Nelson driver evades police

Police in Nelson are still searching for a man who stole a car and took off.

The man stole a blue Holden Commodore from a Richmond address near Nelson around 3pm today.

The owner of the car saw it being taken and called police.

An unmarked police car chased the speeding vehicle along Wakatu Drive and into the suburb of Annesbrook.

It was reported that the car hit a cyclist near McDonald's restaurant in Lower Queen Street, Richmond, as well as other vehicles in its path, before crashing in Scotia Street.

However, Nelson police later said the cyclist actually fell off his bike as the car passed.

"The car was going past, [the cyclist] didn't actually get hit by the car... which then proceeded to crash down the road," a police spokesman said.

"It looks like the cyclist was okay. He's not damaged."

The driver, described as dark-skinned, ran off and is yet to be found.

Police are seeking witnesses. Anyone with information should call Nelson Police on 03 546 3840, or call anonymously to CrimeStoppers 0800 555 111.