh at Arthurs Pass and nudging 100 kmh at Porters Pass.

Unseasonably high temperatures would also continue, with a high of 19 degrees Celsius forecast tomorrow. 


Temperatures reached 21 degrees in Christchurch yesterday, just 1.4 degrees less than the record high of 22.4 in 2012.

Today the temperature reached 19C.

Northwest winds were expected to die down overnight on Saturday.

A forecast southerly would bring cooler temperatures and some rain on Sunday morning, Law said. 

A high of 10 degrees was forecast for Sunday, with a low of -3C overnight. Rain should clear through the day.

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