Home invasion 'savage beyond belief'

A Dunedin judge has described a South Otago home invasion last December as savagery beyond belief.

In the Dunedin District Court yesterday, Judge Kevin Phillips sentenced Zane Tiatoa Currie, 19, to six years and two months in prison, and Daniel Tipene Te Moananui, 34, to three years and two months.

The pair had been found guilty of attacking Pam Paterson in her Kaka Pt home, the Otago Daily Times has reported.

They had been drinking heavily and smoking cannabis before the attack, in which Paterson suffered a fractured skull, subdural haematoma, and broken eye sockets and jaw, the paper reports.

The crime was premeditated and motivated by alcohol and money, the judge said.

Currie, who is from Kaka Pt, and Te Moananui, from nearby Inch Clutha, knew Paterson was an easy target due to her age, he said.

The victim had been asleep in a chair when they broke in, the ODT reported.

Judge Phillips said Currie and Te Moananui had ruined Paterson's life. She had woken up find two men beating her.

Paterson was taken by helicopter to the high dependency unit at Dunedin Hospital, has had several operations and had to learn to walk again. Her husband said she was now 30 per cent of the person she was.

Two men who tried to stop the attack were also assaulted, the court heard.

Barry Hessan, 55, and Ronald Gabolinscy, 65, were treated for injuries at Balclutha Medical Centre, the newspaper reported.

Currie and Te Moananui also stole $165.96 of bourbon and gin from a liquor store. 

The Southland Times