John Key visits Christchurch today

02:05, Aug 21 2014
John Key in Barrington Mall
QUESTIONED: John Key is quizzed by the public during a lunch time stroll through Barrington Mall.

A woman in battle with the Earthquake Commission (EQC) confronted Prime Minister John Key in Barrington Mall today.

The woman, who would not give her name, told the Press she had read about Key's mall visit and saw it as her best chance to air her concerns.

Key listened and told her he would put her issues to EQC.

john key
Prime Minister John Key

As she waited for Key to arrive, she talked to the Press about Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics, which was the subject that Key was especially keen to avoid. ''It's not like it's anything new,'' she said. ''But the lid has been lifted.''

Key spent about half an hour at the Barrington Shopping Centre at lunch time today before heading to the seaside to meet a group behind ambitious plans for a coastal pathway linking Ferrymead and Sumner.

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The Christchurch Coastal Pathway Group (CCPG) is designing a 6.5km link between Ferrymead and Sumner. 

Chairman Tim Lindley said the group had invited the Government to have discussions with it about the project - "and they're coming". 

The $17 million project was in the "develop and design stage" and had gained a lot of momentum, he said.

"The coastal pathway is a visionary project for Christchurch and it's one that we've been trying to interest the Government in and we're delighted they're showing that interest." 

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